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    Odoo POS Credit Limit

    Odoo POS Credit Limit module allows customers to purchase on credit, increasing sales. It helps in easy business management, cash inflow/outflow, and credit limit settings and warnings.

    • The Odoo app allows you to specify Credit limits for POS customers.

    • You can control a customer credit limit from the backend.

    • Show warning popups in the POS session.

    • It allows you to configure various credit limits.

    • It permits customers to avail of credit limits in Odoo POS.


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    Restrict credits with Odoo POS Credit Limit!

    Odoo POS Credit Limit allows customers to purchase on credit is a good idea to increase sales. However, you must manage customer credit limits for easy and efficient business management, especially in Point of Sale.

    With that, you need to calculate credit sales to manage the cash inflow and outflow of your business. Also, it allows customers to buy more quantity or better quality. It permits you to allot and manage the customer credit limit.

    The backend also allows different settings to hold, limit, and restrict (on discount) customer credit. On crossing the credit limit, the user will get a warning about it and will not be allowed to transact from their account.

    Note:- If you want to track the due amount by any customer to improve the monitoring and tracking of payments in your business, then Odoo Customer Credit Limit is only for you.

    Odoo POS Credit Limit

     Why do we need the POS Credit Limit module?

    We need the Odoo POS Credit Limit module because this module is essential for businesses to manage customer credit purchases, increase sales, and configure credit limits. It allows easy cash inflow or outflow, provides warnings, and provides a feature to manage a customer credit limit from the backend.

    Note:-The Odoo POS Partial Payment module allows customers to make partial payments instead of paying the entire amount at the POS end.

     Highlighted Features of Odoo POS Credit Limit

     Setting up POS Credit Limit

    • Specify the credit limit for a customer from the backend. And tick a box to hold the credit capacity of a customer.

     Various Popup Messages

    • The Odoo apps let you configure multiple popups for credit limit exceed, credit hold, and discounted order credit hold.

     Showing Credit Limit

    • The POS session displays a warning popup to users when a customer's credit limit is over.

     Introduces Credit Management in Odoo

    • The Odoo app now features a credit limit tab in the Odoo POS customer profile, allowing for the setting of unique limits for different customers.

     Configuring Credit Limit

    The Odoo POS credit limit allows admins to configure and manage customer credit limits, add conditions, hold limits, restrict them for discounted items, and manage them from the backend.

    • Configure a credit limit for each customer.
    • Set up each customer's credit limit separately.
    • Add different credit limits or conditions for each customer.
    • Hold a credit limit for a customer from their profile.
    • Restrict credit limit if the order contains discounted items.
    Configuring Credit Limit

     Warning Popups in the POS Session

    The POS session displays warning popups when an order exceeds the credit limit, contains discounted items, and does not affect cash or bank transactions.

    • Based on the backend configuration, the POS session shows warning popups.
    • It shows a warning popup when an order exceeds the allotted credit limit.
    • Similarly, it shows a popup when an order contains a discounted item(s).
    • It displays a warning popup on the credit hold of a customer.
    • The restriction only works when the customer pays with their accounts.
    • Cash or bank transactions are not affected by this module.
    • It adds the convenience of managing creditors of a company.
    Warning Popups in the POS Session


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released1 month ago
    Last UpdatedJune 3, 2024 (15 days ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     What is the Odoo POS Credit Limit & how does it work?
    It lets customers buy now and pay later at the Point of sale. It sets limits on how much credit each customer can use, and it warns when they go over.
     How can I set credit limits for customers using the Odoo app?
    You can set credit limits for customers by going to the Odoo app's backend. From there, you can choose the limit for each customer and even pause their credit if needed.
     Can I configure multiple warning popups for different credit limit scenarios?
    Yes, you can customize warnings in the Odoo app for different situations. Whether it is exceeding the credit limit, holding credit, or discounts affecting credit.
     How does Odoo POS Credit Limit help manage cash flow in business?
    It tracks credit sales, ensuring customers don't overspend. This helps businesses control their money flow better and plan.
     Is it possible to manage a customer credit limit from the backend?
    Yes, you can temporarily pause a customer's credit from the backend of the Odoo app. It's a useful feature if someone needs to take a break from credit purchases.

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