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    Odoo POS Advance Screen

    Odoo POS Advance Screen for multiple screen management!

    • It allows you to configure kitchen, review, and cart screens from a single module.

    • You can enter the configuration for each of them based on your need.

    • The Odoo app merges the functionality of multiple screens into one for centralized management.

    • It helps boost effectiveness and improves management.

    • The module helps simplify the work and operation of the kitchen, customer cart, and review screens.


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    Improve visibility and get centralized management with Odoo POS Advance Screen!

    Having a secondary display in POS can help the user in various ways. They can help manage operations for different sections of a store or restaurant. These displays can help you show customers the cart items, take reviews, or send an order to the kitchen screen.

    Odoo POS Advance Screen combines the POS Kitchen, review, and cart screens into a single module. It assists you in the centralized and efficient management of all the POS screens. The Odoo app offers complete functionalities of all the mentioned modules.

    You can use these modules based on your requirements for any of them. It offers configuration for each screen individually, and you can configure different screens for different POS sessions. It has all screen data clubbed in a single menu to help in the efficient and convenient management of all of them.

    Odoo POS Advance Screen

     Benefits of Odoo POS Advance Screen

    • The Odoo app streamlines the process of screen creation and order processing to reduce delays and enhance the shopping or dining experience.
    • It can control all three screens in one place, which makes communication more effective for the kitchen, customers, and review.
    • It helps customize the review and cart screens to promote the brand or store.
    • The review screen assists in gathering feedback that can aid in improving the services.
    • Custom URLs make it easier to launch screens conveniently and quickly for easier access.

     Odoo POS Advance Screen Features

    Configuring POS Advance Screen

    • The Odoo app permits configuring all three screens simultaneously in the same POS session.
    • You can set up the kitchen, review, and cart screens with their unique URL and information.

     Odoo POS Kitchen Screen

    • It enhances the kitchen screen to help manage the order in real-time.
    • POS Kitchen screen aids to get updates about every order from the kitchen screen.
    • You can check the stage change of all orders and notify the chef about the order.

    POS Customer Cart Screen

    • You can add an attractive banner and title for the customer cart screen.
    • You can update the cart items in real time and show them to customers while placing an order.
    • It shows a cart screen without any POS/IOT box.

     POS Customer Review Screen

    • You can add the desired title and image to make the review screen more appealing.
    • It allows you to get customer ratings and feedback.
    • You can check the details of every review from the Odoo backend.

    Launching the Screens

    • Launch each screen separately at once using the URLs.
    • The POS user can access each screen and launch it as needed.

     Checking Data from the Odoo Backend

    • The Odoo app can access and check the kitchen cart, and review screen data in the POS backend.
    • You can further see their details to get clarity about them.

    Using Customer Review Screen

    • Select the screen type to configure it in the backend.
    • Choose the POS session for which you want to configure the screen.
    • Add the welcome screen heading and sub-heading to display the message.
    • You can also add a message to display on the review screen.
    • Add an image to display on the review screen background.
    • Customer can add their review and feedback from the review screen.
    • The submitted review is recorded in the Odoo backend in the review section.
    Review Screen

     Displaying Cart Screen

    Cart Screen
    • Add a banner for the cart display screen.
    • Add a heading, sub-heading, and welcome message for the cart screen.
    • Customers get to view their entire order on the cart screen.
    • You can select when to show items on the cart screen.
    • Customers can check the total and tax on the product.
    • Also, the screen shows the discount applied to the order.
    • Customers can check the quantity, product name, image, and item count on the screen.

    Managing POS Kitchen Screen

    • Configure a kitchen screen to be used with your Odoo restaurant/bar.
    • Add the display URL (can be generated automatically on saving).
    • Add the allowed POS to use the Kitchen screen.
    • You can select the categories to show on the Kitchen Screen.
    • Define the color of accepted, threshold, and pending order color.
    • You can also add max order duration in seconds.
    • Check order status and number of orders in the Odoo backend.
    • View all the orders and their details. Also, you can mark them partially or completely done.
    Kitchen Screen

    Odoo POS Advance Screen

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo POS Advance Screen.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE. Also, check our extensive range of Odoo Apps.


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released7 months ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 6, 2023 (5 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  16.x  17.x  
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