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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    OpenCart Product Chained Options

    OpenCart Product Chained Options: To keep the customers intact to a store, the store owners must strive to inculcate features which make the buying process an unbound experience for the customers. Opencart Product Chained Options is one such extension which allows the admin to add variable options for products. These variations are allocated with dynamic pricing, multiple images, and choices. This way a store owner can provide a better shopping experience to the customers.

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    OpenCart Product Chained Options: To make a place in the market one has to keep implementing ways and means to meet up with the customers’ expectation it’s the good customer crowd that shall generate sales conversions for a store. Store owners can always look up to the Opencart’s Product Chained Options extension when it is about creating happy customers.

    This extension allows the admin to create variations for a new product or an existing product. The admin sets a specific price for variations and this price shall flash on the product page for that particular variation. This enhances the user experience and the customers will not have to go hither and thither for their buying needs.

    Highlighted Features

      Add Variations

    The admin can add variations such as color, brand, material, etc so as to facilitate more choice options to customers.

      Display Combination Info

    The admin may add a text which shall display at the product page as the customer selects a variation combination for a product.

      Upload Image/ Images for Each Variation

    To give a clear picture and a better user experience to the customers, the admin may add images for each variation

     Select Variations for a product

    The customers get to choose from a wide range of various combinations that are available for the products.

    Beneficiary Aspects

    It is essential for the store owners to inculcate features in a store which lures the customers to the store as it is the customers which shall help generate real revenue for a store.

    • The admin can create variations for existing and for new products.
    • The price is specified for each variation which flashes for variation selected.
    • More choices so as to provide a better online shopping experience.
    • No hassle as there is no need to visit multiple stores to make a purchase.
    • Increased sales and therefore high conversions rates.
     Beneficiary Aspects

    Configurations: Product Chained Options

    To make a mark in the e-commerce industry it is important for the store owners to keep implementing fresh features in the online store.

    Through Opencart Product Chained Options the store owner can allow variations for a product for the customers so as to offer multiple choices while making a purchase.

    • A set of variations can be allowed for a product, for a better shopping experience for the customers.
    • The admin may enable the Entry Special Price for the customer group.
    • The Entry Price can also be enabled by the admin.
    • The admin can also set the Default Entry Special Price and the Default Entry Price for the variations
    • The admin can also set the images for variations for better user experience.
    • The admin may set a specific price for each variation which displays on variable selection in the product page if enabled.
     Configurations: Product Chained Options

    Adding Variations for a Better User Experience

    Allowing your customers to choose from a wide range of options available for a single product can turn out to be beneficiary in terms of sales and revenue generation.

    • The variations can be added for new products and also for the existing products.
    • The admin can create variations such as material, size, color, etc.
    • A specific quantity can be allocated to each variation.
    • The variation status can be set as enabled or disabled.
    • Add a text for the combination info tab.
    • If need be, the variations can be deleted.
     Adding Variations for a Better User Experience

    Offering Variety to Customers

    Offering a wide range of choices to your customers can end up generating happy customers thereby generating real sales. The customers can find a variety on a single product and therefore, will not have to run from pillar to post for their buying needs.

    • The customers have the leverage to choose from different variations for products.
    • A description for the variation shall display as the customer choose a variation combination.
    • The price configured by the admin for a variation combination shall display in the product page.
    • The customers can also view images for the variation selected.
    • As customers get more choices, therefore, there is no need to run hither and thither looking for the best products.
     Offering Variety to Customers

     Complete Features List

    • Admin can add variations such as brand, size, color, etc for products, so as to provide selection choices to the customers.
    • A combination info-text which displays in the product page is added by the admin.
    • The Entry Special Price for Customer Group may be enabled or disabled by the admin.
    • The Entry Price for the customer group may be enabled or disabled by the admin.
    • Image/ images may be allocated to the variations.
    • Admin allows a maximum of 5 images for each variation.
    • If set, the price for each variation combination shall flash when chosen by the customer in the frontend.
    • The admin can enable a variation and if need be, can also disable any variation.
    • The customers can choose any set of variation combination while making a purchase.


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.2.6
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.0.x.x  2.1.x.x  2.2.x.x  2.3.x.x  3.x.x.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

      Which is the best extension for creating variation options for products?
    Opencart Product Chained Options is one of the best extensions for creating variations for products
     What is the major aspect of the Opencart Product Chained Options?
    As default Opencart does not support the configurable products, therefore, through Opencart Product Chained Options one can easily create variations for the products so as to offer variety to the customers.
     How many images are allowed with each variation?
    A maximum of 5 images can be uploaded for each variation.
     Is it possible to enable, disable or delete a variation?
    The admin can enable, disable or delete any variation whenever required.
     How is Opencart Product Chained Options extension beneficial for the customers?
    The customers get to choose from multiple variable options for products and therefore the they will not have to go hither and thither for making a purchase.

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