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    Odoo POS Live Chat

    Communicate with users via Odoo POS Live Chat!

    • The Odoo app introduces the live chat feature in the Odoo POS.

    • Users can chat with multiple POS users at once in real time.

    • The module allows sending text, emoji, files, and images in the chat.

    • It also permits editing messages of the live chat.

    • The Odoo app facilitates conveying messages to users internally.

    Odoo POS Live Chat Odoo POS Live Chat Odoo POS Live Chat Odoo POS Live Chat Odoo POS Live Chat Odoo POS Live Chat Odoo POS Live Chat Odoo POS Live Chat
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    Convey messages efficiently with Odoo POS Live Chat!

    Internal chat support is beneficial in a lot of ways. It helps users save time as they don’t have to switch platforms, aids in building a positive organizational culture, improve team coordination and teamwork, and helps improve customer experience.

    Odoo POS Live Chat helps enhances the efficiency of POS by adding a live chat feature. Also, the POS user can chat internally with other users using this module. In addition, the Odoo app supports images, emojis, and pdfs sharing in the chat. The users can also edit the message with the pencil icon.

    Odoo POS Live Chat

     Odoo POS Live Chat Features

    Introduces Live Chat in the Odoo POS

    • The module allows the users to communicate with other users internally.
    • Live chat helps them address problems immediately.

     POS Live Chat Features

    • The Live chat further provides the option to share emoji, images, and pdf files via the chat.
    • Users can edit the sent messages by using the pencil icon or can even add a reaction to it.
    • They can delete or download the attachments from the chat.

    Using the Chat Feature

    • POS Users can access the messages with the provided icon in the POS header.

     Add New User in the POS Chat

    • The Odoo App adds new user chat by searching and messaging them.
    • The chatter opens separate chat boxes so you can chat with multiple users at once.

    Using the Live Chat for Communication

    • Adds a Live chat icon in the Odoo POS.
    • It allows users to communicate with other POS users.
    • It helps the POS users to discuss problems or issues internally.
    • Message any POS user using the new message option inside the live chat icon.
    • A User can chat with multiple users at once in real-time.
    • Send emoji and images in the chat to users.
    • They can edit the sent messages in the chatter window.
    POS Live Chat

     Effortless communication with Live Chat

    Live Chat
    • It helps convey messages efficiently to other users.
    • Users can share pdf files over chat.
    • They can edit or delete the messages from the chatter.
    • Users can download the chatter messages such as pdf or attached files in their system.
    • Users can also identify if other users are online or offline by status light (green or red).
    • They can also view the message time in the chatter.
    • It helps smoothen the process of communication in Odoo POS.

    Odoo POS Live Chat

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo POS Live Chat.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released1 year ago
    Last UpdatedJune 12, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  16.x  
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