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    Salla Odoo Connector

    Efficient eCommerce management with Salla Odoo Connector!

    • The module integrates Salla eCommerce with your Odoo.

    • Export & Import data between Odoo and Salla.

    • It allows you to sync products, categories, and orders.

    • Auto-sync data periodically through the cron.

    • Set the data that you want to import via the cron.

    • It offers better functionality and easy access to information through the dynamic dashboard and data cards.


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    Strengthen your Salla eCommerce with Salla Odoo Connector!

    Salla is one of the most effortless and customizable eCommerce websites that offer many features. Also, it has more than 52k websites and around 34k actively. Also, 5500 plus domains redirect to listed sites. And more than 18k sites use Salla technology.

    Salla Odoo Connector connects Odoo with one or multiple Salla eCommerce stores. It allows you to manage and administer each store impeccably. In addition, the Salla connector module permits products, catalogs, categories, and order syncing to Odoo. You can import and export data between the platforms. And you can set the cron to auto-import data from Salla to Odoo. The dynamic dashboard and data cards help you understand the conversion and financial position and aid in managing daily operations to optimize productivity.

    Salla Odoo Connector

     Prerequisites For Using Salla Odoo Connector Module

    Salla Odoo Connector works in conjunction with the following module:

    Odoo Multi Channel Sale

    Firstly, you must install this module for Salla Connector to work perfectly.

    For Odoo online(SAAS) users, you first need to migrate to the platform before installing Salla Odoo Connector because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online(SAAS)

     Salla Odoo Connector Features

    Integrate Salla with Odoo

    • The module connects one or multiple Salla eCommerce stores with Odoo in just a few steps.
    • Effortlessly administer the entire store from Odoo.

     Export and Import Data Between Salla and Odoo

    • Export & import data one by one or in bulk.
    • Import several types of data from Salla to Odoo.
    • Export data from Odoo to Salla, like products.

    Import Data to Odoo with Cron

    • The Odoo Salla Connector automatically syncs data between Salla and Odoo through cron.
    • Select the data you want to import through the cron.
    • Automatically import data and reduce manual efforts.

     Improved User Experience with Dynamic Dashboard

    • It permits tracking data effortlessly in the Odoo backend from the dynamic dashboard.
    • Clickable data cards and export/import button on the dashboard.
    • Analyze data through various charts and graphs.

    Allow Data Mapping for Data Export/Import

    • You can map synchronization history from the Odoo.
    • You can view the synchronization details in the list or detailed view.

     View Complete Details through Data Cards

    • You can view the complete statistics through data cards.
    • The admin can view details of each data from the mappings.

    Integrate Odoo with Salla

    • Salla Odoo Connector allows you to integrate Salla eCommerce with Odoo.
    • It permits automatic data import via Salla to Odoo.
    • Import and export data of all connections from the dynamic dashboard.
    • Specify stock, packaging, and product settings while configuring.
    • Configure product settings like a pricelist, channel, category, etc.
    • Define basic configuration and sales settings while configuring Salla.
    • Manage cron settings like the API limit, auto-evaluate, etc.
    Connecting Salla and Odoo

     Import and Export Data Between Odoo and Salla eCommerce

    Import and Export
    • Import & export data from the dynamic dashboard or the connection page.
    • It offers common export and import buttons for all Salla connections.
    • Map every imported and exported data at the Odoo end.
    • Import data like products, orders, categories, customers, and shipping methods from Salla.
    • Export products from Salla Odoo Connector.
    • Export & import data using several filters like Object id, date, all, etc.
    • The module allows viewing export summaries for every data after completion.

    Salla Odoo Connector

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Salla Connector.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released1 year ago
    Last UpdatedMay 24, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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