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    Odoo Website Product Visibility

    Odoo Website Product Visibility allows to restrict product visibility on their website by only searching or listing categories. It also allows adjustments for both searching & category visibility & can be used to hide products.

    • Easily control how products appear.

    • Improve website search rankings.

    • Boost sales with better visibility.

    • Show products only when searched.

    • Limit visibility of products only on categories.

    • Hide products as needed.

    • Manage visibility settings efficiently.


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    Manage your product visibility on the website with Odoo!

    Odoo Website Product Visibility Module lets businesses decide where their products display on their websites. You can select product visibility in specific categories, show them in search results, or hide them altogether.

    It helps admins control how customers see products, making it easier for customers to find what they want. It also helps with SEO by keeping links working and improving search rankings. It is the best tool for businesses that want to improve their online stores and sell more by making products easy to find.

    Note: The Odoo Multi Website Module simplifies the creation of multiple websites on a single Odoo database, eliminating the need for separate management.

    Odoo Website Product Visibility

     Why do we need module Odoo Website Product Visibility ?

    Odoo Website Product Visibility Module helps businesses decide how their products are visible on their websites. It makes it simple for customers to find products and boosts the website's ranking on search engines by preventing broken links.

    Admins can pick from options like "Search Only," "Category Only," "Both (Search & Category)," and "Not Visible Individually" to adjust how products are visible.

    Note: The Odoo Website product collections offer a convenient platform for customers to view all available items, while sellers can enhance customer shopping and cart value.

     Highlighted Features of Odoo Website Product Visibility

     Easy for Search Engines

    • The Odoo Website Product Visibility helps your odoo website show up better on search engines like Google.

     Visibility By Only Searching or Category

    • You can restrict the visibility of your product by only searching or listing on the categories page.

     Limit Website Products

    • You can hide products on the website, and those products are displayed only on the packaged items.

     Visibility On Both Searching and Categories

    • Set visibility for both categories and search panels, as well as on the product page & home page.

     Visible In Search Only

    The person in charge can easily control whether products show up on the website by picking a visibility option with the help of Odoo Website Product Visibility.

    • You can pick "Search Only" for product visibility.
    • This means the product will only appear when someone searches for it.
    • It won't show up on the main page or in any categories.
    • Choosing product visibility on Odoo's website helps make the customer experience better.
    Visible In Search Only

     Display Products Only on Category Pages

    Make it easier for the admin to control which products are visible on the website by picking a visibility option.

    • You can choose product visibility as “Category Only”.
    • Now, the Products will only be visible in the product category.
    • The product is not visible on the search panel.
    • But the product is visible on the home page and product page.
    Display Products Only on Category Pages

     Show Product In Both (Search & Category)

    Admin can easily manage the visibility of products on the website according to availability or preferences by choosing an option of visibility.

    • You can choose product visibility as “Both (Search & category).”
    • Now, the Product will be visible in both product categories and search panels.
    • The product is also visible on the product page and home page.
    • It will help in improving the SEO of your website.
    Show Product In Both (Search & Category)

     Limit Your Products On Website

    You can easily hide your product from the website and show that particular product only in the packaged product.

    • You can hide particular products from the website.
    • Admin can sell hidden products within a package.
    • The inventory of hidden products is manageable at the backend.
    • Admin has to select this “NOT VISIBLE INDIVIDUALLY” option.
    • Hidden products are not available for individual purchase.
    Limit Your Products On Website


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released1 month ago
    Last UpdatedJune 12, 2024 (8 days ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     What does the Odoo Website Product Visibility module do?
    This tool helps you decide how your products appear on your website so that people can easily find them.
     How does it improve website search rankings?
    Arranging your products well and showing up where people want them helps your website appear higher in search results.
     How does it make products easy to find?
    It lets you choose options like "Search Only," "Category Only," "Both (Search & Category)," and "Not Visible Individually" to make sure your products are visible where customers want them.
     How does it boost sales with better visibility?
    If people can easily find and see your products, they are more likely to buy them, which means more sales for you.
     Can products be shown when searched?
    Yes, if you select "Search Only," your products will only show up when someone searches for them, making it easier for them to find what they need.

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