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Opencart Mobile App: Through Opencart Mobile App, the online store owners can provide a list of astound features to the customers for relishing their shopping experience. It facilitates Ubiquity- Easier information access in real-time, Convenience- Devices that store data are always at hand, Accessibility- Choice to limit the accessibility to particular persons who can be contacted anywhere anytime.

It also facilitates Personalization- Creating services that customize the end-user experience, and Localization- Matching services to the location of the customers. It may be likely that customers do not access options such as newsletters, emails, etc.

As almost everybody carries a mobile phone, therefore using the Opencart Mobile App the customers can receive notifications about the offers and deals, instantly on their phones. Also, do check out, Opencart Mobile Emojis Push Notifications, for sending messages with emoticons.

Highlighted Features

 Boost Sales with Multiple Payment Methods

It supports multiple payment methods that ease things and make the payment process smooth and sound for the customers.

 Multi-Language Support

The Opencart Mobile App Supports the RTL Layout for languages that support the RTL formats like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, etc.

 Search Result Optimization

With the integration of the ML kit, it has become easier to search for products via Voice Search or Image Search.

 Supports all the Major Shipping Methods

The Opencart Mobile App supports the major shipping methods which provide a quick product delivery solution of the products.

 Easily Customizable - Open Source

The app code can be updated easily without any complication as Per Business Requirement.

 Supports Various Product Types

The app supports all default Opencart product types. In addition, it gives support to AR Product and VR-Product (iOS App).

 Push Notifications

The admin can communicate about various activity on the store(like new product arrival, discount, exchange offers) with the help of notifications.

 Related Products

This will help in the generation of cross sales, where multiple products appear on the product page which similar to the current product.

 Quick Configuration - Admin Panel

From Opencart Admin Panel configure - Mobile App Homepage Banner slider, Push notifications, Category Icons, and other features.

 Offline mode

The app gives power to the store owner to acquire customers from the area where no internet connectivity is present.

 Reward Points

The app supports the default Opencart feature that ascertains customer loyalty.

 Personal Data Management

Customers can manage their store account information from login info to the address details, billing and shipping address.

 Homepage Configurator

Handle the sorting order of the app carousel via Homepage Configurator.

 Send Emojis With Notification

Push the notifications with attractive emojis to fascinate the customers.

What We Need Mobile App Builder?

Mobile Apps are said to be the revolution in today’s industry scenario. They happen to serve masses globally with its-

  • Easy Accessibility.
  • Better User Interface and Experience.
  • Advanced Features.
  • Faster Processing.

The conversion of the website to a mobile app can bring in growth to the business structure to a greater extent.

Engaging Homepage

Its the Homepage of any application that lay’s the first impression on the customers. If the customer doesn't find the homepage of the app luring enough, they can simply leave the store, unvisited.

The Homepage of the Opencart Mobile App is simple though attractive, including multiple features such as carousels, banners in the form of sliders, etc.

  • The Home option navigates the user to the Homepage.
  • The Category option which includes the categories of the products.
  • The Notification option includes all the ongoing offers and deals.
  • The Profile option shows various details related to the customer’s profile.
  • Customers tend to add products to the wishlist for later purchase.
  • The Address Book includes the default addresses which can be edited or deleted anytime.
  • All the order related details of the customer are present under the My Orders option.
  • The admin has the liberty to manage the sorting order of the homepage carousel using a homepage configurator.
  • The carousel positions can be changed by an easy drag and drop method.

Advanced Search [ Keyword Based, Voice, Machine Learning ]

If in some hurry, it is likely that customers tend to directly search for a specific product instead of navigating the complete store.

Optimized Search Process offered by the Opencart Mobile App facilitates an easy search process for the customers saving them the pain of visiting all the products of the store, hence preserving their time.

  • The customer can simply enter the name of the product and retrieve the desired product list.
  • Searching products using keywords initiates a quick and direct search process for the customers.
  • The search suggestions while searching using keywords may lure customers to check out other products as well.
  • This app uses the Machine Learning Kit for the Android whereas, for the iOS, Core Machine Learning is used.
  • The optimized search process enhances the shopping process for the users by saving their time.

