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      OpenCart Web Application Firewall

      OpenCart Web Application Firewall: This module offers an extremely interesting 2factor Authentication feature for admin, customers, and affiliate user login, which requires a QR code scan using a Google authenticator application installed on the smartphones. Also, the admin has the leverage to disable/ enable one or more IP/ countries, restricting/allowing specific users as well.


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      OpenCart Web Application Firewall: With so much data that is present online nowadays, it has become necessary to manage and safeguard the integrity of the data. For that, online business entrepreneurs are striving to integrate effective measures to ensure the security of the website and the customer's data. It is an essential step as well to develop customer's trust because it is one of the necessary steps to retain a customer which in turn is the key to a flourishing online business.

      Therefore, Opencart’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) Security is one such module that offers high-class security against data theft and unauthorized user access by providing the 2factor Authentication feature which allows login only after a QR code is scanned using a Google authenticator. It also offers features such as IP/ Country ban, restricting/ allowing specific users to log in to a website.

      Highlighted Features

      2-Factor Authentication

      To provide additional security, the store owner may allow 2-Factor Authentication for admin, customers and affiliate users which requires QR code scan while logging in.

      The Recaptcha feature

      The store owner may allow the Recaptcha feature as well for the admin login purpose.

      Restricting Data Access through IP/ Country Ban

      The store owner may disable one or more IP(s) and country(s). It restricts any user trying to login bearing the disabled IP or country.

      Brute Force Log

      It maintains the logs of the users who tend to make login attempts.

      Why is there a need for Opencart WAF Security?

      Data Security is one of the major concerns for any website if one takes ongoing cybercrimes into account. Had a giant marketplace like Amazon been exposed to data theft or any such malicious activity, it would not have retained such a never-ending list of customers.

      Having said that, OpenCart’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) Security module, ensures that a website or application does not encounter any unauthorized data or activity as it provides 2factor Authentication for admin customer and affiliate users and they can only login after scanning the QR code.

      The store owner has the leverage to ban one or more IPs or Countries so as to restrict or allow specific users to log in to a website. This way one can secure and safeguard the website’s data without having to lose any crucial data of a website.


      • The store owner can enable 2-factor authentication for the admin, customer, and affiliate user login.
      • Thus, for 2-factor authentication, the login users must scan the QR code using Google authenticator.
      • The Recaptcha feature is allowed for the admin's login purpose.
      • This module allows pre-sign up email validation.
      • This module also integrates the AbuseIPDB to block and report IP.
      • The admin may choose to allow or disallow specific file types that can be uploaded.
      • Notifications for resetting passwords are sent to the admin users and customers if need be.
      • The admin can create custom email templates.
      • For additional security, the admin may choose to restrict an IP or given a set of IPs to access the website's data.
      • Also, the admin may restrict a country or set of countries to access the website's data.
      • A Brute Force log consists of a list of users who tend to have made login attempts.
      • It also displays a list of secure/ insecure directory content of the website.
      • The overall security of the website's data is taken care of by WAF and it protects data from malicious attacks.


      For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Which module offers the best security for OpenCart’s Website?
      Opencart Web Application Firewall (WAF) Security module offers secure login and prevention from data theft.
      Does the Opencart Web Application Firewall (WAF) Security module require any authentication while login process?
      Opencart Web Application Firewall (WAF) Security module offers 2factor authentication for admin, customers and affiliate users to log in to the website.
      What is the feature of the 2factor authentication?
      To login, the admin needs to scan the QR code using the Google Authenticator, installed on the cellphone. The code received is to be added on the Webkul WAF Security 2factor Authentication pop-up, if matched, it authenticates the admin and redirects to the admin’s website.
      What is the major add-on of the Opencart Web Application Firewall (WAF) Security module?
      As this module offers IP and Country ban features, any user who tries to access data bearing the disabled IP or Country, will not be able to login or access the data.
      Is there any log maintained for users who login to the website?
      The Brute Force Log helps in maintaining a log for the users who make login attempts on the website.

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