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Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce - Converts your e-commerce store into a fully functional marketplace having multiple sellers with separate seller profiles and gives sellers the functionality of adding the products from the seller panel. Using this plugin the seller can view and edit his profile information. He can view his product list and search, edit or delete products from it.

The seller can view a record of his transactions and sales charts in his dashboard. He can view his order history for all the orders, change his password, and even ask questions to the admin.

The admin can also manage the product list, seller list, commissions, and settings. Admin can edit or delete products, approve, disapprove, or assign sellers to products, set separate commission rates for different sellers, and change settings like product auto-publish and seller auto-approval permissions.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace for woo-commerce helps to achieve success who want to create some extra stream of income online. The best part is that it requires no technical knowledge to set it up. The developers have done a good job of making the setup very easy even for beginners.

Additionally, this plugin comes with interesting features that you don’t see on other plugins such as this one. The developers are constantly updating and adding new features thereby making it even better every day. No doubt, the WooCommerce Marketplace is the “game-changer” for WordPress WooCommerce shop owners. No need to waste time looking for an alternative, you can get the plugin today and enjoy the awesome features that come with it.

Note-Marketplace Lite is required to use Marketplace Pro.

Highlighted Features of WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin

 All Product Types Supported

The admin and the seller can add all default WooCommerce product types.

 Seller management

The admin can manage all the Marketplace sellers easily. The admin can allow or disallow the seller registration request

 Seller Order Management

The admin and the sellers can view all their orders with the billing and shipping addresses of the customers.

 Flexible Commission Management

The admin can set commission for the Sellers. Moreover, the admin can set the commission in percentage globally for all the sellers. Furthermore, it also has a feature to set different commissions for different sellers.

 Separate Seller Profile

Each seller will have his own Separate seller profile. It provides a separate profile that is managed by the seller. And it is a very important feature of a B2C Marketplace.

 Review Management

Customer and can give Review & Ratings to the seller. This feature makes believe in the seller. The admin can manage the reviews from the admin panel easily.

 Ask Question to Admin

The seller can inquire from the admin by asking a question. This feature allows sellers to make a query to the admin if they stuck somewhere.

 Order Management

The admin and the sellers can view all their orders with the billing and shipping addresses of the customers.

 Favorite Seller

A customer/buyer can mark any seller/supplier of the marketplace as a favorite seller. A customer can see all marked favorite sellers under his account panel.

 Shipping Management

Marketplace sellers can manage their shipping from their own seller dashboard. Moreover, the seller can easily set up the new shipping zones and can add the shipping methods for these zones.

 Cart and Checkout blocks

WooCommerce Marketplace is now compatible with WooCommerce's latest feature Cart and Checkout blocks.

 HPOS Compatible

This module is Compatible with the WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage feature.

 Headless Commerce Marketplace Development

Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports Headless Commerce Development with popular frontend frameworks and modern technologies including- React.js, Vue.js, Next.js, Vue Storefront, Gatsby.js.

You may check our WooCommerce Headless Multi Vendor Marketplace which is developed using Next.js framework.

  • Build and design a completely customized storefront
  • Ultrafast frontend performance with server-side rendering
  • Connect with multiple third-party integrations- PIM, DAM, CRM
  • Developer-friendly architecture with zero downtime
  • Dynamic content following the API-first approach

All Product Types Supported

In WooCommerce Marketplace extension the sellers can create simple, grouped, external/affiliate, variable, and downloadable products by default. The admin can choose the product types that he/she wants to allow for the sellers.

  • WooCommerce Simple Product type
  • WooCommerce Grouped Product type
  • WooCommerce External/Affiliate Product type
  • WooCommerce Variable Product type
  • WooCommerce Downloadable Product type

You can also check the following Marketplace add on for allowing sellers to create different types of products like:

Flexible Commission Management

The WooCommerce module provides commission management for the store owner. The commission can be applied to the global as well as the seller/vendor level.

