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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    Opencart B2B Marketplace

    Opencart B2B Marketplace converts Opencart into a B2B marketplace like Alibaba, and Indiamart, with robust features.

    • Allows admin to add prefix with vendor’s sub-domain.

    • Admin can set commission for the sellers.

    • The vendor can have their own sub-domain.

    • The Seller can see the group user list.

    • The customers can post answers to the questions.

    • Seller will have own dashboard to manage orders.

    Also available for Opencart version 3.x.x.x
    Opencart B2B Marketplace Opencart B2B Marketplace Opencart B2B Marketplace Opencart B2B Marketplace Opencart B2B Marketplace Opencart B2B Marketplace Opencart B2B Marketplace Opencart B2B Marketplace Opencart B2B Marketplace Opencart B2B Marketplace
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    Opencart B2B Marketplace - The Opencart B2B Marketplace module turns your Opencart store into a full B2B marketplace, complete with customer groups, separate seller product collections. It also supports features such as quote requests, product query responses, and much more.

    Both the admin and the sellers have the opportunity to bulk upload products. Customers may also submit quote requests (RFQ) for both the admin and the seller's current and custom products. Customers can also ask/post questions about a product and obtain a response with a like or dislike option.

    The Opencart marketplace vendors will have their own vendor sub-domain, which will be provided by the admin. Profile, category, compare, maker, product, search, and special pages will all work with the separate vendor domain.

    Please Note -

    • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
    • Opencart B2B Marketplace module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.
    Opencart B2B Marketplace

    Highlighted Features

     Separate User Groups

    In the B2B type of structure, there are multiple entities that interact with each other. To allow exclusive rights they divided into groups.

     Pre-built Email Template

    The admin can create emails as per templates for Marketplace which will be used, according to Admin selection.

     Default Image

    Admin can set a default display image. This is used in which sellers don’t upload their image on the profile or other places then this image will be used.

     Commission configuration

    The setting with regard to commission can be done from the admin end. Where the admin defines the computation of commission will be on a fixed or percentage basis.

     Lower stock product alert

    The admin can enable the lower stock notification alert along with the range of lower stock.

     Layout Specification

    The admin can layout of the pages as it will appear in the front end.

     Upload Multiple Products At A Time

    Both the admin as well as sellers can upload/update the products in bulk using CSV, XML and XLS files(in zip format only).

     Request For Quotations

    The customer can request a quotation for the products of both the sellers and admin. The customers can send a quotation request for both existing as well as custom products.

     Vendor Sub-domain

    This allows the admin to provide the functionality to have a separate vendor sub-domain for the marketplace vendors.

     Post Question Answer

    The customer can post the questions for a particular product and receive their answers with like or dislike option. The customers can also post an answer to any question.

    Why do we need Opencart B2B Marketplace?

    OpenCart B2B Marketplace is essential because it provides businesses with a platform to efficiently conduct B2B transactions, streamline operations, and expand their reach. For example, a manufacturing company can use OpenCart B2B Marketplace to connect with distributors and wholesalers, enabling them to showcase their products, manage bulk orders, negotiate pricing, and automate order processing.

    This centralized platform simplifies complex B2B processes, reduces manual tasks, and enhances collaboration between businesses, ultimately boosting productivity and profitability in the B2B ecosystem.

    Opencart B2B Marketplace- Admin Management

    The admin can configure the module as per their need. Opencart B2B marketplace is a very helpful module. For configuring the B2B Marketplace module admin has to set following fields:

    • Default mail to receive notifications.
    • 'Become a partner/vendor' option for the customer at the registration page.
    • Commission to be received from the seller for product purchase.
    • “Become a multi-user customer” option for the customer.
    • Approval for Partner/ Product.
    • The seller can manage the order status.
    • A partner can change order status.
    • The customer can contact Seller.
    • Shipping Method for Seller.
    • SEO setting for the marketplace pages.
    • Paypal Account details.
    Opencart B2B Marketplace- Admin Management

    Manage Commission

    The commission in a B2B marketplace structure will allow the store owner to generate revenue. For this, the admin can specify the setting as per requirement. The admin commission here can be on the fixed+commission basis. It will be a part of the seller’s income that can be based on according to products in orders or on categories.