Augmented Reality [ AR ] Support

The essence of the AR is integrated with the Opencart Mobile App. After the application of AR in games like Pokemon Go, its time when AR must be implemented in our mobile apps.

Opencart Mobile App integrates the usability of the AR in a way that it amalgamates the real and the virtual world. This gives customers a better user experience in terms of purchase.

  • The AR adds the digital elements into the real-time surroundings making the app even more captivating.
  • When implemented with the mobile app, gives a whole new technological experience to the customers.
  • A device detects a surface when a product is placed on that surface.
  • The customers can see all this in the AR mode on their devices.
  • An essential part of AI which has carved a way for the virtual world into the real world.

Note: To get a better idea of the AR technology and its implementation, please hit the link- https://mobikul.com/mobikul-mobile-app-builder-for-magento2-augmented-reality/

Computer Vision-Based Augmented Reality Size Calculation

With the advancement in technology, the features of the AI are being implemented in a full-fledged way. One of the most imperative features, the size calculation, which is an essential aspect of an online business is made easier.

  • The size estimation is essential in industries like design, automobile, online clothing stores, etc.
  • Ease things as there is no need for a measurement device for estimating the size of a product.
  • The customer using the app needs to scan the product and measurement gets recorded likewise.
  • An exigent tool, through which the online business entrepreneurs can befit explicitly.

Note-: For now we are having this feature in the iOS app only.

Web-Login via QR-Code

The website login is now made more secure with an extended feature of the mobile app. This extended feature will allow the customer to log in the website without entering the login credentials. In general, nowadays people keep the mobile apps login into the mobile device.

So, all we need to do is to find the Login through QR Code wherein we can simply scan the QR-Code on the website and enjoy a successful login.

*Note: This is a paid addon, and to use this first install the OpenCart Mobile App QR Code Login module.

RTL Support [ Arabic Language ]

In order to establish a business worldwide, it is essential to add features that are adaptive for other countries as well.

Opencart Mobile App eases and provides support to the language written in the RTL or the Right-to-left format, meaning thereby, that the customers residing in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew and other such languages can view the app easily.

  • The customer with the RTL format can easily operate the app.
  • It offers an optimized User Experience.
  • Using this feature, it is possible to reach out to more and more customer all around the globe.
  • It also provides better customer Interaction.
  • This feature shall generate effective conversion rates from the countries which follow the RTL language format.

GDPR Compliance

One of the major concern in running an online business is data integrity. With the increase in cyber crimes and online data thefts, it is essential to take steps for data protection.

Opencart Mobile App safeguards the integrity of the customer’s data and allows full control to the customers over the shared data.

  • This app doesn't make it mandatory for the customers' to accept the terms and conditions which they are not willing to agree to.
  • EU implicates the postulates which ensure to safeguard the data privacy of its citizens using the mobile app.
  • Users can demand organizations to showcase or delete any irrelevant data.

Purely Native App: Built on Kotlin and Swift

In order to provide complete device based functionalities, the Mobikul apps are completely native.

One of the most essential aspects of any mobile app is a better performance which can be rendered by the native apps. Reason being, they are built for a dedicated operating system.

  • It ensures an enhanced user experience in terms of performance.
  • Faster processing of the device based features like GPS, Machine Learning or other device applications.
  • Variety of Graphics Support.

Order Place Point [ Website, Mobile ]

This app provides you a feature that the admin can check the orders that are placed by the customer from the web end or mobile app. It gives meaningful information about the customers that which platform they are using for placing the order.

The benefits of this functionality are if admin finds out that the maximum customers are using a website or mobile device of an order placed then admin can give better offers for the customers.

Once a seller identifies whether the particular order happened from the mobile application or the website then they can expand our market according to the customers.

Jaguar Imports Mobile App

Jaguar Imports - One of the proclaimed wholesale imports of the US for self-defense and protection products. Managed to enhance their business with the Opencart mobile app. The native app has helped to increase the accessibility of the product which was not that easy with the sale of such Product.

With the most satisfied solution the client, Mr. Babar Nawaz stated - “I been using Webkul services for almost a year now. They are very professional and knowledgable people. Always deliver on time and if needed will go out of the way to help me out. It's always a pleasure to work with them with new projects.”