  • Global Commission - This commission will be applied to all the sellers.
  • Seller’s Commission - This commission will be applied to the selective category in percent.
  • The admin can manage the seller’s commission from the seller’s list in the commission section.
  • Percent Based - The seller’s commission will be set in percent, which is helpful in scenarios where the admin wants to vary the commission rates according to the sales.
  • WooCommerce Advance Commission – With the help of this module the admin can set the commission on seller’s categories and seller’s products. Various rules can be set based on which commission will be applied.

 Seller/Vendor Dashboard Management

With the help of this module, the admin can set the commission on seller’s categories and seller’s products. Various rules can be set based on which commission will be applied.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Dashboard helps the seller to provide an overview of the store. It is a super intuitive and easy-to-understand interface.

  • The various statistical data can be viewed by the seller like Report, Income, growth (with the help of graph).
  • Total Orders, Total Sales, Total Products, and Total Categories of the Seller.
  • Today Order Count and Top Products.
  • Last seven days sales amount with the help of a graph
  • Sales Order Summary (weekly, monthly, and for the current date).
  • Most Recent orders.
  • Top Billing Countries.
  • Top Customers.

Alert Notifications

Notification plays a crucial role in any marketplace website. With the help of this module, there is no need to worry about the products, orders, and sellers alert.

Various notifications are generated from product addition to its approval and from seller approval to order notifications are appropriately managed with the Webkul Marketplace Module.

  • Order Notification for sellers/admin.
  • New order placed. Order status changed.
  • Review Posted by buyers.
  • Product approved.
  • Notification for shop followers
  • New discounts notifications to followers

For integrating SMS notification functionality in WooComerce Marketplace, you can check out WooComerce Multi-Vendor Sms Notification. The admin, sellers, and customers can receive SMS messages on various marketplace notifications.

Seller Reviews & Ratings

A customer can give Review & Ratings to the product of the seller. This will increase the credibility of the seller and will help build a level of trust for the seller and its product.

  • A seller gets more and more sales with the help of positive Reviews & Ratings. This is because 63% of the customers are more likely to purchase the product from the site if it has product ratings and reviews.
  • Good/bad reviews affect in equal ways so the seller will make efforts in product delivery and customer service. This will increase the credibility of the website.

Manage Shipping

Now the sellers of the marketplace will be able to manage their shipping from their account panel. Sellers can easily set up the new shipping zones and can add the shipping methods for these zones.

  • Set up new shipping zones
  • Add new shipping methods
  • Configure the shipping cost
  • Select shipping method – Marketplace flat rate, local pick-up, free shipping.
  • Add tax class with the custom shipping.

The seller can also use various other shipping methods like:

SEO Friendly URL Structure

WooCommerce Multi Vendor marketplace supports Search Engine Friendly URLs. These SEF URLs are one of the many optimization techniques as they are super useful for Google search bots, readable to end-users, and easy to remember.

Many Websites that are using incorrect or suboptimal URLs get low indexing by the Google crawlers and thereby reduces the site ranking.

Google recommends that the URL structure of a website should be as simple as possible. Best practices tell us to organize content using a method that constructs URLs logically according to what humans would expect to see.

Furthermore, simple words should be included in URLs in favor of long numbers or product ID’s whenever possible.

Inventory Management

With the WooCommerce Marketplace Module, the seller can configure the stock/inventory for his products.

  • The seller can choose to set the product in or out of stock.
  • The seller can even allow the customer to back order the products.
  • If the Allow Backorder is set as allowed, then the customer can place orders even when the product is out of stock.

If you require the seller's products to be added in bulk, then you can check our Marketplace Mass upload for WooCommerce

 Separate Seller Profile

Once you set up your WordPress site using WooCommerce Marketplace, you can go ahead and give people registering on the site.