    • Admin can manage all the commissions at his end.
    • The commission will be charged from the seller's income.
    • The commission can be charged on the basis of products or categories.
    • Allow calculation of commission with tax.
    • Set the commission priority.
    manage commission

    Product Management

    Opencart B2B Marketplace module can create a platform where businesses can communicate and transact with other businesses along with various other important features. Under product management tab, the following settings can be adjusted:

    • Allow auto-generation of the meta description.
    • Enable the notification generation when the stock of the product is low and defining the lower stock quantity.
    • Allowed product fields for adding products and products tabs
    • The basis for category commission.
    • Allowed no. Of images with extensions.
    • Right to partner for deleting a product.
    • Seller management along with the product.
    • Right of the seller to purchase their own product.
    product management

    SEO/SEF Keywords

    When a seller decides to start an e-commerce site, he wants a website that can do well in the search engines, for that you must first ensure that the website's foundation is sound, that it's search engine "friendly."

    That's why the Opencart B2B Marketplace module gives you an option that allows you to manually add SEF URLs, in which particular keywords can be set for particular routes. Product-related SEF settings can also be adjusted with the following fields:

    • Seller's details.
    • Display format.
    • Default name.
    • Option to set product name as SEF.
    • Extension
    seo setting

    Opencart B2B Marketplace- Mail Management

    Admin is allowed to set a default mail for any correspondence, and he can also create mail templates using mail keywords to help customers while using marketplace add-ons.

    • Setting up default mail for any contact or notifications.
    • Admin can set mail templates.
    • Mail keywords give assistance to customers while using add-ons.
    mail management

    Marketplace RFQ Management

    The customers will be able to send quotation requests for both the existing as well as custom products of both the admin and sellers' products. There are also multiple features related to same as given below

    • Approve the RFQ’s Automatically or Manually.
    • Set the Default/Minimum quantity for the quotation from customers.
    • Customers can upload images with the RFQ for both existing as well as custom products.
    • The admin can specify the mail template for each action in the RFQ system.
    • A ‘Request For Quote’ button on all product pages for existing products is provided.
    • Admin can create Custom attribute fields for the RFQ form.
    • Sellers can update the bulk order quantity.
    • Quotation Status can be pending, open, answered, resolved, and closed.
     Marketplace RFQ management

    Marketplace Product Question Answer

    The customers can ask multiple questions regarding the seller’s products. Multiple answers can be submitted for a question. The customers can also answer the questions. There are various other features for both admin as well as sellers

    • Google reCAPTCHA verification is included.
    • Provide a number for pagination start.
    • Set question and answer order – newer to older or older to newer.
    • Show or hide questions and answer placed date and author information.
    • Login required to place question and answer – yes/no.
    • Mails will be sent to the seller, customer, and admin when questions and answers are placed.
    • The customer can like or dislike the answers.
    • Questions search option is present.
    • The seller can approve and disapprove of questions and answers for their products.
    • Show product questions and answer on the seller profile page.
     Marketplace Product Question Answer

    Seller Products Mass Upload

    The sellers, as well as the admin, can upload/update products in bulk using CSV, XML, and XLS files( in Zip format only). Also, the admin can upload products for sellers too. There are many other functionalities of the mass upload module that are listed below

    • The Admin/Seller can Upload images in Bulk using the Zip file types.
    • The Admin/Sellers can get the ID data of various options like – Product, Catalog, Manufacturer, Filter, Download, Stock Status, Tax Classes, Customer Groups, and Attributes, etc.
    • Export Product in Bulk/Specific products via email.
    • The files which are exported can be imported at both, the admin and the seller end.
    • Multiple products in a single CSV, XML, and XLS file.
    • If an SEO Url is repeated then it will auto-generate with a 4 digit random character.
    • The products can be added in multi-language.
     Seller Products Mass Upload

    Opencart B2B Marketplace- Profile Settings

    Opencart B2B Marketplace allows the admin to manage the Seller Profile Details. The admin can manage the sellers' profile by selecting allowed profile fields that will be visible to the customer, like- Gender, Screen name, Avatar, Twitter ID.

