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WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery Date Time Slots


WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery Date Time Slots: It will allow the sellers to set the delivery time slots for their orders. Customers can choose their preferred delivery day and time for their order at the time of checkout. After the customers have completed the purchase they can see their selected day and time slot in their order history.

If somehow the seller has forgotten to set the delivery day and time slots then the default admin set delivery day and time slots will be used. WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery date Time Slots is an add-on to the WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin. To use this plugin you must install the first WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin.

Highlighted Features

 Set Default Delivery Time Slots

In the admin panel, the admin has the ability to set delivery slots. If a seller forgets to add delivery slots, the admin-configured slots will be available for the product in the seller panel.

 Visibility of Delivery Slots

The available delivery slots for products are displayed on the product pages on the front end.

 Total Number of Time Slots for Delivery

The total number of slots available at checkout for each seller can be configured by the admin.

 Added, Updated, or Removed Delivery Time Slots

The sellers have the ability to add or remove delivery time slots as well as update them as needed.

Why do we need WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery Date Time Slots?

WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery Time Slot Add-On can give their customers the option of selecting their preferred delivery time for their order. This allows sellers to provide their customers with more options and convenience when it comes to delivery.

For example, suppose you normally deliver the product to the customer on Friday, but the customer is not available at the given address on that day. Customers can choose a feasible delivery time slot based on their availability using this WooCommerce marketplace module.

Your customers will no longer have to be concerned about the delivery of their products. Customers will develop a sense of goodwill and trust for your brand as a result of this and will return for their purchasing needs, affecting sales.

Integrate WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery Date Time Slots

After the successful installation of the module, the admin will go to the admin panel to configure the module. Here the admin will be able to -

  • Enable or disable the module.
  • Choose the delivery days you want.
  • Set the number of delivery days you want to show the customer.
  • Set the minimum required days to process an order.

Create Delivery Slot

The sellers will have two menu options under their account menu after the admin has configured the module: Time Slots Configuration (to create and delete) and Delivery Order History. The seller will be able to - use these two menu options.

  • Enter the minimum amount of time in days that an order must be processed.
  • The delivery time slots can be added or removed.
  • Set the status of the delivery slot - whether it's enabled or disabled.
  • Check their order history for their orders, including the delivery date and time slots chosen by the customer.

Select Delivery Time Slot at Checkout

The buyer will add his items to the cart and will be able to see the available delivery days and time slots at the time of checkout. The customer has the option of selecting any of the available slots for the product. The customer can check out after choosing a slot.

  • Customers can choose a delivery time slot during the checkout process.
  • Only 1 slot can be selected.
  • 3 delivery methods are shown for delivery slots – Configurable, custom, and same day.


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