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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Sub-Accounts
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CS-Cart Multivendor Sub-account enables multi-sub-account features for the vendor store. The admin and vendor can both create the sub-account to manage the purchase order in CS-Cart.

With sub-accounts, the admin and vendor can assign specific responsibilities to other sub-account users. It allows for managing roles like product pages, shipping, and orders. Each sub-account can have its own set of permissions and restrictions. It allows vendors to control the activities that can be performed by each sub-user.

Why Need CS-Cart Multivendor Subaccount?

The CS-Cart Multivendor Sub-account is useful for B2B companies that have large businesses. Also, every individual vendor is not able to manage all the stores.

So using this module, the vendor can assign roles and responsibilities to individual sub-account users to manage their store. The CS-Cart Multivendor Sub-account module can be used for multiple employees or partners. That needs access to the eCommerce platform but requires limited access to the store.

Highlighted Features

 Sub-account Management

It allows vendors to create and manage their sub-accounts.

 Assign roles and responsibilities

Vendors can assign a specific role to a particular subaccount

 Limited sub-account

The admin can set the number of sub-accounts that the vendor can create

 Sub-account Profile

Subaccounts users can view the permissions assigned by the vendors to perform.

Sub-account Configuration

The store owner can set some configurations for the vendor sub-account from the admin panel:

  • The admin can set the sub-account limit that vendors can create.
  • Sub-accounts can be created by the store owner.
  • The store owner can set the permissions to be followed by the sub-accounts.
  • The admin can view the profiles of sub-accounts for each vendor.

Manage Multiple Sub-accounts

Vendors can manage the sub-accounts from the vendor store:

  • The vendor can allow sub-account users to manage orders, products, profiles, and other web store functions.
  • The vendor can create multiple sub-account users to manage the store.
  • Sub-account users can perform various store activities based on the permissions granted to them.
  • The vendor can enable/disable the sub-account users.

Permission Granted

A sub-account user can be granted multiple permissions by the store owner or vendor, as follows:

  • Orders: The multi-sub-users have access to manage the orders.
  • Shipping: The sub-account users have access to the CS-Cart shipping page.
  • Pages: The users have access to the pages.
  • Products: The users have the option to add product details.
  • Currencies: The users have access to set the currencies.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.comYou may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Add-ons.

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