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Magento Booking & Reservation System

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Magento Booking & Reservation System : This module is super useful when you want to convert your magento store to event driven site e.g doctor's appointment, movie booking system etc. Magento booking extension can be used in many ways from appointment booking site to Complete Hotel Booking Engine. Booking & Reservation System For Magento2 is also available.

Also available for Magento2

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Magento Booking & Reservation System - This module is super useful when you want to convert your magento store to event driven site e.g doctor , appointment movie booking system.Magento booking extension can be used in many ways from appointment booking site to Hotel reservation . Extension source code is open so can be customised and work with every template  ( including responsive themes  )

Magento Booking and Reservation Features:

  • Fully admin driven module and admin can set the product for reservation.
  • Dynamic event creation.
  • Dynamic time setting.
  • Dynamic event display.
  • selection panel at product page.
  • Multiple booking and reservation support.
  • Time and event display at product checkout
  • Based on bootstrap brilliant design 
  • Admin can open sites like airbnb or 

Magento Booking and Reservation Module Front-End Management

Booking and reservation extension provides all kind of functionality by which store owners can convert their shop in to a booking site . Magento Booking and reservation Extension two types of generic booking methods

  • Many Booking in one day
  • One Booking For Many Days

Store Admin can select which type of booking he / she wants to allow for end customers . Store Admin can choose different options for different products

magento booking and reservation time slot

Magento Booking and Reservation One Booking for Many Days Configuration

As Booking and reservation tools works in both the way either many to one or one to many , configuration of the "one booking for many days " is super easy even you don't need any manual for that part . You need to login in to magento Admin and from catalog -> product and under "reservation booking " tab you can manage complete configuration of magento booking and reservation module

magento booking and reservation one booking for many days

Magento Booking and Reservation Extension Use Case

Magento Booking Module is super useful in all types of reservation industry like Hotel Booking and reservation( airbnb ) or dental booking or appointment . Using Magento Reservation Extension admin can turn e-commerce store in to a hotel or dental booking site . here are some use case - example

  • Hotel booking and reservation
  • Appointment booking or Reservation
  • Dental Appoint Application
  • Movie or Event Booking and Reservation
  • Rental booking Extension
  • Ticket Booking Extension

Magento booking and reservation system have tons of use case and can be applied in any case of booking or reservation system

magento hotel booking and reservation

Magento Booking & Reservation System- Many Booking In A Day

In this, admin can select “From date” and “To date” on which the admin wants to provide booking of the product. The admin will set the booking time slots in minutes, set the days “Start time” and days “End time” for booking. Date Time Picker is also enabled in the input field. There is an “open or closed” panel with slider counter and the admin can either select closed or open for any of the booking-time slot.

  • Many booking is done between the set date.
  • The admin add booking time slot.
  • Admin can select closed or open for any of the booking-time slot.
many booking in a day

One Booking For Many Days

In this section admin can select “ From date”, “To date” and can add booking slots by entering the required “Time of booking” and “Booking day” under “Add Booking” tab. Admin can add as many booking slots under “Add Booking” .

  • Booking Slot is the time period for which the bookings will be applicable that is booking will be valid till the time mentioned in the “booking time slot” . Buffer cache time after each booking is the time between two the two booking slots.
  • Booking is done for many days with different time slots.
  • There will be a buffer cache time between two successful booking slots.
  • The admin can add many booking slots based on their requirements.
one booking for many days

How Customer can use this module

After the back-end setting of this module, now lets see how the customer's end will look. Now the buyer can select the product having the booking options. Before adding the product to the cart, buyer have to select the booking slots for that particular product. If the booking slot is available for the timing which buyer seeks, then buyer can book that slot and proceed with the payment.

There comes a “closed” message, when booking is not available for that particular day. No booking slots will be available on that particular day. If for any particular slot which buyer wants to book has been already booked by someone else then it will show as “ booked” and that slot cannot be booked by the customer.

  • Customer can see various booking time slots for “Many Booking in a day”.
  • Customer can see one booking for various days too.
  • If the admin has not assigned any booking for any particular time slot or day, then “Closed” message will appear.
  • If any particular booking slot has been booked by other customer, then “Booked” message appears.
customer view
customer end

Magento Hotel Booking System

We have developed a new module exclusive for Hotel Booking. That module is Magento Hotel Booking System. This module helps in managing the rooms of a hotel or other lodging facilities and you can display a number of available rooms with facilities and their per day rates online to your customers. With the help of this module, you can add multiple hotels with various kinds of rooms, provide various services or amenities to your customers. This hotel booking module also enables the customers to pre-book the rooms and search rooms by various parameters like price & amenities. You can create multiple Groups and Room types which you can use as a template while adding any new room.

  • Admin can create multiple Room Types and Groups.
  • Admin can create multiple Hotels and Rooms.
  • Customer or buyers can do pre-bookings for the Hotel rooms.
  • Admin can set the percent for the pre-booking.
  • Admin can enable or disable the pre-booking feature.
  • The customer can search or filter the rooms by price range and amenities.
  • The customer can see room images, per day charge, room availability and amenities provided by the Hotels.
  • Availability Calender is present which display number of rooms available on particular date.
  • On the checkout page, the customer can see Room details, Hotel name, cost per day, the number of requested rooms, Booking duration, the number of days and sub-total.
  • Admin can do the normal booking from the back-end as well.

Magento Booking and Reservation Extension Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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Posted On - August 23, 2018
Nice extension
The extension looks pretty nice and the support team is quick and helpful with all the questions and requests. This is the extension we┬┤ve looking for. The configuration is easy too.
Richard Parr - Greater Los Angeles Area
Posted On - August 4, 2015 (United States)
Quite professional
Webkul was very patient with me and helped us to troubleshoot all our user error issues. Quite professional.
Alex Horne
Posted On - December 5, 2014 (United Kingdom)
A little complex to start ! but once you've learnt the app it brilliant !!
I am a regular customer of Webkul modules, i currently run 15 on my marketplace site.
The app is a little hard to use to start with ! But once you've learnt how it works it is by far one of the best apps for booking and reservations available for magento.
Don't be surprised if the app doesnt work out of the box - Webkul will always customise and make the app work. And always at no extra cost.
The user guide is a little sparse in places and i know the team are working on 'grammar' and writing the user guide to better help the european market.
Good work Webkul keep it up :)
Empire Web Designs
Posted On - September 20, 2014
this extension really deserves my praise
I haven't written many reviews (I know I should write MANY more!) but this extension really deserves my praise.

First off it was easy to implement.

Second it was easy to configure.

Thirdly when I had a small problem with it, the author responded within 15 minutes and solved the issue. It actually wasn't his fault at all, but my lack of understanding about the Magento.
Bernard Bachmann
Posted On - September 8, 2014 (South Africa)
Very professional
This extension is exactly what we have looking for. We needed some changes and the guys from Webkul have been extremely helpful. We will definitely work with them again. Thanks Vipin!
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  • + Features
  • - Bugs
Version 1.1.2
  • + Admin can cancel the booking slot now after cancelling the order.
  • - Minor bugs fixed
Version 1.1.1
  • + Admin can set break time according to days
  • - Minor bugs fixed
Version 1.0.1
  • + Fully admin driven module and admin can set the product for reservation.
  • + Dynamic event creation.
  • + Dynamic time setting.
  • + Dynamic event display.
  • + selection panel at product page.
  • + Multiple booking and reservation support.
  • + Time and event display at product checkout.