  • The customer can choose to register as a vendor or seller.
  • Each seller will have his own Separate seller profile.
  • The module provides a separate profile which is managed by the seller.
  • A seller will get their own panel to control all the things.
  • The seller can manage products, shipping, orders, and all other things from his/her panel only

 Seller Product Page

On the product page, the customer can view which product is from which seller. Now the customer can identify the product is from which seller by their name. The Seller can build a level of trust among the customer for their respective products. This will help in increasing the following:

  • The credibility of the merchant will improve.
  • Improve the comparative shopping ranking
  • Raise the conversion rates
  • Increase customer engagement over the site
  • The buyers will be able to see the seller's name on the product page.
  • Also, the customer will be able to check the profile page of a seller by clicking on the name of the seller at the product page.

Ask Question To Admin

The seller can inquire from the admin by asking a question to the admin. This feature allows sellers to make a query to the admin if they stuck somewhere. Admin can resolve the queries of sellers by providing appropriate answers.


  • Admin-seller communication is encouraged, which will reduce disputes and claims.
  • The seller can easily ask questions to the admin.
  • Admin will reply accordingly to the seller.
  • If there is any dispute then, it can be handled effectively.

Seller Social Connect

The seller can easily add social media links to their seller profile. It allows the customers to connect with the sellers directly.

  • The seller can display social media profiles in their seller profile.
  • Added social media links are displayed in the form of a social media icon.
  • It helps the sellers to gain followers on the different social media platforms.
  • Gaining followers on social media helps the sellers to convert them into buyers.
  • The seller can add their social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linked, etc to the seller profile.

Order Management

The sellers can view all their orders with billing and shipping address of the customers. The seller can manage the orders by checking the "Order History" section in the Marketplace panel.

It will display all the orders of the sellers with the details and status of the order. The seller can manage all the functions related to the order from one page only.

  • The seller can print an invoice.
  • The seller can change the order status.
  • The seller can cancel an order.
  • Admin is notified when order status changes.
  • The seller can view the total orders along with the count for respective status.
  • The seller will be able to see the growth (through the graph).
  • The admin can select order status for sellers.

You can check the following add-ons of the marketplace which will enhance the customer experience and will provide sellers will additive functionality.

Multiple Vendor Products Checkout At Once

  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace provides various features and multiple vendor products checkouts at once is one of them.
  • The Buyer/Customer can purchase the product from various sellers/vendors without any hassle in a single go.
  • The buyers can also update the product quantity or can even remove the existing products from the cart.

Check Sales/Performance Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics integrated within your WooCommerce store may now be used by the admin to analyze and record data from their website.

It helps the admin in understanding how customers engage with their stores.

  • The store admin can use Google Analytics to analyze website data and can check sales performance and product performance only currently.
  • The store admin can enter the Google Analytics tracking ID to track the website data on their Google Analytics account.
  • The store admin can use Google Analytics to decide their marketing strategies based on the analytics data.
  • The store admin can use the Audience data to target the right audience for their marketing campaigns.

 Full Arabic Language Support

WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace module supports many language translations including the Arabic RTL (Right to Left) design. To know how to translate the module language, please visit:

  • Compatible with all the RTL theme templates
  • Complete Arabic language support
  • Easily editable language.POT file included

Certified WPML Plugin

WPML (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin) is a WordPress plugin that helps to make a WordPress website multilingual.

Now we have made our Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce compatible with WPML.

The admin can convert the Multi Vendor Marketplace into a multilingual store by following the easy steps.

Even it is easy to translate the product page, cart page, and checkout page into the desired language.

Moreover, the seller can also translate their product into multiple languages too.

Our Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce is officially certified by WPML.

Store Owner/Admin Benefits

Using Multi-Vendor Marketplace and its add-on offers various benefits for the store owner. Almost every big e-commerce website has a marketplace within their store from Etsy to ASOS from eBay to Amazon to Best Buy.

WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace and its add-on provide store owners a complete and state of the art online marketplace, here are few points by which store owner can benefit a lot:

Earning of store owner becomes easy. Now a store owner can earn a huge amount of commission as the marketplace plugin provides a very flexible commission system. Even by using marketplace advance commission add-on admin can set any kind of commission scheme from global to per vendor commission and also based on per product category.

Price comparison is very impressive and almost a key factor in winning the marketplace. WooCommerce Marketplace Plugin with Price Comparison Add-on provides the feature by which the very same product can be added by multiple sellers using different prices and quantities like amazon or best buy.

Huge Traffic and more sales conversion after converting your store into the marketplace. The reason is pretty simple once you (store owner) will provide space for other merchants to add the product to your store, it will increase no. of products, more social media share, and more options for the buyer.

Marketplace Seller Benefits

Putting your product in a marketplace is always a plus point for vendor/seller or small shop owners. So it is hugely beneficial for them to increase the sales conversion by adding their product to a branded marketplace.

Using a marketplace like Webkul's Multi Vendor Marketplace will have all the details for his/her orders, shipping, and payments. Also, the seller has all the access of their product so they can manage their products and inventory with ease.

Huge Number of Supported Add-Ons

Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports a range of add-ons from shipping to payment and from seller-buyer communication to feature enhancements, there are various supported plugins exist for the marketplace. Here are a few examples below:

WooCommerce Multi Vendor Mobile App

In the evolving world, mobile apps play a vital role in bringing an exponential growth in the business structure. Webkul is all set to move to these new areas of mobile applications and is stepping from the world of eCommerce to mCommerce with the new product of Multi Vendor Mobile App for WooCommerce.

  • The app offers customers an attractive interface like category carousel, banner slider.
  • Offers filters or sorting by based on price, newness, popularity, and ratings.
  • Allows seller to manage their accounts from the app offering reach to almost anywhere.
  • The customer can view the featured products and the new products on the home page.
  • Easy configuration of the app by the admin from the backend.

Complete Features List

  • Multiple sellers can register and upload their products.
  • Separate Seller Profile, Shop Logo, and Seller Collection Page with Banner Image.
  • Sellers can Manage Shipping from their Account panel.
  • Product by Feature on the product page is Introduced.
  • Admin can allow a separate seller dashboard to sellers which is the same as the admin’s dashboard.
  • A seller can easily switch to the default seller dashboard view.
  • Sellers can put up queries to the admin, and these queries will be listed under the Seller Queries option.
  • The admin can reply to the queries of the seller.
  • A seller can edit their profile information.
  • Seller’s products can be edited or deleted by the seller as well as the admin.
  • The seller can add 4 types of products- Simple, Grouped, External/ Affiliate, and Variable Product.
  • The seller can add their social network accounts, which will be visible on their profile page.
  • Order management is very easy due to the visibility of the billing and shipping addresses of the customers.
  • The seller can also print the invoice of the order. A seller can ask questions to the admin.
  • Admin can approve or disapprove a seller or seller’s products.
  • Admin can assign a product to any seller.
  • SEO-friendly URL structure has been incorporated in the Marketplace.
  • Admin can set the default commission for every seller.
  • The admin can also configure a different commission percentage for different sellers.
  • A buyer can add any seller of the marketplace as a favorite seller.

Newly Added Features

  • Admin can mass assign products to a seller Sellers can add upsell and cross-sell products
  • Admin can make transactions to the sellers against the orders for which he has transferred the money to the seller’s account.
  • Sellers can also check the transactions made by the admin from their account panel.
  • Admin can set different categories for different sellers.
  • Admin can set product type globally for all sellers in the marketplace.
  • Admin can approve reviews for sellers from his end.
  • Supports default WooCommerce email templates.
  • The admin can configure Endpoint and Title for a seller's Dashboard, Product List, Order History, Seller Profile, etc.
  • Sellers can manage refunds for their orders in the seller end.
  • The admin receives Product Notifications to publish a seller's product, whenever a seller creates or edits a product on the seller end.
  • The admin may only utilize Google Analytics to examine website data and monitor sales and product performance.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

