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    Odoo Multi Channel Sale

    Connecting multiple e-commerce or marketplace channels with a single Odoo instance!

    • For multiple e-commerce customers can manage the instances in a single Odoo.

    • It offers buttons with better UI in your Odoo from where you can import/export/sync data.

    • Manage the different configurations (pricelist, warehouse, etc) on these instances as per the business needs.

    • Manage the prices of the product via pricelist so that you can sell same products with difference price.

    • Manage the order state mapping table to manually map the order status of Odoo with other e-commerce.

    Note: Odoo Multichannel Sale is the base module which needs to be installed first for the other multichannel extensions to work properly. You can install multiple Odoo Multi-channel Extensions; however, features may vary for each extension.


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    Odoo Multi-Channel Sale: 

    There are multiple reasons to opt Odoo to manage backend operations. Whether talking about its inventory or accounting; Odoo knows exactly how to do it.

    Though Odoo has its well-versed E-commerce; but if you are using e-commerce or marketplace of other platforms then also you can use the perfection of Odoo.

    Odoo Multi-Channel Sale module acts as a gateway between Odoo and other channels. The module is a proven help for the businesses who sell products via different platforms. You can manage the data of all your online stores in an organized way.

    Are you looking for a centralized solution for all of your e-commerce platforms or your marketplace(s) data?

    Odoo always comes up as one of the best platforms to manage catalogs, inventory, order statuses. Now, you can connect multiple e-commerce and marketplace platforms to your Odoo.

    Which means, your customers can buy your product(s) or avail your service(s) from the E-commerce/Marketplace platform(s) and you can manage all backend settings of all channels together from Odoo.

    Odoo Multi Channel Sale Featured

    Reduce Manual Work With Odoo Multi-Channel Sale

    Single-click in the Odoo Multichannel Sale Dashboard can take you to its extensions’ dashboard.

    Moreover, no need to sync order statuses and inventory manually from E-commerce and Marketplace platforms as you can opt for Real-time synchronization.

    Or, you can also import and export the data together with a few simple steps.

    You can also schedule functions via Cron to reduce your manual efforts.

    Feeds To avoid Complexities

    There are multiple relational fields in an Odoo form which makes it a little complex structure;

    Especially while importing data from other platforms.

    Hence, to avoid the complexities; Feeds are used in Odoo Multichannel Sale to Store Data in Text Form.

    Feeds get automatically deleted once the related record is created in Odoo

    Please Note: For Odoo online(SAAS) users, you first need to install the tool before installing Odoo Multi-Channel Sale because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online(SAAS).

     Simplified Import Function

    Simplified Import Function

    Common Import Button for all Channels; all you need to do is select the Channel Id(Marketplace/E-commerce) and Object(the data you want to import).

    Import Catalogs which includes Products, Categories, Attributes, and Values.

    Importing Sales consists of Customers with Contacts & Addresses; Orders with its status; shipping methods; Payment Methods; and Currency.

    Simplified Export Function

    Simplified Export Function

    Common Export Button for all Channels; simply select the Channel Id(Marketplace/E-commerce) and Object(the data you want to export)

    You can export Product and category; moreover, Inventory and order status are exported in Real Time.

    You can export data individually as well as in bulk.

    New In-built Dashboard For Odoo Multi-channel Sale

    Odoo Multi Channel Sale Dashboard

    Get a neatly designed dashboard to track the data of all the connected channels to your Odoo.

    Import/Export the data of connected e-commerce/marketplace platforms directly from the dashboard.

    Quick peeks via well-designed Donut Chart and Line Graph to analyze the data.

    The dashboard also offers Clickable tabs and data cards which will take you to the related Odoo forms.

    Moreover, the dashboard connects you to the dashboard of other Odoo Multi-channel extensions.

     Track All The Connected Channels from the Dashboard

    • See the total number of Connected Channels from the top
    • Click on the Count to scroll down to view the channels which are connected
    • Green Dot in the Channel Icon Shows the Connectivity; On the contrary, red depicts the disconnectivity

     Clickable Data Cards for the Details of the Channels

    • Channel Data Cards directs you to the dashboard of the selected channel
    • View the imported Product, Category, Order and Customers in the Tabs
    • The tabs are clickable and directs you to the respective mapping

     Donut Chart to Analyze the data of All Channels

    • Drop down to Select the Data Type (Order, Product, Category and Customer)
    • Track the data of all channels from the chart

     Line Graph to Analyze the data of All Channels

    • Drop down to select the Data Type (Order, Product, Category and Customer)
    • Select the time period to show data(weekly or monthly)
    • Track the data of all channels from the Line Graph

     Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Multi-Channel Sale

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Multi-Channel Sale Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

    You may also check our other top-quality Odoo Apps.


    Product Version2.4.0
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 29, 2023 (4 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  8.x  9.x  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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     Odoo Multi Channel Sale FAQs :

    1. How can I access the module I bought?
    After placing the successful order, you would need to login to your Webkul account. Go to My order tab. Under my order tab, you will get a download link for the purchased module.
    2. Do you provide any module service support?
    We have a dedicated team of developers to provide support to your queries. We provide 3 months of free support with the purchase of the module.
    3. What do you include in the support period?
    The support includes error fixing, bug fixing in the default flow of module and free up-gradation of the module. But for any additional feature request, you will be charged on the basis of efforts required by the developer.
    4. How can I extend the support period in future if required?
    You can extend the support period by visiting >> Go to My Order tab, Look for the order you wish to extend the support for. There, you will find a link to extend the support
    5. Will you provide the free installation with the module?
    Installation charges are not included in the price. You can purchase the module with installation charges from the website.
    6. I bought the module for Odoo 10, do I have to buy it again for Odoo v11?
    We provide free module upgrade from Odoo V10 to Odoo V11 and vice versa but for this, the module needs to be in a valid support period.
    7. Do I need to buy only Odoo Multi-channel Sale to connect my eBay, Amazon to Odoo? Or I have to buy three separate modules to connect them to Odoo?
    Odoo Multi-Channel is the base module that needs to be installed before the integrating any store with Odoo. It is the framework module provides an essential structured menu for integrating various channels in Odoo. Once Odoo multi-channel Module is installed, you would need the corresponding add-on to integrate the particular store to Odoo. For example, you would need Amazon Odoo Bridge to integrate Amazon store to Odoo.
    8. What if we need more features in addition to default features of the module? Do you provide any customization?
    You can place the request from any additional features. We can add extra features as per your requirements in our connectors as a paid customization.

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