Volzak Mobile App

Volzak - Being the most recognized client of the Morroco region dealing with shoes. With the help of the Opencart mobile App has acquired a massive number of clients. This is due to the attractive features provided by the app to make the client engaged. Right from the easy purchase of products to push notification the app has it all.


MAKSTORE - With over 2000 products Makstore.mk is one of the most recognized e-commerce stores. Dealing with multiple products to ease the customer to fulfill their demand for clothes, shoes, home appliances and many more. Opencart Mobile App has revolutionized the product sales pattern to engage and acquire maximum customers.

Jodealz Mobile App

JoDealz is the unique online shopping website and APP in Jordan, it provides a distinctive purchase experience, as the user finds all his needs from the latest fashion designs, electronics, family, home, sports, books, and car accessories.

JoDealz is an integrated and electronic mall that gives you the best electronic shopping without any trouble.

Opencart Mobile App Features List

  • To attract the attention of the customers any time anywhere, while they are on a move with their mobiles.
  • Customers’ privacy and security are guaranteed.
  • Multiple currency and multiple languages are supported.
  • Supports Cheque / Money Order, Cash on Delivery, and bank transfer as payment method.
  • Supports all shipping methods.
  • It provides flexibility and ease of connectivity to the customers.
  • The customer can view recent orders made.
  • Featured Product Carousel is present for a better UI.
  • Reward Point, gift voucher, and coupon code functionality present.
  • Quick login in the web panel via QR-Code scanning with the same credentials as of app.
  • The customer will receive the notification of all the order related notifications.
  • Store admin can check the order type either it is done by Mobile or Website.
  • The admin can set the order of carousels by easy drag and drop under the Home Page Configurator settings.
  • The admin will also add the emojis with the title and content of the notifications before sending them to the customer.
  • App has support towards AI-based features like- AR Product Visualisation.

Delivery Boy App [ Add-on ]

The Opencart mobile app can be extended to add functionality where the admin can manage orders with the introduction of OpenCart Mobikul Delivery Boy App.

Here, the orders are assigned to a delivery boy who can even use the same app to manage the order. This is an app build on Flutter to provide a seamless experience to the app user and feel like a native app.

  • Trace the order in Opencart App- Order section.
  • Authentication of the delivery process via OTP.

Hyperlocal App [ Add-on ]

Just like UberEats, Grofers, Big Basket; the Opencart App can be powered with Hyperlocal functionality with the Opencart Hyperlocal Mobile App. This will allow the customer to purchase the products from nearby vendors.

The creation of a localized market, where the customer enters their current location. The product gets filtered as per the location. Thus, helping the easy delivery of products like medicines, foods, personal care products and many more.

  • Acquiring nearby customers.
  • The app supports Offline mode.
  • Custom shipping rates can be set as per region and product price.
  • Integrated security with fingerprint authentication.

PWA Mobile App [ Progressive Web Application ]

The Opencart mobile App can be made lighter and faster like Flipkart, AliExpress, Alibaba; with the introduction of Opencart PWA Mobile App. Wherein a website behaves like an application. The app develops from a browse tab to provide many impressive pages with low friction in user experience.

  • User-Friendly.
  • Works efficiently even in a low internet connection.
  • The app looks like- splash background color, page background color, the header, and font color can be customized by the app owner.

POS Native App [ Point of Sale Mobile Application ]

The Opencart POS will extend the functionality of a simple Opencart store. With the help of the plugin, the store owner can sell the product on both webs as well as the physical store.

The POS app will allow the sales agent to manage the physical store with a Native App working on a tablet. (for now, the app is only for Android device)

  • Product Management
  • Customer management.
  • Checkout of Product Management.

Attractive Push Notification with Emoticons [ Add-on ]

The admin can push the notifications to the customer application for sharing the store updates:

  • Store owners can send notifications related to the offers and discounts.
  • The customer will also get notifications when they place an order.
  • The customer will receive order notifications if any activity is performed with their order.
  • The admin will also add the emojis to make the notification more fascinating.
  • Emojis can be added to the title and content of the notification.

*Note: Notification Emoji is a paid add on to the Opencart Mobikul App. To use this feature please install the OpenCart Mobile Emoji Push Notification module first.

Opencart Mobile App Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/

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The Best app , integrated with open-cart
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