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    Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat

    Mobikul Zopim® Live Chat Addon enables integration of Zopim® live chat into the Mobikul Mobile App, facilitating fast and convenient communication between admins/agents and customers via the app.

    • The Admin can chat with customers and vice versa.

    • Help to build the fastest conversation between the admin/agents and customers.

    • Customers can chat with the admin/agents using their eCommerce mobile application.

    • Admin can chat with customers and vice versa.

    Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat
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    Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat: This Addon is meant to build a communication bridge between admin and customer. This integration with the Zopim® live chat in the Mobikul Mobile App builder can make the mobile app smarter. It eradicates the glitches caused by miscommunications.

    Hence, with this instant chat system, the customer can ask queries, provide feedback, raise new demands, and much more to the store owner. This tool can thus, can play a major role in building great user experience and saves the time of both store owners and customers.

    Note: To use this addon, you must have our Mobikul Mobile App Builder. Also, a Zopim® Chat/Zendesk Chat Account.

    Highlighted Features of Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat

     Real-Time Synchronized Chat System

    This express chat system allows the customer and admin to share the messages instantly.

     Email Chat Logs

    The customer can save the transcripts of the chat by emailing it to the registered mail id.

     Connectivity Between Customer and Admin

    The customer can now easily connect with the admin on any issue or provide the feedback with this chat system.

     Agent Unavailable Message

    The customer can get notified if the agents are not available to answer the queries.

    Why use Zopim Chat service in the Mobile application?

    The Instant Zopim chat system in the mobile application allows the customer and admin to communicate. This instant chat system allows the customer to raise the query and receive feedback from them. It helps in the establishment of a perfect support system for the customers. This allows the establishment of a good customer relationship.

    Instant Chat Integration

    This chat system offers an instant chat between Customer and Admin. The customers will just have to tap a single menu option in their mobile app to directly start chatting with the admin/agents. The chat system can be integrated into all Mobikul Mobile app builder.

    Instant Chat Integration

    Communication Medium

    Often it is seen that customers tend to leave the website when they can not get answers to there queries. This instant chat system resolves such issues. The e-Commerce mobile app created on the Open Source platform could be integrated with the Zopim chat via this add-on.

    It will help to connect admin with customers. Customers can start a chat using the e-commerce mobile application.

    • Real-time Chat between admin and customer on the native app.
    • Customers can use the Mobikul mobile application to chat whereas the admin will revert from the Zopim Server Request section.
    • Customers can end the chat session whenever required.
    • Encourages faster query resolution.
    Communication Medium

    Transcription Could Be Mailed

    Additionally, the customer has an edge to save the history of the chat. The customer could receive the transcript of the chat. Ending the session brings another dialog box that asks – if the customer wishes to email the transcript of this chat to their email address. Thus helping them to-

    • Record the proof of the chat.
    • Easy to share chat history via mail to other people.
    • Avoiding any sort of confusion among the agent and customers.
    • Simple send button on the chat on session end pop-up will allow mailing of the transcripts.
    Transcription Could Be Mailed

    Time-saving Support

    This chat system is a time-saving solution wherein it accelerates the communication procedure.

    It allows the customer to multi-task along with other tasks and not waste time explaining the issues to the support team.

    • Reduction of bounce rate with the application's chat feature.
    • Improvised customer satisfaction.
    • 24*7 connectivity with customer and admin.
    Time-saving Support


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released6 years ago
    Last UpdatedNovember 30, 2023 (5 months ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  PrestaShop  OpenCart  CS-Cart  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the customer communicate when the admin is not available?
    The customer can leave a message about the query when the admin/agents are offline.
     Is it supported on all Mobikul Mobile apps?
    Yes, the integration supports all Mobikul Mobile apps all you need is to pay for this integration and inform us.
     Are the chats synchronized in real-time?
    Yes, the chats are synchronized in real-time to allow both admin and customer to chat easily without miscommunication.
     Can the customer get the transcript to save the history of the chat?
    The customer can simply mail the chat transcript to save it for future reference.
     How it helps the store owner to build a good customer relationship?
    This instant chat system is best to resolve any queries asked by the customer quickly. Thus, leading to the building of a healthy and efficient chat system.

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