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Magento 2 Etsy Integration allows the store owner can sync its products, categories, and orders from the Etsy store to the Magento 2 store. It also allows exporting of products from Magento 2 to the Etsy store.

Also, the admin will be able to manage the general, product sync, and order sync settings from the backend configuration. The admin will set the location and status of the products that are being synced from the Etsy store. Whenever a product is synced, all the related details will be synced that is product title, description, details, price, etc of the product.

It is very important to map the categories of the Etsy store with one of the Magento Category, as there must be a way present that can be used to sync the products and orders.

Please Note - You must contact the Etsy team to get the Etsy credentials.

Highlighted Features of Magento 2 Etsy Integration

 Product Import/Export with Etsy Store

The products can be simply exported or imported between Etsy and Magento stores.

 Product/Order Synchronization Available

The orders and products can be synced with just a click.

 Etsy To Magento Order Import

The orders with any order status can be imported from Etsy to the Magento store.

 Choose Status and Categories for Imported Product

The admin will select the status and category of the Magento store for the imported products.

Why do we need Magento 2 Etsy integration ?

Magento 2 Etsy integrationd connects your Magento 2 store to your Etsy store. The business owner may sync hundreds of products, categories, and orders from their Etsy store to their Magento 2 store with this extension.

It also allows you to export products from Magento 2 to your Etsy store. The principal objective of the Etsy connector module is to nurture a higher sales pace. Currently, it combines the Etsy store with the Magento 2 store. Since it is most important to list the product on as many websites and stores as possible in today's business area.

  • Multiple Etsy seller accounts can be linked together.
  • Import Etsy orders based on the dates you specify.
  • Assign imported items to the appropriate Magento category.
  • For exporting products, create a default shipping template.

 Manage Product and Order Import

After the installation, the admin needs to do the Etsy Connector configuration. In the module configuration, the admin will be entering the Etsy API credentials - OAuth Consumer Key and OAuth Consumer Secret. The following options will be available:

  • Select the default store for order sync.
  • Select Etsy import orders status.
  • Set the order status of imported orders.
  • Manage the product's automatic renewals.
  • Select the default website for product sync.
  • The admin can also import associated images of the product.

 Connect Multiple Etsy Stores with Magento 2

Magento 2 Etsy integration allows you to integrate multiple Etsy stores with Magento 2 store. The admin can add, edit, and manage various Etsy seller accounts and synchronization products and orders. The admin will set the following options in the accounts

  • Select the default attribute set ID.
  • Enter the Etsy store name.
  • Select the default shipping template.

 Categories Mapping

The admin can map the Etsy category with the Magento 2 category. It will help the store owner to assign the right products to the right category. The mapping table will show the Etsy category name, store category name, and Etsy category ID with the date created.

  • Map new categories.
  • Select parent and sub-category.
  • View mapped category records.
  • Delete mapped category records.
  • Assign categories mapped products

 Import Products

With the help of Etsy Connector, the store owner can import hundreds of products from Etsy listing to the Magento catalog. All the basic information will be imported such as name, price, images, description, stock, weight, tax, etc. The following options are available:

  • Select Etsy's active or expired products.
  • View the imported products list.
  • Delete synchronized products from the list.
  • Convert product variations into custom options.
  • View the sync date and time.
  • Use filter options to find mapped products.
  • View the importing process result.

 Order Synchronization with Magento 2

Etsy Connector allows you to sync orders from Etsy to the Magento 2 store. The admin can import all the details in the orders from Etsy to Magento 2. The imported orders are added to the Magento 2 orders list.

  • Import selected orders according to dates.
  • Delete mapped order records from the list.
  • View import order process results.
  • Magento order ID is created automatically.
  • View the order sync date and time.
  • Find mapped orders using filters.

 Export Products to Etsy

The store owner can export hundreds of products from the Magento catalog to the Etsy listing. After running the profiler, the products are added to the Etsy listing with all the basic product information such as - name, images, price, stock, weight, etc.

  • Select all or a few products for export.
  • Mention Etsy product specifications and listing details.
  • Supports configurable product types.
  • View the exporting process result.

Compatible With MSI Feature

With Magento 2 Etsy connector it became easier to sync thousands of products, categories, and orders of Magento 2 stores with the Etsy store and vice versa.

  • While managing the module configurations, the admin needs to add the sources for importing the products and orders.
  • The admin can select the default source as it is present by default.
  • But the MSI feature provides the leverage to select among multiple sources.
  • This means the products can now be imported from multiple sources and from multiple sticks.
  • Because MSI allows the admin to create multiple sources under the inventory section.
  • The created list of sources will be visible to the admin while managing the configurations.

Inventory Sync B/W Etsy and Magento

  • This module manages the inventory on both platforms.
  • When the order is placed on Magento at the same time stock quantity will get updated on Etsy.
  • Also, when any order is placed on Etsy and the order is imported to the Magento store through cron the same time stock quantity will get updated on the Magento end.

 Features of Etsy Connector for Magento 2 -

  • Map Etsy categories with Magento categories.
  • Select the default website for importing products.
  • View mapping process result after execution.
  • Delete record entries from the product and order sync list.
  • Set a default shipping template for exporting products.
  • Automatically imports orders from Etsy via cron.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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randy randy
Posted On - April 27, 2023
Excellent support and services
Bought the Etsy Magento Extension from Webkul. We had a few startup issues and it working great now. The support is really stood out. They were extremely responsive and addressed any issues without hesitation A+++
Mike Reid
Posted On - September 3, 2020
Great support from Webkul
Great support from Webkul with the Etsy extension for Magento 2. Worked with us on a couple of sites and helped with every request.

Great support, great company
No Showcase.
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