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Ebay Odoo Bridge (EOB)

ODOO 11 Compatible

Ebay Odoo Bridge (EOB)

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Ebay Odoo Bridge (EOB) : Connect your eBay website with the Odoo and use the bi-directional sync feature to manage your stock and customers on Odoo back-end with "eBay Odoo Bridge" Add-on. Sync and manage multiple eBay instances to a single Odoo (say eBay UK, eBay India etc). Import/update your eBay shipping methods, business policies, customers etc directly from the dashboard. Import/Export products and product categories using a time frame or eBay item ID as a reference. Build and maintain a comprehensive customer database, handle delivery and fulfillment operations and assign automatic schedulers to auto update the database.


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Ebay Odoo Bridge (EOB) -Doing business on eBay surely presents lucrative opportunities to be on one of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace but it does come with its own set of challenges like the limited design for effective inventory management, managing orders fulfillment personally and handling multiple Ebay local sites individually.

So why not sync your eBay website with the Odoo with eBay Odoo Bridge Add-on and experience the best of both worlds. You can overview all your eBay instances from the dashboard. Effortlessly manage your customer database, execute and track orders fulfillment process on the back-end and generate sales reports, invoices. Import orders, shipping methods, and business policies. Also, export/import products and product categories from eBay to Odoo and from one eBay website to another. All-in-all you achieve multi-functional backend business management for multi-utility Ebay website to grow your business.

Note: It is important to note that this is an add-on for the base module Odoo Multi Channel Sale, You need to have the base module installed for this add-on to work.

Ebay Odoo Bridge (EOB) Features -

  • Import/Update Ebay products in Odoo.
  • Import/Update Ebay categories in Odoo.
  • Import/Update Ebay orders in Odoo.
  • Import/Update Ebay partners in Odoo.
  • Import/Update Ebay shipping methods in Odoo.
  • Export/Update Odoo Products over Ebay .
  • Import/Update Ebay products, orders and categories in odoo using a scheduler without manual efforts.
  • Create multiple instances for importing form Ebay with different set of configurations.
  • Maintain synchronization history of each Import and Export.
  • Synchronize data in feeds before synchronizing into odoo.
  • Manage Feeds For Products,Categories,Orders and Partners.
  • Manage Mapping For Products,Categories,Orders, Partners, Shipping Methods, Payment Methods etc
  • Very simple and easy to use interface.

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Ebay Odoo Bridge (EOB) Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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