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    Magento 2 Dealership Extension

    Magento 2 Dealership Extension allows customers to find dealers of any location, become a dealer, and check their dealership status.

    • Customers can register to become a dealer.

    • Customers can check the status of their dealership application.

    • Can view the dealer's list for any particular location.

    • The admin can add custom attributes for the dealer registration form.

    • The admin can create, delete or assign a group for the attribute.

    • Google Maps functionality is integrated for the proper visualization of the dealer's location.

    • The extension is compatible with the Hyva Theme.

    • The Magento 2 Dealership Extension is compatible with GraphQL API..

    Magento 2 Dealership Extension Magento 2 Dealership Extension Magento 2 Dealership Extension Magento 2 Dealership Extension Magento 2 Dealership Extension Magento 2 Dealership Extension
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    Adobe Commerce Dealership Extension allows the admin to create attributes and attribute groups for the dealership registration application. The customers can apply to become a dealer by filling up the dealership registration form.

    The admin can approve/disapprove/delete the dealership request of any customers. The customers can view the status of their dealership application form and can even view the dealer's list of any location. Google Maps functionality is also integrated to view the exact location of dealers on the map.

    Dealership Extension for Magento 2

    Highlighted Features

     Application Status Tracking

    The customer can track the status of their dealership application.

     Location Search for Dealers

    The nearest Dealer’s location can be searched by the customer.

     Dealership Request Management

    The Store Owner can manage the dealership request from the backend admin panel.

     Customer Request For Dealership

    The customers can become the dealer by submitting the request to the dealership.

     Support Hyva Theme

    This Extension is fully compatible with the Hyva theme.

     Google Maps Support

    The extension supports Google Maps functionality which is integrated for the proper visualization of the dealer's location.

    Why Do We Need Magento 2 Dealership Extension?

    Suppose you have a website and you want to manage the dealers of the website as per their location and along with it you want to maintain the records of new dealers.

    For this, you need an extension with google maps integration that allows you to view the location of dealers for the particular area. Keeping this in mind we have developed an extension Magento 2 Dealership Extension to manage.

    With the help of this extension, the customers can register themselves as a dealer by just filling a simple dealership registration form that consists of three easy steps (Person Details, Business Details, and Review & Submit).

    The store owner can even add custom attributes for the dealership registration form based on the business requirements. Using this module the customers can also track the status of their registration form.

    The store owner can approve disapprove, and delete the dealership request sent by a customer. We have also integrated Google Maps functionality in this module to find a dealer for any particular location.

    Dealership Dashboard

    Here, the admin possesses a dealership dashboard that provides convenient access to comprehensive information, including a graphical representation of sales data.

    • The admin can check the sales reports of dealers in pictorial form.
    • Admin can check individual dealer statistics.
    • The admin has the capability to review dealer information for the following timeframes: the past 24 hours, the previous 7 days, and the ongoing month.
    Dealership Dashboard

    Dealership Request Form

    A customer needs to fill the dealership request form to become a dealer.

    Here the personal details, business details will be submitted by the customer and the customer can also review these details before submitting the application.

    • Firstly the customer has to fill the personal details like; first name, last name, email, password, and confirm password.
    • On the business details page address information, business information, and additional information will be filled in.
    • The customer can review the details filled in the previous pages in the Review & Submit page and then submit the application after review.
    Dealership Request Form

    Tracing of the Dealership Application

    The customer can trace the dealership request application and can check the dealership status by just entering the registered email address.

    The store owner can delete, approve, and disapprove the dealership request as per business requirements.

    • The dealership request status will be shown as Pending if there is no response from the store owner.
    • The status will display as Active if the store owner approved the dealership request.
    • Application request status will display Disapprove if the store owner disapproved the request.
    Tracing of the Dealership Application

    Availability Of Dealer Location Search Option

    There is an option to Find Dealer which helps the customers to search the nearby dealers available to their location.

    The list of available dealers will be displayed by using the geolocation feature as this takes the help of google maps.

    • The customer has to enter the city or postal code to search all the nearest dealers.
    • The nearest available dealers will display their contact details.
    • The customers can contact the dealers directly by email address or phone number.
    Availability Of Dealer Location Search Option

    Dealership Attribute Management

    The store owner can create, delete, and manage the attributes for the dealership registration form.

    To create an attribute the store owner has to enter the attribute information like; default label, attribute code, front-end input type, input validation, Input field sort order, etc.

    The store owner can also manage the labels for that attribute to create it.

    • The store owner can hide or display the display fields on the dealer profile.
    • The attribute status can be enabled or disabled by the store owner.
    • The store owner can also assign a group to the attribute.
    Dealership Attribute Management


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Adobe Commerce Extensions.


    Product Version5.0.3
    Released2 years ago
    CategoryMagento 2
    Last UpdatedMarch 13, 2024 (4 months ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  2.0.x  2.1.x  2.2.x  2.3.x  2.4.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 3 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Great Support

    Posted On - June 4, 2024

    Very helpful and great customer service from the live chat. Super easy to get in touch with someone and problems and issues are always fixed

    Topnotch Support

    Posted On - November 19, 2021

    Excellent service and very good quality of work.

    Excellent module

    Posted On - September 24, 2021

    Excellent module and good team of Developer with the customization work done. Thanks Webkul team

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Is it possible to add a few more fields to the dealership request form?
    The Store Owner can add fields as per their business requirements in the dealership request form.
     Why there is a need for Google Map API Keys in this module?
    This module is using Geolocation to search the nearest dealer so Google Map API Keys are required to use this module.
     How can a customer find all the dealers available nearby locations?
    The customers can search the nearby dealers by entering the postal code and city on the Find Dealer page.
     Can a customer check their dealership request status manually or through an email?
    The customer can check the dealership request status by entering the email address manually.
     How can a store owner allow the file and image extension?
    The store owner can restrict the file and image extension by entering the file type by separated commas.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 5.0.3
    • - Bug Fixes
    • + Added dealer filter on admin sales order grid.
    Version 5.0.2
    • + Added functionality to assign dealers to order from admin panel.
    • + Added Dealership Dashboard for admin.
    Version 5.0.1
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 and php 8.2
    • + Added GRAPHQL API.
    Version 5.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x
    • + A dealer can register their account from the Become a Dealer section.
    • + Admin can add custom attributes for the dealer registration form from the admin panel.
    • + Dealer can check the status of their application whether their account is approved by admin or not.
    • + Customer can find the dealer either by city or Pincode from the Find Dealer section.