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    QloApps Hotel Management System

    QloApps is a free Hotel Reservation Software and Hotel Management System that will provide you with a hotel website, booking engine, and property management system for your property.

    • Launch your interactive and user-friendly hotel website with QloApps.

    • Manage your property seamlessly through the property management system of QloApps..

    • Streamline the online hotel reservation process for your guests through this online reservation system.

    • Handle the daily hotel operations efficiently with the QloApps hotel management system.

    • Manage both online and offline bookings of your multiple properties from a single software.

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    QloApps is a free and open-source hotel management system that will help you manage your property, employees, and other essential tasks of daily hotel operations easily using the Property management system of QloApps. It will save you time and effort so that you can focus on the growth of your hotel business and enhance your guest's stay experience.

    It also provides you with a hotel reservation system that will ease your hotel's online reservation process for your guests and will help you manage your bookings efficiently. QloApps will help you increase your hotel's reach and online presence.

    Therefore, It will drive you more bookings and revenue for your property. Install and set up QloApps for your hotel and witness your hotel business growing exponentially.

    QloApps Hotel Management System

    Highlighted Features of QloApps Hotel Management System

    Attractive & User-friendly Hotel Website to Ease Hotel Booking Process

    Launch an interactive and informative Hotel Website for your property and allow your guests to book your hotel in just a few clicks from any corner of the world.

    Multiple Integrated Payment Gateways

    Allow your guests to pay for the bookings quickly on your hotel website through multiple safe and secure payment gateways integrated with QloApps.

    Multiple Property Management

    QloApps Property Management System allows you to manage multiple properties from a single platform.

    Manage Service Products and Additional Facilities

    List all the services and additional facilities that you provide in your hotel and allow your guests to book them directly from your hotel website.

    Discounts and Offers Management

    Create Vouchers or Provide discounts on the room type prices to your guests.

    Multiple Languages and Currencies Support

    Allow your guest to translate your hotel website into their preferred language and convert and view the prices in their local currency to ease their booking process.

    Create Offline Booking of Walk-in Customers

    QloApps allows you to book rooms for your guest on their behalf and ease their booking journey.

    Send Instant Email Notifications

    Send emails in real time and notify your guests about their bookings, confirmations, check-in, payments, and much more.

    Integration with hotel channel manager

    QloApps Hotel Management System is integrated with QloApps Channel Manager to allow you to manage your hotel's rates, availability, and prices on various popular OTAs and PMS from a single platform and sync bookings in real-time.

    Refund Management

    With QloApps you can allow your guests to request refunds and provide them with either partial or complete refunds.

    Staff Management

    Add your staff members to the QloApps Hotel Management System and provide them with the necessary permissions to manage your property.

    Dynamic Dashboard and Insights

    Track your hotel's progress based on various performance parameters such as sales, bookings, and occupancy, and monitor the daily operations of your hotel from the dashboard of QloApps

    Dynamic Dashboard and Insights

    • QloApps Hotel Management System provides an interactive and informative dashboard.
    • Through this dashboard, you can filter, track, and monitor the various statistics of your hotel based on various parameters.
    • You can view the data on sales, bookings, occupancy, length of stay, availability, and much more.
    • The dashboard also displays the daily operations data of your hotel including daily arrivals, departures, bookings, cancellations, and in-house guests.

    Staff Management

    • Allow your employees to use QloApps with specific permission of the software.
    • Add your hotel staff in QloApps from the employee tab and create their accounts.
    • You can manage the permissions provided to each employee so that you can allow them to use only specific tabs of QloApps as per their roles and responsibilities.
    • Create multiple employee profiles and assign them to the employees.

    Easily Create Offline Bookings for Your Guest

    • Easily create a booking for your on-desk guests in just a few clicks.
    • Make reservations as per their specific requirements.
    • Create bookings for new guests or existing guests.
    • Edit and manage the offline bookings at your convenience.

    Multi-lingual and Multi-currency website

    • Add multiple languages and multiple currencies in QloApps.
    • Allow your guests to translate your hotel website into their language and increase your website's reach and ease your guest's booking process.
    • Translate the Back office of QloApps Hotel Management System in your native language and use the software with ease.
    • Allow your guests to view the prices of your room types on your website in their local currency.

    Multiple Property Management

    • Manage reservations of multiple properties from a single platform.
    • Allow your guest to book your multiple properties from a single website.
    • Add multiple room types and services and facilities that you provide in your property easily from the back office of QloApps.

    Bookings Management

    • Manage all your online and offline bookings from the "orders" tab.
    • Quickly update the status of the booking as per the guest.
    • Easily record and update the payment status of the bookings.
    • Edit the booking at any time based on requirements.
    • View and Download the invoices of the bookings.

    Refund Management

    • Allow your guests to cancel their bookings and request refunds before a set number of days from check-in.
    • Create Refund Rules to manage refunds for your property bookings.
    • Quickly view and process the received refund requests of your guests through the "Manage Refund Request" tab.
    • You can provide refunds in two forms: Complete refund or partial refund./li>

    Launch Your Hotel Website

    • Launch an interactive hotel website for your hotel and allow your guests to book your hotel room online.
    • Configure the hotel website from the Back-office of QloApps.
    • Informative homepage displaying multiple details of the hotel including interiors, amenities, and room types of the hotel.
    • Integrated payment gateways to streamline the online payment process of your guests.

    QloApps Hotel Management System

    QWebkul's dedicated support provides you with customizations in QloApps Hotel Reservation and Hotel Management System. For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.6.0
    Released2 months ago
    Last UpdatedApril 12, 2024 (2 months ago)
    Supported VersionsQloApps  1.6.x  
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