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Better image quality with Odoo Website WebP Image Conversion!

Website optimization is very crucial for your sales. According to the data shared by Bloggingwizard, the conversion rate is three times higher for those websites which load in a second. Contrary, large media sites lose an additional 10% of the user if their website takes more than 1 second to load. And the average speed of pages listed on Google’s search first page is 1.65 seconds. All this signifies how important it is to optimize your website.

Odoo Website WebP Image Conversion adds the feature to convert your Odoo website’s images to WebP format. It helps in optimizing your website performance and user experience. It compresses the image size without compromising the image quality. Further, it reduces the image size, which lessens the load time, reduces bandwidth consumption, and improves website responsiveness.

 Odoo Website WebP Image Conversion Features

Configure the WebP Images Conversion from the Backend

  • The module permits enabling/disabling the WebP conversion setting from the website settings.
  • Conveniently manage the Webp conversion in Odoo.

 Optimize Website by WebP Image Conversion

  • Convert images into webp format to optimize the website performance.
  • It drastically reduces the image size to reduce loading time.

Converting Images in WebP

  • It helps optimize the website performance through image conversion.
  • It converts the website images into WebP format.
  • Enable/disable the module from the website settings.
  • Drastically reduces the image size on your website.
  • It reduces bandwidth usage and makes websites more accessible.
  • The Odoo app doesn’t reduce the image quality but reduces the size.
  • It enables faster loading of your Odoo website.
  • Easily converts your website png and jpg images to webp.

Odoo Website WebP Image Conversion

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Website WebP Image Conversion.

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