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CS-Cart Request for Quotation provides the customers with the functionality to raise a quotation request for the store products. Customers can request products that are not available in the store. The sellers are authorized to accept or reject the quotation requests. They can also negotiate the product price by updating the quotation.

The customers can view the negotiated price by the sellers on their dashboard. The buyers can again negotiate by sending an updated quote request. If the customers are satisfied with the offered quotation then they can make an order for the product at the finalized price. The customers and the sellers will receive an email every time for quotation-related activities.

Highlighted Features

 Product Quotation Request

The customers can raise a price request for the store products.

 RFQ Seller Bid

The sellers can also create a CS-Cart product bid on the price from their end if they want to negotiate.

 Customer-Seller Chat Option

Customers and sellers can send messages regarding quotation requests.

 Request Approval & Rejection

The vendors can approve or reject the price request sent by the customers.

 RFQ for Customized Products

The product RFQ can also be raised by the customers for the personalized product.

 Email Notifications for RFQ Updates

The vendors and shoppers both will receive emails related to RFQ updates.

What is the Need for CS-Cart Request for Quotation module?

CS-Cart Request for Quotation is handy to send a price request for both the available products and products that are not available in the store. It helps the buyers and the sellers to sell and purchase the products at a reasonable cost decided by both parties. The vendors and buyers can bid on the RFQ to negotiate for a desired price.

In this way, both can make a fair deal for the products. Similarly, the buyers can send quotation requests for custom products and the products available according to the need, price, and quantity. The buyers can send the RFQ to all the sellers at the same time.

RFQ Generation at Customer End

The buyers can quote for any product from their dashboard with the Request a Quotation option. The customers have to fill out a form to raise a request by filling in the below details:

  • Email address, product quantity, validity date, and the price which he wants to quote.
  • The generated RFQs will be visible to the customers at their account in the quotation section.
  • The customers can view all the RFQs and also send requests for any product with Add Quotation button.
  • The status of the requested quotation will be tracked with the RFQ ID.

Seller-End Quotation Request View

The vendors have the authority to approve, reject or update the quotation from their end. They can view all the RFQs on their RFQ board and the below details will be displayed.

  • The RFQ details will be visible to the seller in the RFQ information tab.
  • The buyer information and message sent by the buyer will also display to the vendor.
  • The Approve/ Reject Quotation tab contains the details like; product name, quantity, and price with the approve and reject button.
  • The vendor can view the progress of the quotation request from the RFQ board.
  • The seller can quote by entering the new price for the product with the quantity, validity date, and description.

Custom Product RFQ Generation

  • The customers can upload a document to add the product or they can upload the product details in CS-Cart with add product data option.
  • All the vendors of the CS-Cart store can view the quote request for the new product once the product gets created.
  • Available vendors can also quote from their end to negotiate for the requested price.
  • The buyer can view the updated quote in their dashboard in the quotes comparison section and can compare the quotes.

Seller- Buyer Conversation Functionality

The vendors and buyers can communicate with the help of messages with the CS-Cart chat support feature available to the extension.

  • The sellers can send messages to the customers and see the messages sent by the customer.
  • The buyers can add the product to the cart to purchase and they can update the quote if they want to negotiate again for the same product.
  • The module allows buyers and sellers to chat with each other for instant decision-making.
  • The buyers and sellers both will get notified through email for every update on the RFQ.

Notifications via Email

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Request for Quote sends email notifications to sellers and customers for Marketplace Request For Quote. The admin can manage the following email templates for the following events:

  • A new RFQ is created by the customer.
  • The customer sends a reply to the seller.
  • The seller sends a reply to the customer.
  • Seller approves, rejects, or updates the quote.
  • On customer approval, the seller receives a mail


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.comYou may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Add-ons.

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