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    Advanced Media Manager for Magento 2

    It allows the admin to manage and modify the gallery images by adding modify option to the gallery image.

    The admin can modify the images by rotating, flipping the image, adding filters like contrast, brightness, opacity, sharpen, blur.

    The admin can even add a watermark to the image and can resize/crop the image too by using modify option for any image.


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    This Adobe Commerce module is used to manage the images in Magento 2 store media gallery. By using Adobe Commerce Advance Media Manager you can do multiple changes in the image that are useful on the page of your website.

    Watermark, flip the image, add filters, and many more changes can be done according to your need. So, By this, we can have inbuilt digital asset management done by Magento 2 Advance media manager.

    Note - For the easy management of the media files of your online store you can use the Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution. To know more information about Magento 2 DAM integration you can visit

    Advanced Media Manager for Magento 2

    Highlighted Features

     Image Modification

    Users can do modification by adding watermark, flipping, resize and adding filters to the image

     Edit details in the image

    Users can edit the details and description add filters of the image

     New image / Delete

    Users can upload the new image and do modifications to it and remove the old image from the gallery.

     Resize and Crop image dimensions

    Users can crop and resize the image with any particular value. Users can crop the image from a particular coordinate

    Why do we need Magento 2 Advance Media Manager?

    Magento 2 Advanced media manager is needed to edit and modify the images present in the media gallery. These images are used in the web pages of your store. You can edit and modify images like adding the watermark, filtration in your images, rotating, resizing.

    You can do these changes in the image as per your need. The admin can even edit the image like rename and details of the image.

    Image Option

    • This section is used to change the view of the image
    • Rotation of the image can be done in an anti-clockwise and clockwise direction
    • Images can be flip in the horizontal and vertical direction
    • Flipping and rotation of the image can be done together without saving it.
    • To do modifications like adding watermark or cropping image is flipped and rotated image, first save the image and then do further modification
    Image option

    Adding Image Filters

    • This section is used to change the colors and views of images.
    • The contrast of the images can be managed between 0 to 100
    • The brightness of the image can be set between -100(minimum) to 0 (no change) and 0 to 100(maximum)
    • Opacity can be set between 100% to 0%. 100% for opaque and 0% for transparency
    • Sharpen and blur the image that ranges between 0 to 100.
    Adding Image Filters

    Add Watermark

    • User can set the watermark image as per your desired place
    • The opacity of the watermark can be set between 100% to 0%. 100% for opaque and 0% for transparency
    • Offset is used to set the coordinates in X and Y. This sets the relative position of the watermark.
    • Here user mention the address of the image watermarked is used
    • Only the image is used for the watermark purpose
    Add watermark

    Resize and Crop Image

    • Resize the image in width and length
    • Crop the image in rectangular part as per given dimension
    • Crop (x/y) is helpful in optional x,y coordinates to move the top-left corner of the cutout to a certain position.
    • Users can resize and crop the image together and submit it for changes.
    • User mention the coordinates for fine cropping of the image
    Resize and Crop Image

    Features of Adobe Commerce Advanced Media Manager

    • Users can modify the images by adding the watermark.
    • You can resize and crop the image.
    • Filteration of the images can also be done.
    • Images can be rotated and flip.
    • Images can also be deleted and edited.


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Magento 2 Extensions.

    Rating 5.0
    based on 2 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Excellent Support Service

    Posted On - January 25, 2022

    Vaibhav did an excellent service for me!
    He explain the entire module and solved all of my queries.

    Excellent module

    Posted On - August 20, 2021

    Excellent module and they are always available and professional

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can a user do the modification and edit the image in Magento 2?
    You can edit the details and do modifications to images by enabling the old media gallery
     Shall we add the watermark to the image?
    You can add the image watermark in the images according to your desired position
     Can we resize and crop the image by coordinates?
    By mentioning the coordinates, you can resize the image by height and width and can crop it according to your need.
      Is rotation and flipping of images is possible?
    The image can be rotated in clock and anti-clockwise direction and flip in the vertical and horizontal direction
     Shall we add filters to the images and what are the options for it?
    Yes, we can filter in the images like sharpness, contrast brightness, blur, opacity.

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    Version 4.0.3
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    Version 4.0.2
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    • - Bug fixed
    Version 4.0.1
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.2
    Version 4.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x
    • + admin can add watermark to images
    • + admin can rotate and flip images
    • + admin can resize and crop the uploaded images
    • + editing features like sharpness, contrast, and blurring