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      Magento, 2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

      Magento 2 Print on demand Marketplace

      Magento 2 Print on demand Marketplace: With the help of this marketplace add-on, the vendors can create a web to print personalized products for their customers like redbubble. It will allow the customers to design the products from the storefront. Magento 2 Marketplace Web-To-Print add-on is useful for those merchants who are selling personalized products such as printed t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone-cases, photo-gifts, etc. There are tons of options available for customizing the product.

      Important Note - To use Magento 2 Marketplace Web To Print, you need to install Webkul Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace and Magento 2 Web To Print extensions.


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      Magento 2 Marketplace Web To Print: E-commerce merchants should realize the importance of personalization and starts treading on the way to customization. Because these days the customers want to decide what the product should look like while purchasing. Magento 2 Marketplace Web To Print module is one such solution which will transform your Magento store into a creative studio.

      Using this module you can let your customers design and personalize products on your store as they buy them. The customers can design a whole new product by using predefined templates and can make changes to it by using different fonts, texts, color, images etc. Even the sellers can create pre-defined text styles and fonts and attractive prebuilt image library.

      The customers will not face glitches in designing their favorite product as this module offers advanced features for customizing the product. The module works according to your business requirements and helps your customers to design what they want.

      Important Note - To use Magento 2 Marketplace Web To Print, you must install both Webkul Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace and Magento 2 Web To Print extensions.

       Complete Features List

      • Sellers can add new product type ie; Web To Print products that can be customized by the customers.
      • Advanced canvas tool for product customization and personalization.
      • The seller can upload fonts for the text editor.
      • The seller can add images for adding images to the product template.
      • The seller can add colors for the text, shape editor on canvas.
      • The seller can edit or define some default design for each product template.
      • The seller can create multiple templates for a single product like for front design, back design etc.
      • The customer can use the default design of the product template or edit the template as per the choice.
      • The customer can use different editors for customizing the design like an image editor, text editor, shape editor.
      • Reposition the objects with a simple mouse drag or arrow buttons.
      • Let customers upload their own images or choose an image from a pre-built library.
      • The customer can design and view multiple dimensions of one product as set by the seller. For example: can design both the front and back of a T-Shirt.
      • Customers can design the products and preview the same before they order.
      • After successful purchase customer can download the images from order.
      • The seller can see and download the customized image template for the order in the order information.

       What is the need for Product Customization?

      In your store, there might be the possibilities you will experience several cart abandonments if the customers do not like what you are offering. Suppose a customer wants a green color T-shirt with a quote that says “XYZ” or any other text embossed on it.

      Through this module, sellers can provide their customers a customization tool using which the customers can personalize their favorite products. This will surely accelerate your sales and profits.

      This module will not limit your business horizons. Rather let you explore new business requirements for the web to print products.

       What is the need for Product Customization?


      • Install - Purchase and install the product in your Magento store.
      • Select - In your store, the customers will select products they want to customize.
      • Customize – The customers can customize the product using text, images, images, templates, etc.
      • Preview - Once the design is completed, the customers can see how the printed products will look like.
      • Add to Cart – After the finalizing the final design for the selected product, the customers will add the product to their cart and proceed further to place the order.

       Seller End

      The module has flexible configuration settings which allow the seller to -

      • Upload some pre-defined images for the customized products. And can manage multiple images with the help of image categories.
      • Upload font files for the customized products so that the customer can choose various font styles for the text.
      • Create some pre-defined color options for the customization using HTML or RGB color codes.
      • Create multiple templates for the customized product such as t-shirt can have front view and back view. The seller can fully customize the template using the text editor, images, and shapes.
       Seller end:

       Template Management

      • The seller can create pre-designed templates for the customers.
      • Upload the masked image which will limit the areas on which design will be displayed.
      • These templates are for the customers to have a base template and can achieve their preferred designs with less effort.
      • Multiple templates will help the customers to design the product more easily.
      • The customers can either select the predefined template or customize the template as per their choice.
       Template Management:


      • With the help of Canvas editor, the customer can customize the product in realtime and see the changes. There are various tools available in the Canvas - text editor, add images or shapes.
      • Add text elements to the product and customize the product as you want it. Move the text inside the masked area, change size, color, alignment.
      • Add images to the product, either choose the pre-defined images by the sellers or upload the custom image from the computer.
      • Various forms of customizable shapes can be added to the product using the shapes editor.
      • Once the product has been customized, the customer can save the template and preview it.

       Print-on-Demand (POD) Marketplace

      Print-on-demand is a business model where you are selling white-labeled products such as t-shirts, mugs, covers, notepads, or any other custom design merchandise. These products are listed on your online store, designed by customers, and shipped & fulfilled by third-party suppliers.

      Using Magento 2 Marketplace Web To Print extension, you can now start your own Print-on-Demand marketplace like Redbubble, Teespring, Society 6, Spreadshirt,  and allow anyone to list and sell their custom design products to customers.

      In Print on Demand business, the sellers don't require to hold the inventory, as orders are fulfilled by the suppliers. The sellers only focus on the marketing and listing of the web-to-print products.

      • No need to hold inventory
      • Sell white-labeled products
      • Focus on marketing and selling
      • Order fulfilled by suppliers
      • Create Print on Demand multi-seller marketplace
      • Allow anyone to sell custom design products to customer


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