    • Select profile fields for sellers.
    • Selected fields will be visible to the customer.
    • The visibility of seller contact details can be managed.
    • Allow the review from product buyers in order to get a genuine review.
    • Completely hide the seller information from the front end.
    profile settings

    Reviewing Product

    If the customer has no rights to order the product, then they will send the product for review and the group admin will approve that product, after which he will be able to buy that particular product. If the customer has no rights to create order then at the time of checkout, a button will be displayed to send the product for the review.

    • Can get an option on the checkout page.
    • Group admin can make approval for the product.
    • Only after approval, the product can be purchased.
    product review

    Customer Group

    Opencart B2B Marketplace module allows the admin to create customer groups with certain rights grant to them, where these groups (Parent) can add further sub-groups (Child) under them with certain rights assigned to them also, but not more than the rights of parents, i.e. A parent group can grant rights to the child group only to an extent of maximum of his own rights, not more than that. The maximum rights of the child group are equal to the total rights of the parent group.

    • Admin can create customer groups.
    • Allotment of certain rights to groups like View Group Order Can Apply Discount etc.
    • A Parent group can add a child-group under it.
    • A Parent group can grant rights to the child group, to an extent of maximum to his own rights.
    customer group

    Opencart B2B Marketplace- Income Management

    Admin can find the seller’s income under Marketplace Income and can also pay to the Seller. Here Admin can see total sales by each seller, commission, admin amount, remaining amount to be paid and the grand total of each amount, with an option to pay the seller the pending amount.

    • Option for admin to pay the seller's amount.
    • Admin can manage and view all the sales details of sellers like total sale, commission, remaining amount, etc.
    • With transaction status, the seller will know whether the seller has been paid by the admin or not.
    income management

    Opencart B2B Marketplace Features -

    • Admin can create user groups with some group rights according to their need.
    • Allows admin to add prefix with vendor’s sub-domain.
    • Admin can create and select email templates for Marketplace.
    • Using relevant mail keywords mail template creation can take place by the admin.
    • Admin can select the shipping methods for the seller for transferring the shipping amount to the seller’s account.
    • Admin can configure the Catalog module configuration.
    • Admin can toggle the Account Menu sequence as per their need.
    • Admin can track the seller’s income, total order, total buyers, and the latest order using the dashboard field under the edit seller page.
    • Admin can set commission for the sellers.
    • The seller can create a sub-user and see the group user list if they have “create user” right.
    • If the customer has no rights to order the product, then they will send the product for review and the admin will approve that product after that customer can buy that particular product.
    • The child group contains only their parent group rights.
    • Both the sellers as well as admin can upload products in bulk through CSV, XML, XLS files.
    • The vendor can have their own sub-domain.
    • The customers can post answers to the questions.
    • The Seller can see the group user list.
    • Seller will have own dashboard to manage orders.
    • The customers can send a quote request for both existing as well as custom products.
    • Allows customers to send RFQ for both the admin as well as seller’s products.
    • With transaction status, the seller will know whether the admin has paid to the seller or not.

    Opencart Marketplace Mobile App

    This is a technology-based era where everything is simplified even online shopping. We all know about shopping apps and its advantages-how it reduces and makes our shopping experience hassle proof. So it is very important for all the Store owners to have a shopping app for providing a more convenient way to shop from their online store and now Webkul's has launched its new app Opencart Marketplace Mobile App.

    Opencart Marketplace Mobile App converts your marketplace store for Opencart into a mobile app. Your customers can easily purchase products on the go. They don't need to have a laptop or desktop, they can easily explore your store through their smartphones. It will not only benefit the store owner and customer it will benefit the sellers too. Sellers can see their dashboard, order history through the mobile app. So what are you waiting for, you must now have an Opencart Marketplace Mobile App to be a step ahead.

