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    Odoo EU Captcha Integration

    Odoo EU Captcha provides a sense of security and confidence to a running Business on the Odoo Website from hackers and spammers.

    • Differentiate Between Human and Bot Entities.

    • Protect from spammers

    • Captcha for Login In / Sign Up Pages

    • Captcha for Reset Password Page

    • Captcha for Checkout Page

    • Image Rotation and Alpha Numeric Captchas as options

    • Easy Enable / Disable Options

    • Multi-Language Captchas option

    Odoo EU Captcha Integration Odoo EU Captcha Integration Odoo EU Captcha Integration Odoo EU Captcha Integration Odoo EU Captcha Integration Odoo EU Captcha Integration Odoo EU Captcha Integration Odoo EU Captcha Integration
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    Prevent Spammers of your Odoo Website With Odoo EU Captcha!

    Odoo EU Captcha helps a business filter and protect its online business from spammer bots and potential hackers. Bot spamming is the most common practice for illegal activities and exploiting Business Websites and their data.

    Bots Cannot Read the encrypted captcha code that a human can read and use for authentication in the Business Website. Thus, because of this difference, the EU Captcha separated the bots to exploit the business and provide a sense of security.

    You can also check Shopping Assistant(Odoo Chatbot) Open Source, which can help resolve Customer queries swiftly, enhancing a better customer experience.

    Odoo EU Captcha

     Why do we need Odoo EU Captcha?

    Like any other Captcha in the world, The Odoo EU Captcha can be used to protect The Odoo Website for Businesses. Its Easy Integration, Switchable features, and Multi-language options allow users and customers to use it to give reliability to users on their Odoo Business Website.

    The Module offers verification at the point of the checkout process, which allows users to verify their choices of selection of products. After confirmation, the process can move to the Next Pages of the Odoo Website.

    To upgrade the payment methods for your Business Website, you can also add Odoo Website Paytm Payment Acquirer.

     Highlighted Features of Odoo EU Captcha

     Multiple Language Option for Verification

    • The module offers multiple languages for the customer to select and get a captcha according to their understanding.

     Options for Captcha type

    • It allows the users to select the type of captchas they want to offer the customers as an Alpha Numeric or an Image Rotation type.

     Switchable Captcha from Odoo

    • The option allows the users to Enable / Disable the Captcha on their Odoo.

     Captcha for Log In / Log Out

    • The Module offers Captchas for the login and Sign-up procedure to protect businesses from potential hackers and spammers on the internet.

     Captcha for Password Reset

    • The Odoo EU Captcha also verifies the user is a human while changing the password.

     Captcha for Checkout Page

    • The Module allows the Customers to verify themselves with their respective items for order and get the confirmation to process further.

     Proceed after the Verifications

    • Odoo EU Captcha prevents spam and verifies human users before allowing them to proceed on the website.

     Improving Security Measures

    • Using Captcha along with the password for verifications is the best way to increase the security level of the Odoo Website.

     Ensures global security standards:

    Provide security from hackers and bots like any other captcha used across the Globe.

    • It allows users to get security on their Odoo Business Websites.
    • It separates bots to read the encrypted codes provided, as they cannot do so.
    • The Special Encrypted codes are meant to be human-readable.
    • When the module verifies the customer as a human entity, it only allows them to go for further processes on the Odoo Business Website.
    Ensures global security standards

     Easy to Integrate and Flexible:

    Odoo EU Captcha Allows easy integration for the users on their Odoo Business website.

    • It allows users to Enable / Disable the options on the Odoo Backend of the Module as needed.
    • The module allows the users to Choose the type of Captchas used on the Odoo Business Website.
    • The module offers Captcha type as Alpha Numeric and Image Rotation for verification.
    • Customers can choose the language of their choice for the Captcha during the verification process.
    Easy to Integrate and Flexible

     Verification at Essential steps:

    The Odoo EU Captcha can also used to authenticate the user and verify the Selected Item as an order.

    • Captcha above authentication of Customers also helps to verify the selected item while placing the order.
    • It can display Captcha on the checkout page of the Odoo Business website and, when verified can process the order to the next step.
    • Such confirmation protects from security and allows the business as a customer to be sure of their placed orders On the Odoo Website.
    • Other Than the Checkout Page, it helps verify the Login/SignUp and password reset pages of the Odoo Website.
    Verification at Essential steps:


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released2 months ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsTool
    Last UpdatedMay 2, 2024 (2 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     Does it support Multiple Languages for Captcha codes?
    Yes. Odoo EU Captcha allows the multi-language for customers.
     Does it have an image Rotation option?
    Yes. It allows the option of Image Rotation
     Is it allowed to use a captcha while checking out the Page of the product?
    Yes. It allows the captcha for verification on the product Check Out Page.
     Does it give email alerts when detecting illegal activity?
    No. The module does not give email alerts.
     Does the module allow the captcha while password reset?
    Yes. The module allows the Captcha verification while password reset.

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