You may also check our quality WooCommerce Plugins.

based on 67 reviews
Michelin Jeanty
Posted On - November 24, 2023
Excellent Support and Service
Webkul is one of the BEST companies I have ever been a customer/client of. I recommend their software, especially the Shopify Multi Vendor Marketplace app. It's so customizable and versatile that it can be used for an array of problems; it can be used for any marketplace (seller-buyer) e-commerce stores. It can be used for tangible e-commerce, digital e-commerce, brick-and-mortar multiple locations, booking features, product subscription, chat GPT, etc..., the list goes on and on... It's so customizable that the Multi-Vendor Marketplace app can be used for anything under the sun.
The Multi-Vendor Marketplace app deserves 10 stars (**********).
Webkul has web apps for Shopify stores, Woocommerce, Etsy, Magento, prestashop, BigCommerce, etc... There are also connectors (importing products from one platform to another). It is the BEST app ever!
The customer support is beyond GREAT. Mirza Nadeem B. and the rest of the support teams answer all questions in at least one 1-business day. The app might be intimidating at first, but take the time to ask clear/concise questions. Take a little bit of time to read the documentation. Understand the app constraints (there are not many constraints, to be honest); understand the flexibility. Do your homework first, before you give the app a bad review! Understand the fundamentals of building things; use divide & conquer to achieve your goal, when using this app.
I honestly hope Shopify reviews this app to see its awesomeness.
Mirza, you're the best, the developer team, you're the best. Sorry for all these questions, but you guys ROCK!
Kudos to the team at Multi Vendor Marketplace!
Michelin Jeanty
Posted On - October 31, 2023
Excellent Support and service
I recommend the Multi-Vendor Marketplace app to any store and every store! It doesn't matter if it's a Shopify store, Woocommerce, Etsy, Magento, Prestashop, BigCommerce, etc... There are also connectors (importing products from one platform to another). It is the BEST app ever! It's so versatile that it can be used for any marketplace (seller-buyer) e-commerce store. It can be used for tangible e-commerce, digital e-commerce, brick-and-mortar multiple locations, booking features, product subscription, chat GPT, etc..., the list goes on and on... It's so customizable that the Multi-Vendor Marketplace app can be used for anything under the sun. The support team is unmatched. Mirza Nadeem B. is the BEST! He does whatever it takes for the customer to be successful. The customer support is beyond GREAT. Mirza Nadeem B. and the rest of the support teams answer all questions in at least one 1-business day.
I can't say enough about the Multi Vendor Marketplace app and Webkul.
Martin Roberts
Posted On - March 17, 2023
Excellent support and services
Spoke to Rajat via live chat with pre-sales queries. First of all, like so few companies, there is live chat, which is responded to pretty much immediately (10.00hrs GMT).
Rajat was very patient and answered my queries very knowledgeable – this gives me great confidence to proceed with a purchase.
Ahmed Fatmi
Posted On - March 1, 2023
Good Service with complete solution
Fast, understanding and helpful
Koffi Lolowu Adragni
Posted On - February 1, 2023
Highly Recommend Webkul
The Webkul support team is exceptional. They delivered fantastic service and made our dream of creating a marketplace a reality. Despite our lack of programming knowledge, they went above and beyond to assist us. I highly recommend Webkul products and give them my highest rating possible.
Miguelito Mendoza
Posted On - November 1, 2022
Best Services Ever
They responded to my inquiry within 5 minutes! Very satisfied for their very quick and prompt response. Will definitely support most of their products!
Agustin V.
Posted On - March 28, 2022
Best Company with Best Products
As of the 3/25/22. I am building a multiVendor shop. As soon as I installed the plugin I encountered a few issues which disappointed me very quickly...I am not a programmer but I have an extensive experience in Joomla and other eCommerce extensions. The issues I encountered immediately made me want to cancel my order and request a refund.

