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    Odoo Website Schedule Meetings

    Meeting management with Odoo Website Schedule Meetings!

    • The Odoo app allows you to schedule a meeting from the backend.

    • It permits defining the duration, days, time, etc., of meetings.

    • You can add multiple partners in meetings while creating.

    • The Odoo app provides a 'Smart Control' button to check events scheduled in the template.

    • You can add custom questions to an event for scheduling.

    • The system automatically asks the preset question while scheduling an event.

    Odoo Website Schedule Meetings Odoo Website Schedule Meetings Odoo Website Schedule Meetings Odoo Website Schedule Meetings Odoo Website Schedule Meetings Odoo Website Schedule Meetings Odoo Website Schedule Meetings Odoo Website Schedule Meetings
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    Odoo Website Schedule Meetings for Simplified Scheduling!

    Meetings are an integral part of any organization. They help in internal communication as well as for various other purposes. According to Zippia meeting statistics, around 55 million meetings are scheduled weekly and 1 billion annually. Additionally, the average time spent in a meeting per person is 3 hours per week.

    Odoo Website Schedule Meetings enhances, simplifies, and streamlines your meeting scheduling process. The module allows you to manage meetings and optimize your employees’ efficiency. Additionally, it helps in efficient time management for employees. And it makes attendees aware of the meetings.

    The Odoo app provides multiple meeting schedule options within the set time frame. You can define meeting days, attendees, time, and your signature while creating the meeting.

    Odoo Website Schedule Meetings

     Odoo Website Schedule Meetings Features

    Meeting Scheduling from Frontend

    • The module allows you to create a meeting schedule in Odoo.
    • The meeting creator can add various details for scheduling a meeting.

     Creating a Meeting Template

    • You can create a template for scheduling meetings in Odoo.
    • It sent invite links to attendees and other users based on the created meeting template.

    Adding Meeting Details

    • Specify the meeting duration, timing, and day of the meeting while creating a meeting schedule.
    • The Odoo app allows you to create and add attendees from the invite link.

     Schedule Meetings with Smart Control

    • It introduces a ‘Smart Control’ button to check the number of events scheduled in any template in the Odoo backend.
    • You can add a custom question to a mandatory event to be answered while performing an event schedule.

    Creating an Event for Scheduling Meetings

    • Enter the name, choose the color, and add the event description of the event (meeting event).
    • Add duration cap for meeting schedule between the allotted time.
    • Specify the days and times during which a meeting can be scheduled.
    • Add start time increment for any scheduled meetings.
    • The Odoo app automatically generates the event link on saving the meeting schedule.
    • Add at least a custom question that the scheduler must answer to create a meeting.
    • Fix the meeting duration according to which the given timeslot will be divided.
    Creating Meeting Schedule

     Scheduling Meetings from the Frontend

    • You can add multiple attendees to a meeting and send an invite to them.
    • You need to enter the hostname and email address to schedule the meeting.
    • The Odoo app also allows stating the meeting agenda in the description box.
    • Add your signature while creating a meeting schedule.
    • All the attendees will receive a meeting invite link in their email.
    • Your meeting will be scheduled once you answer the question.
    • You will get the meeting details on the screen after it is created.

    Odoo Website Schedule Meetings

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Website Schedule Meetings.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


    Product Version
    Released8 months ago
    Last UpdatedSeptember 25, 2023 (7 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  16.x  
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