    • Seller list.
    • Seller Collection.
    • Seller Profile.
    • Seller Dashboard.
    • Seller Order History.
    • The customer can contact the seller.
    • Market Place Sell Page
    • Users can review sellers.
    • Seller Location is mentioned on the map.
    marketplace mobile application

    Opencart B2B Marketplace Supported Add-ons

    • Opencart Marketplace Seller Custom Option ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Daily Deals. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Auction. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Blog. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace USPS Shipping Management. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace UPS Shipping Management( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Seller List. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Seller Groups. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Price Comparison Marketplace. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Seller Locator. ( Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Multi Shipping. Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace RMA. Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway. Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Store Manage. Buy Now )
    • Opencart Marketplace Split Cart. Buy Now )

    Opencart B2B Marketplace Support-

    For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - or send an email to [email protected]

    You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.


    Product Version3.6.0.4
    Released8 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (5 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.x.x.x  3.x.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Fast and appropriate support

    Posted On - October 18, 2019

    Fast problem solving.

     Frequently Asked Questions

     Can this module be modified as per requirement?
    Yes, the module is fully customizable. Thus, can allow any sort of feasible modification. The code of the module is Open which makes the customization possible. For the accomplishment of the desired requirement kindly share the details on [email protected].
     Does the module work with Opencart Journal 3 theme?
    Yes, the module supports Journal Theme with a Journal theme patch (directory) in the module zip.
     What is different in the module as compared to the rest of the marketplace modules for Opencart?
    Opencart B2B Marketplace is meant to serve the business to business structure format wherein bulk orders takes place. However, in the rest of the Opencart Marketplace module, we have a business to customer relationship. For more information, please see -
     Can supplier-store have their own categories for the products listed or do they have to global categories to list their products?
    In Marketplace a supplier can have their own product categories as created by the store admin. The suppliers cannot add or edit or modify store categories on their own. On the frontend, only those categories will be visible for which the supplier has listed the products.
     Can the suppliers create the micro/mini-sites, also what will be the url format?
    Yes, every supplier will have their own micro-sites with separate shop URLs. At the time of supplier registration, the Shop URL can be set. Sample of micro-sites-

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    • + Features
    • * Bugs
    • Fixed the quote creation and response page issues.
    • Fixed the Membership group issues on register page in version 3.0.x.x and changes in default ocmod and journal3 ocmod
    • * fixed the many redirection issues and twig issues in 3.x
    • * Fixed the issue of adding the store product to the cart.
    • * Fixed the issue success message issue.
    • * Fixed the layout issue on the seller dashboard.
    • + Added the Journal3 theme patch for version 2.3.x.x
    • * Fixed the mailing issues.
    • * Fixed fatal errors in vendor sub-domain.
    • + Updated and added functionality of RFQ, Mass Upload, Vendor Subdomain and Product Question Answer
    • * git issue fixed
    • + Added Journal2 theme patch for OC_2.0.x - OC_2.2.x VERSION.
    • + Added Journal2 theme patch for OC_2.3.x VERSION.
    • * Fixed the issues in tax rate calculation in OC V3.
    • + Added Journal2 theme patch for the updated module.
    • + Created theme-patch for journal3 theme in OC_2.3.x VERSION.
    • + Created theme-patch for journal3 theme in OC_3.x VERSION.
    • * Resolved git issues for Opencart All VERSION
    • * Resolved some undefined error related to Mp-Membership module in OC_3.x
    • * Resolved query issues in Opencart_3.x
    • * Created theme patch for journal3 theme
    • * Remove order_status.php file from catalog/model, as it was overwriting the core file of Opencart.
    • * Fixed the shipping method issue on order editing.
    • * Fixed custom shipping configuration issue.
    • * Fixed one multi-language issue.
    • * Resolved journal2 theme issue of sell page
    • + Updated for Version 3.x.x.x
    • + Updated for Version
    • First Release