When I contacted support. I reported the issues via chat, to be honest, I did not want to waste their time only to convince me that I have set my mind to a refund. I totally understand that time is valuable and wasting their time would make them very upset...I know I would...I make a living creating websites for other people and I know how it feels.

The chat person asked me for an opportunity to check on the issue...I told him it has been uninstalled and he said don't worry we will reinstall.
I said Ok. I will give it another try.

I am really surprised The issues were fixed within 24hrs. Then I was able to access the Vendor's dashboard and started doing some testing, soon I encountered other minor issues...I opened another ticket went to sleep, and when I woke up the issues had been taken care of.
I am now planning to buy two more plugins to extend the functionality of my shop, Again the chat person is always there to answer my questions.
I can't provide details on how the entire system works yet...Perhaps there will be some minor adjustments on the workflow and things like that, but I can say that the multi-vendor for woocommmerce I purchased is far the best and suit my needs and I am saying this after a great disappointment.

Perhaps I can update this page in the future when my shop is completed and even be able to provide a link to my shop, I don't know.

But I can confidently say that Webkul deserves a decorated 5 star for their products and services.

Agustin From Los Angeles California
Perdana Hary
Posted On - December 21, 2021
Really nice customer support team
Really nice customer support team, very handy. tell your problem then when they are own mistake (with their product) will solve your problem ASAP.
Milton Eduardo Oña Triana
Posted On - November 1, 2021
Excellent Product & Service
Excellent service, totally recommended
sooqha com
Posted On - October 26, 2021
Best Support Services
The best support ever you will have no regret for Products and related services.
Thanks, Webkul support team.
Bahaa Mjzob
Posted On - October 18, 2021
Excellent Products & Support Services
Fast response, devoted, and highly skilled team
I was surprised with the number of modules and solutions they have for many of the eCommerce platforms

Ronald Basel
Posted On - August 20, 2021
So far so....GREAT : )
All great so far...Hopefully the service stays at the level we have just experienced. THANKS

Posted On - April 20, 2021
What a superb first class team and modules
What a superb first class team, I can't praise them enough! Thank you very much.

I brought a multi vendor app/extension from them. And ran in to difficulties setting it up.

I contacted Webkul for help, and their team were so helpful and supportive, discovering where I was going wrong, setting and configuring it for me.
I got suck again with the extension, Webkul can again to my rescue and the support was superb.

Thank You.
Posted On - April 16, 2021
Really professional team
I would have a lot to say about the plugin and the team, and would be only positive and really cool things.
Support is awesome, plugin is very powerful. Congrats to all the team.
Gruene Helden
Posted On - February 1, 2021
Best Customer Support
The instructions to start the marketplace are very well described and illustrated. However, support was needed several times. However, this was more due to finding a suitable payment provider and integrating it. The missing double (Strong Customer Authentication, SCA), necessary for a use in the European Union, was integrated briefly. I usually received help within 24 hours. We have decided for the marketplace of Webkul among other things because of the many extension offers and the references. We give 5 stars. Andreas from Grüne Helden, Germany

Daniele Narra
Posted On - February 1, 2021
Excellent Support from Team Webkul!
Super support !!!! Less then 24Hours and they solve my questions every time !!!!! I have no words .. superlatives

Yassir Aliotti
Posted On - January 13, 2021
Customer Support!
Really good support !!!! Even for to fix hard staff
They are really professional and you can trust them!
Posted On - December 1, 2020
Best Customer Support
A great team and the support.
Cosimo Pizzolante
Posted On - September 9, 2020
EXCELLENT Pre and Post sales products
EXCELLENT Pre and Post sales products and assistance. Speed and professionalism.

Very very satisfied !!!
Vikram Tanwar
Posted On - August 11, 2020
Great help by the support team
Thanks for all the help and advice !!
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