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      About the client:-

      Revive & Restore was founded in 2012 and it is the leading wildlife conservation organization promoting the incorporation of biotechnologies into standard conservation practice. Biotechnology can be used to enhance genetic diversity, build disease resistance, facilitate adaptation, and more.Yet for most conservationists, these tools are still not available. That’s why they introduce conservationists in the field to the academic and commercial labs advancing genetic and genomic sciences.


      The challenges came across -

      The client reached out to us in search of the right email marketing tool. Earlier, they were using the email templates available in salesforce but they were limited too because of formatting issues. They wanted to reach new audiences like – Potential partners, investors, or community members but sending out emails individually and then logging them to the appropriate contact/account in salesforce and then pulling the reports for tracking details was difficult to manage for them. As a Non-Profit organization, they don’t want to proceed with the higher-end solution such as the Pardot Marketing Package. So, Mailchimp seems to be the best option for them. Here, the major challenge was with the real-time data integration of Mailchimp with Salesforce to make the process smooth. Because of limitations in Mailchimp event API, some critical tracking was not available like -

      • To keep track of someone who unsubscribed themselves from the campaign.
      • Real-time details like open/click on emails were not possible.
      • When a subscriber has to be assigned a tag or segment.
      • Creating a campaign and assigning a recipient.

      The solution provided by the Webkul -

      With the help of our Salesforce Mailchimp Integration i.e ChimpConnect, They are now able to automate the manual data integration process and take a strategic look at what else they can do for fundraising campaigns. After integrating the ChimpConnect, Review & Restore business is now streamlined and self-sustaining. They are now able to keep track of all the emails and target audiences as per the needs from onboarding email to the fundraiser to the thank you email for their various fundraiser campaigns. ChimpConnect provides the ability to assign the subscriber with the export to Mailchimp button on the ChimpConnect campaign, also they can update the member tag and segment members with the help of export to Mailchimp button on the contact/lead. We also provide fields for campaign analytics like:- clicks, opens, send, count, etc in our Salesforce Mailchimp integration.

      Results Revive & Restore got after using MailChimp Salesforce Integration-

      With the help of MailChimp Salesforce Integration now they have all of their audience data and insights in one place which helped them to create, manage and optimize their marketing campaigns and that’s led to some pretty impressive results. ChimpConnect is fulfilling their business needs within their budget and helping them in growing and engaging the audience. At last, Webkul provided the solution, what they were looking for. And converted the Revive & Restore as a satisfied happy client.

      Revive & Restore feedback -

      revive feedback

      What’s ahead for eShopSync

      eShopSync promises to provide business-oriented solutions to the clients with our various product offerings. With a vision of serving customers to make them advance in technologies to help them grow fast, We are developing and delivering more robust solutions to our customers. We provide services by keeping a thought in mind to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our customers. With a well-renowned product portfolio and Salesforce certified recognition, eShopSync is a single platform for all of your Salesforce integration needs.

      To know more about the applications and services we offer, do check our eShopSync

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