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    Multi Inventory System (MIS) for Shopware

    You can create multiple inventory sources and can assign products and stocks to them.

    • Set location-based warehouse for online store

    • Assign stocks and products to warehouses

    • View assigned ordered products on the order detail page

    • Solves overstock and out of stock inventory issues

    • Easy track of products

    Multi Inventory System (MIS) for Shopware Multi Inventory System (MIS) for Shopware Multi Inventory System (MIS) for Shopware Multi Inventory System (MIS) for Shopware Multi Inventory System (MIS) for Shopware Multi Inventory System (MIS) for Shopware
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    Multi Inventory System (MIS) for Shopware: Multi Inventory System (MIS) for Shopware improving the inventory management for the store merchants, it makes the control of inventory for single or multiple sources. MIS for Shopware helps the admin to manage the delivery of an order from a particular product source/stock location based on the shipping address. The admin can select an inventory source while creating the product and can also assign stock to the ordered products.

    Highlighted Features

     Product Delivery From Nearest Store

    MIS facilitates faster delivery of the orders to the customers as the order is delivered from the store which is nearest to the customer’s location.

     Minimize Delivery Cost

    It helps in reduce shipping costs to the minimum by choosing the delivery distance or source priority strategy.

     Deliver Products From Various Sources

    Using this module, the admin may not only select a single source but also split products between the sources.

     Select Sources While Creating Shipments

    In Shopware Multi Inventory System admin can choose the inventory sources while creating the shipment.

    Why use this module?

    Shopware Multi -Inventory System enhances the way admin can manage the inventory at their end. Quickly split inventory among multiple warehouses and effectively manage stock right from the product page or order page.

    Having multiple inventories source makes it easy to ship the product from different locations without keeping your customers waiting. This will encourage more customers to buy since they’ll enjoy the satisfaction of quick delivery.

    Managing New Sources

    Shopware Multi Inventory System helps in improving fast delivery to the customer by adding and managing new sources.

    • The admin can add multiple new sources
    • The Create button navigates the admin to the New Source page.
    • In the New Source page, the admin configures the General details, Contact Info, and the Address Data.
    • Once the admin saves the details and the source is created, new sources shall appear under the source list.
    • The source list includes details such as the Code, Name, Status-If Enabled of the respective source created.
    • The admin can also edit and delete the sources
    Managing New Sources

    Adding New Sources

    Using MIS for Shopware you can create the multiple numbers of sources from the admin backend.

    • The admin needs to click on the Create button.
    • The admin will provide the General, Contact, and Address information.
    • General Information - It includes the Name, Code, Description, status.
    • Contact Information- This includes the contact name, email, and mobile number.
    • Source Address - Street, Pincode, City, and Country
    Adding New Sources

    Add Multiple Inventories

    Today online purchasing has become a trend, MIS plays a vital role in terms of inventory management. The admin adds various multiple inventories to the product to keep a stock of goods at various locations of the product.

    • Once the sources are created, the admin needs to assign sources to each product.
    • In the product page, the admin selects the inventory sources and quantity in the inventories tab.
    • On clicking the inventory Sources, the list of sources shall open up and the admin chooses the sources to assign multiple sources to products.
    Add Multiple Inventories

    Assigning Sources

    One of the major advantages for admin is to manage the inventory of their stores from multiple locations. This way the admin can deliver the products/ order from the nearest source/ warehouse to the customers assuring faster product delivery.

    • The Assign Sources option is present on the Order page.
    • On clicking the Inventories tab, the admin can set inventories and assign the stock to the sources.
    • The chosen multiple sources shall display under the inventory Sources option.
    • The admin can assign a specific quantity to each of the sources chosen by the admin.
    • The list of sources shall also appear while the shipment for the order is created.
    Assigning Sources


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.4
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 6, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsShopware  6.4.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Which module offers an enhanced MIS feature in Shopware?
    Shopware Multi-Inventory System offers an enhanced MIS feature in Shopware where the admin can create multiple sources and assign stock to the same.
     How will the multi-source inventory work if the order includes products from multiple products?
    The admin can generate shipments for their respective product’s order from the Mult- Source.
     Can the admin select multiple inventory sources in a single product?
    Yes, the admin can select multiple inventory sources in a single product.
     Where else can one find the option to select the sources?
    The admin while creating the shipment for the order will find the list of sources under Order > Inventories>Set Inventories.
     What is the major benefit of the Multi-Inventory System?
    The major benefit of MIS for Shopware is to increasing store sales efficiently and enhancing customers' experiences with more reliable inventory visibility.

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    • + Features
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    Version 1.0.4
    • Compatible with version
    • fix some issue
    Version 1.0.3
    • Compatible with version
    Version 1.0.2
    • Compatible with the latest version
    • fix the repeating of inventory source in product and set shipment.
    • fix the admin routes and set the container to the controller.
    Version 1.0.1
    • Compatible with Shopware v6.3.5.2
    • Fixed Issues
    Version 1.0.0
    • Additions / Changes
    • The admin can assign product stock to the inventory.
    • The admin can add multiple inventories in the store.
    • The admin can assign stock to the ordered product.
    • The admin can see the list of assigned ordered products in the order detail page.
    • It is easy to track the product.