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    Odoo POS Pharmacy Management

    Odoo POS Pharmacy Management helps you turn your POS into a complete pharmacy.

    • It allows you to add manufacturers, diseases, salts, usage, side effects, etc.

    • The module provides a separate configuration for the dispensary.

    • It adds an advanced filter to search for products in the POS.


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    Odoo POS Pharmacy Management makes running a pharmacy easier!

    Odoo POS Pharmacy management module updates the interface to help manage the pharmacy better. It also adds a pharmacy menu to the Odoo POS.

    It helps with keeping track of inventory and integrating smoothly with other systems. With this module, you can easily add details about medicines, like who makes them, their ingredients, their usage, any side effects, and warnings.

    The module also makes the user interface better. You can set up how you want things to work using Odoo's backend. Manage your stock effectively in your POS with the Odoo POS Stock module.

    Odoo POS Pharmacy Management

     Why do we need Odoo POS Pharmacy Management?

    It provides a feature for prescription-required orders, stock management, sales, and profit dashboard.

    You can trace customer information for pharmacies. It improves consumer satisfaction, boosts effectiveness, and assures compliance in the pharmacy sector.

    Note - Now you manage your queue easily with the Odoo Queue Management module

      Highlighted features of Odoo POS Pharmacy Management

    Adding a medicine

    • At the backend, you can create medicine & provide information about uses, side effects, salt units, and salt substitutes.

     Advanced Search

    • You can search and get the exact medicine required by entering the details through the advanced search.

    User-Friendly interface

    • Helps in sorting and filtering out products and smoothens the process.

     Manage Settings

    • It lets you change the settings to include or exclude various pharmacy-related components.

    Integrate medical details

    • It adds information about the medication. Cause illnesses, manufacturers, salts, side effects, use, etc.

     Display medication details

    • This feature helps users to access and view medication details on the POS frontend.

    Quickpay payment

    • The module lets you add the Quickpay option for a smooth payment process.

     Add Expiry Dates

    • Manage out-of-date medications or track medication expiration dates.

    Review & search

    • Explore alternative medicine options to find a suitable medication.

     Default Product View

    • Choose the grid and list view for your default Odoo POS product display.

    Show Product Images

    • The module displays product images in the order line (if configured from the backend).

     Clear Shopping Cart

    • The Odoo app allows emptying/deleting the cart at once. Or you can even remove individual product lines as well.


    • This initiative marks certain medications as "prescription only" to focus on medical guidelines.

     Setting the POS color

    • Select the desired color from the palette. You can apply the color that matches your store theme.

    Adding a doctor

    • This module allows you to add doctors to orders. You can display doctor names.

     Add products easily

    • Add medicine by drag and drop to the cart.

    Create medications in Odoo POS.

    You can create different medicines as products with the POS pharmacy management module.

    • The module is used to create medicines from the backend.
    • We can check the medication stock from the backend.
    • Activate the checkbox next to "Is a pharma product"
    • Create the pharmacy tab to manage medication details.
    • Specify the manufacturer and salt substitutes.
    • Enable “Manage multi UOM-Price
    • Enter storage and safety instructions for a medicine.
    Creating Medicinal Product

     Setting up POS pharmacy management

    Pharmacy Management Configuration

    POS pharmacy management allows customized settings to enhance customer service.

    • You can activate or deactivate pharmacy management.
    • You can use this module to make various settings yourself.
    • You have the option of selecting the standard product view.
    • Delete a product, display a product image, activate regularity, etc.
    • Set the POS color according to your theme and specifications.
    • Add a Quickpay button for quick payments.
    • Add an advanced search bar so you can filter and sort content.

    Improved Odoo POS pharmacy interface

    The improved Odoo POS pharmacy interface offers more visual appeal and functionality.

    • The module makes the standard point of sale look better.
    • Switch between menus and views with a single click.
    • Click to open the second customer screen.
    • Use the "Delete" button to remove an order line or cart.
    • It has an Info button to show the medicinal product’s detail.
    • You can check the POS order in the backend.
    POS Pharmacy Management


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released1 year ago
    Last UpdatedJune 12, 2024 (5 days ago)
    Supported Versions15.x  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     How does this module integrate with Odoo POS?
    POS pharmacies can customize odoo modules with integration according to their needs.
     Is it compliant with legal requirements?
    Yes, this module handles outdated drugs, which helps you follow legal formality.
     How can I access my sale history for refunds or taxes?
    Yes, customers can view sale history, receipts, and bills through the customer portal.
     Can I manage my product catalog and inventory using this module?
    Yes, you can handle your product catalog and get alerts about the product being out of stock.
     Can it track the expiration date of medicines and products?
    Yes, the module generates alerts so you can timely take action to avoid expired inventory.

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