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    Odoo Website Shop the Look

    Short Description

    Elevate style with Odoo Website Shop the Look!

    • The Odoo app centralizes and simplifies the configuration from the menu.

    • Add extra images for the lookbook products on the website.

    • Create and add multiple looks with related products.

    • The Odoo admin can display related products on the lookbook.

    • It adds the entire look and the selected quantity to the cart.


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    Define style with Odoo Website Shop the Look!

    The online shopping industry is expanding year by year at a fast pace. The fashion industry market size is expected to touch the $4 trillion mark by the end of 2023. Moreover, there are around 12-24 million online or eCommerce stores worldwide. Additionally, an average eCommerce site earns about $330 million in monthly revenue by the end of 12 months.

    Odoo Website Shop the Look enriches the customers’ shopping experience on the Odoo website. The Odoo app enables you to create product combinations of a style/look to cater to customers’ demands. It helps customers find matching decor, tech gadgets, office essentials, clothing, and more. The Shop the Look feature also adds a new menu on the Odoo website. This menu lets users can access all the looks available on the website.

    Additionally, the Odoo app elevates the overall shopping experience with a seamless shop-the-look feature.

    Odoo Website Shop the Look

     Odoo Website Shop the Look Features

    Adds Shop the Look Configuration in Odoo

    • Few simple steps to configure the module in Odoo.
    • You can add the desired banner image, text, select display type, etc. while configuring Lookbook.

     Adding LookBook Menu

    • The Odoo app adds a Menu ‘LookBook’ on the Odoo website and backend.
    • The added menu contains all the configured look available to customers for purchase.

    Selecting the Desired LookBook View

    • The Odoo app lets you choose the desired view for the product from the grid, carousel, and fixed ones.

     Extra Image and Related Products

    • The Odoo admin can add multiple related products according to the look and add numerous images relating to the same.

    Introduce Look for the LookBook

    • You can create different lookbooks in the backend to be displayed on the website.

     Adding Related Products to the Cart

    • Adding a look to the cart will automatically add all the related products to the cart.

    Introduced Hotspot in Lookbook

    • Create a hotspot for all products in the lookbook which shows icons on available products.

     Added Hotspot Hover

    • Added hotspot shows the product’s enlarged image and price on hover.

    Shopping the Look in Odoo

    • The Odoo app adds a Lookbook menu on the Odoo website.
    • The menu list down all the ‘Shop the Look’ styles.
    • You can use the module for multiple industries like decor, tech gadgets, office essentials, etc.
    • Explore any look with a click of a button.
    • Choose the desired quantity of every item.
    • Have an appealing banner with a catchphrase to attract attention.
    • Adds the entire look to the cart with just a click.
    Shop the Look

     Configuring Shop the Look

    Configuring Shop the Look
    • Simple and convenient configuration with few steps.
    • Add banner image and banner text (catchphrase) on the website.
    • Choose the product display view from the available one (Carousal, grid, list).
    • It adds a lookbook menu in the backend to create a look.
    • Configure Lookbook and add related products to it.
    • Add multiple images for a lookbook from the Odoo backend.
    • Configure which lookbook to show on the Odoo website from the backend.

    Odoo Website Shop the Look

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Website Shop the Look.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


    Product Version1.0.1
    Released7 months ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 7, 2023 (4 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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