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    Multi Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge

    Multi Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge (POB): Establish a comprehensive management system for your Prestashop shop to handle not only the sales but purchase, inventory, bills and much more. Integrate your Prestashop with Odoo using Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge/Connector and manage your entire Prestashop store in Odoo. Import/export product, product categories and attributes from Prestashop to Odoo and conversely. Import and handle all the Prestashop orders to Odoo. Keep track of the progress of the orders using Odoo Inventory Management. Print Bills, invoice, and reports at Odoo backend. Set the scheduler to sync data in Odoo from PrestaShop automatically.


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    Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge (POB): With great power comes great responsibility!! same goes for your growing Prestashop store. Your growing business needs a streamlined movement of all the operations to ensure your growth never stops. Integrate your Prestashop shop with Odoo to seamlessly handle your store and manage Prestashop store using Odoo. Create, export and import product, product categories and attributes from Odoo to Prestashop and vice-versa. Import and manage Prestashop orders in Odoo.

    Additionally, handle all the Prestashop operation from purchases to delivery to bills at Odoo backend with a few clicks. Track the orders can sync the current order status between PrestaShop and Odoo. Set the scheduler to automatically update the data in Odoo periodically. Manage your Prestashop using Odoo and keep pace with your growth.


    Please Note: The real-time order sync feature for the module needs to be added through a separate file. Once you purchase the module please send a request to Our Support Team to avail your free copy of the file.


    Prerequisites for using Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge (POB) Module

    Below is the list of things you would need before installing Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge (POB):

    • Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge (POB) is a dependent module on Odoo Multi-Channel Sale Module, which is the framework module to provide the structure to integrate Prestashop with Odoo. The base module needs to be installed first for Odoo Multi Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge to work.
    • For Odoo online(SAAS) users, You first need to install the tool before installing Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge (POB) because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online(SAAS).


    Prestashop Odoo Bridge

    Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge (POB) Features

    • It allows you to integrate the Prestashop store with Odoo so you can manage your Prestashop store using Odoo.
    • Import/export products from Prestashop store to Odoo and vice-versa.
    • Odoo admin can import and update Prestashop products categories and attributes from Prestashop to Odoo and vice versa.
    • Import and update customers from Prestashop store to Odoo and manage them using Odoo.
    • Import and manage Orders placed on Prestashop to manage the Prestashop Store using Odoo.
    • The order placed on Prestashop are automatically synced in Odoo in Real-time.
    • Similarly, any changes made to the product stock on either end is reflected on the other end in real time. I.e from Odoo to Prestashop and conversely.
    • Create and manage multiple instances using Odoo from a single screen, with a different set of configurations and preferences. (Note: You can integrate up to three instances of each channel. If you wish to integrate more than three instances, please contact our Support Team)
    • The shipping methods get automatically imported from Prestashop to Odoo.
    • Automatically update data in Odoo from Prestashop periodically by configuring the scheduler.
    • Elegantly designed dashboard to overview all the necessary Prestashop store information at a glance.
    • Handle various operations for Prestashop Store using Odoo like inventory management, invoice and report management, email marketing campaign, purchase, and stock procurement, etc.
    • Maintain synchronization history at Odoo's end for each import, export and update action Manage and track Feeds For Products, Categories, Orders, and Partners at Odoo backend.

    Surprisingly Simple Dashboard To Provide Prestashop Store Details

    • Connect your Prestashop Store with Odoo and view all the information of the Prestashop store in a glance with the Multi-Channel Dashboard.
    • Take a Quick peek at the total number of orders in the system along with the total number of customers to manage your Prestashop shop using Odoo.
    • The number of products and product categories present at any time on your Prestashop store is displayed in the Dashboard.
    • You can also glance at the details for all the Prestashop instances at once to manage them properly.
    • Moreover, you can integrate other e-commerce channels/marketplaces to Odoo and track all of them from the same dashboard.

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    Efficient Product Management With Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge/Connector(POB)

    • Integrate the Prestashop store with Odoo to manage your entire product catalogue on Prestashop store in Odoo.
    • Create and export products, product categories and attributes from Odoo to PrestaShop manage E-commerce store using Odoo.
    • Conversely, import Prestashop product, product categories, and attributes from Prestashop to Odoo.
    • The changes made to the product stock in Odoo gets automatically reflected on the Prestashop store other end and vice versa.
    Product Sync

    Order Management With Odoo Prestashop Bridge/Connector(POB)

    • Integrate your Prestashop store with Odoo to manage the Prestashop orders at Odoo's end.
    • Automatically import the Prestashop orders to Odoo periodically and keep a track of all of them.
    • Changes in order status in Odoo are reflected in real time on Prestashop shop.
    • The changes in order status on Prestashop shop can be set to get automatically reflected at Odoo’s end periodically.
    Order Sync

    Accounting And Invoicing Made Easy With Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge

    • An entire menu to provide a complete accounting and invoicing solution for you. Not just sales orders from Prestashop but also bills for your purchase orders can now be handled at Odoo’s end so you can effortlessly manage your Prestashop store using Odoo.
    • Connect Prestashop with Odoo and manage the sales and purchase orders and their billing operations at one place.
    • No need to keep the records separately anymore. Manage Prestashop sales and purchase bills and reports in Odoo backend with Prestashop Odoo Bridge/Connector.
    • Create and manage vendor bills, taxes, credit notes and much more of the purchase orders.

    Inventory Management For Your Prestashop Store Using Odoo

    • The changes made in product stock after an order is placed on the Prestashop store are also reflected in the Odoo automatically.
    • Track and effectively manage warehouses across all locations using the advanced inventory functions.
    • Manage warehouses, product stock, and stock operations across all warehouses and maintain a streamlined flow of products for your Prestashop customers using Odoo.
    • Managing entire Prestashop store made easy with Odoo. Efficiently track the movement of the products.
    • Track the current delivery status of any order, set procurement rules, generate delivery slips, and manage your warehouses with orders from a single screen.
    Inventory Sync

    Use Multi-Channel App Add-Ons To Integrate Your Multiple Stores On Several Marketplaces With Odoo

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    Dedicated Support For Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge(POB) Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Multi-Channel Prestashop Odoo Bridge(POB) Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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    Product Version1.6.5
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedMay 24, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  9.x  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Good product and good company

    Posted On - October 25, 2018

    We are using the POB for the Odoo Version 9.
    Although the product had a few bugs at the beginning, they were fixed quickly, casually and for free by Webkul.

    We've got some paid customization done, these were quickly and well implemented by Webkul.
    Since every system is a bit different and you have different requirements, you should plan on budgeting for the adjustments.

    We are now using this bridge productively for 9 months and it is running steadily all the time.

    I can recommend Webkul and the product

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