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    Magento 2 Marketplace Reverse Auction

    Magento 2 Marketplace Reverse Auction: This module allows the admin to leverage the customers of the store to place product requests. The admin in turn can allow auto-approval or even approve the product requests manually. The sellers, in the mean-time, can place a bid for the customers’ product requests. In turn, the customer can set the status of the seller’s bid requests as Approved, Lost, Ordered, Canceled, and Sold. Mail Notifications are sent to the seller as the customer alters the status of the sellers’ bid request. On finding the sellers bid price feasible, the customer can approve it and proceed to make a purchase.


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    Magento 2 Marketplace Reverse Auction: Reverse Auctions have proven with time to offer favorable pricing to the customers through a simple product request scenario. Such an auction is beneficial for the store owner as they get to integrate a strategic pricing tool withing their marketplaces which definitely enhances the sales and hence revenue generation of their stores.

    On one hand, it simplifies the sale process and with its strategic pricing scenario, drives more traffic and even creates a sense of competition amongst the customers.

    Using this module, one can offer and wide options in terms of pricing to the customers. The customers can place product requests for which the sellers can place a bid. If the customers find it feasible, they can approve the bid. This way the customers develop a sense of trust for your brand which affects your brand image, positively.

    Please Note - This is a marketplace add-on, so you must install Webkul's Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2 first.

    Highlighted Features

     Placing Product Requests Made Easier

    The customers can place product requests and the sellers can offer favorable pricing for that request.

     Auto-Approval of Customer Product Requests

    The admin has the leverage to auto-approve product requests and can even approve them manually.

     Mail Notifications

    The admin can set the mail notifications for various instances that take place during the reverse auction process.

     Viable Status of the Bid Requests

    The customer can set the sellers’ bid requests status as pending, approved, lost, ordered, canceled, and sold.

    Why do we need this module?

    Every online business revolves around customers! Indeed as that’s where the revenue comes from. So, it is very important to incorporate ways and means to fulfill the expectations that customers have from your brand.

    One such example is can be framed as follows. The customers are always attracted to discounted prices and tend to purchase products bearing low prices. When talking of the Reverse Auctions, we cannot call them as discount offering tool but they provide the leverage to the customers to request a feasible and a low price for a product.

    Likewise, this extension adds on to integrate the reverse auction tool within your marketplaces so as to provide a strategic and a favorable pricing scenario through the reverse auctions. Where on one hand, customers get to request the lowest price for a product, the admin and the sellers can generate some real sales and revenue for their stores.

    Integrating Reverse Auction with Magento 2

    The admin can incorporate the Marketplace Reverse Auction in order to offer favorable pricing for the products customers purchase.

    • The admin can enable auto-approval for product requests and even approve them manually.
    • The admin receives email notifications for product requests.
    • The sellers receive product requests notification mails when auto-approval is set as No.
    • The customers receive notification Mails on product request cancelation and product request approval.
    • The customers also receive mail when a seller places a bid.
    • Both the seller and the customer shall receive mails for the ongoing communication over the bid.
    • The sellers would receive notification mails on bid approval.
    Integrating Reverse Auction with Magento 2

    Administering Product Requests

    It is essential to mention that the admin cannot take part in the reverse auction process, but can view the customer requests and the buyer-seller conversation.

    • The admin can manage the customer product requests under marketplace management > reverse auction.
    • The list of customer product requests is present on the customer requests page.
    • The admin can approve or disapprove any product requests.
    • The complete detail is present View Bids > Bid List page.
    • On clicking view conversation, the admin will find the messages exchanged between the customer and seller.
    Administering Product Requests

    Responding to Customer Product Requests

    The sellers of the Marketplace receive the customer product requests in their respective panels and as per their requirement respond to the same.

    • The sellers will find the product requests under Manage Reverse Auction Request > Product Request’s Lists.
    • The sellers can click on View Request for a particular product request and view its details.
    • On clicking the place bid button for a particular request, the seller can place a bid response.
    • In the Place a Bid form, the product name and its price as requested by the customers are pre-filled.
    • The seller needs to fill in the details such as Bid Price and add messages if need be.
    Responding to Customer Product Requests

    Placing Product Requests

    This module is beneficial to the customers in a way that it ensures feasible and favorable pricing for products that they purchase.

    • The customers will find the sellers’ bid response under My Account > Auction Requests.
    • The customers can view requests, view bids, and even cancel product request if required.
    • As the customers view any bid, they will find bid details along with the seller name and bid amount.
    • The customers can change the status to pending, approved, lost, ordered, canceled, and sold.
    • If the customers set the status as lost, ordered, canceled, or sold, the conversation between the seller and customer shall terminate.
    • On approving a bid, the customer will find the add to cart button and can proceed to make a purchase.
    Placing Product Requests


    • The customers can place a product request for a product(s).
    • Images of the product while creating a request can be added by the customers.
    • Requested products can be either approved or disapproved by the admin.
    • The admin can allow auto-approval for product requests and even approve them manually.
    • The sellers of the marketplace can propose a bid price for the customer’s product request.
    • If need be, the customers can even cancel the product request.
    • The customer can change the status of the sellers’ bid response to Approved.
    • Other statuses include pending, lost, ordered, canceled, sold.
    • Along with placing the bid requests and responses, the seller and the customer can exchange messages as well.
    • The admin can view all the bids that sellers places and conversation over each bid.
    • Mails notifications as per the status of the product request are sent to the sellers and customers.


    For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here or send an email to [email protected]

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Which Magento 2 module offers a reverse auction feature for marketplaces?
    How to start a Freelancer Marketplace Website (Freelancer Marketplace Builder) offers the reverse auction feature for marketplaces.
     What is the major functionality of this module?
    It facilitates the customers to place product requests and in turn, the sellers can place a bid as a response to the customers’ product requests.
     What role will the store owner serve in the reverse auction process?
    The admin can auto approve or manually approve the product requests, assess and view the messages exchanged during the reverse auction process, but cannot take part in the reverse auction process.
     Can the admin alter the status of the product requests?
    The admin cannot perform any action on the product requests and also cannot alter their status.
     Who receives the mail notification during the reverse auction process?
    Both the seller and customers receive the mail notifications for various actions, for instance, as the customer approves the seller's bid, the seller would receive a mail and so on.
     How is this module beneficial for the customers?
    The customers can request a favorable price for a product If the sellers find it feasible, they approve it and customers can purchase it at a lower price, thus saving that extra penny.

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    Version 5.0.0-p1
    • - Fixed Layout issue.
    • - Fixed admin configuration scope issue and filter issues.
    • - Fixed PHP coding standard issues.
    Version 4.0.0-p1
    • - Fixed Layout issue.
    • - Fixed admin configuration scope issue and filter issues.
    • - Fixed PHP coding standard issues.
    Version 5.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x. CE
    Version 4.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x. EE
    Version 3.0.0
    • + Allows the customer to request a product.
    • + The admin can approve/disapprove the requested product.
    • + The admin can Enable/Disable Auto approval of customer request.
    • + The admin can enable/disable the module from system configuration.
    • + Sellers can bid for the requested product.
    • + Customers can cancel the request.
    • + Customers can approve/disapprove the bid place on the requested product.
    • + The Customer and seller can have the communication on the bids.
    • + The admin can view all the bids and conversations.
    • + Added translation csv file.