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      Hire a Developer

      They started the business about 8 years ago and they build and project manage websites and SEO for mostly SMB clients in Australia.

      With the Webkul site, the client wanted a multi-vendor marketplace like AliExpress and at the same time, they wanted a classifieds section like our

      Go Viral Now

      Webkul’s Magento 2 extensions and customizations were the perfect answer and choice for this. They have used the Cloudkul team for setting up AWS, the Webkul multi-vendor marketplace, Business Directory, Australia Post extension.

      They love that Webkul provides so many options with customization as well. They have found Webkul to be very easy to work with and intend to work with them again.

      Who is your role model for your business, product, or organization and how did you get inspired?

      Role models are female entrepreneurs such as:

      Grace Lever (Digital Marketing)
      Rebecca Wallace (Launch Recruitment)

      and Sabri Suby (owner King Kong digital marketing agency)

      I got inspired by digital marketing entrepreneurs and I love the fast change and pace of the industry.

      What were the challenges you faced while setting up your business?

      The biggest challenges were finding new clients and getting a brand name out there that people could trust.

      Also, employing contractors and people to help me scale my business.

      Any advice to the users who are running a similar business like yours?

      Look for ways to automate your business. Find and use people like Webkul to support your business.

      Client Review

      Go Viral Now is a web-development company that specializes in web designing, SEO, and digital marketing. Read Tess Robinson success story and find out how Webkul contributed to her success story.

      Go Viral Now
      Tess Robinson

      How did this Business Idea click in your mind?

      I was a single mother and needed to be able to work from home. I spent time learning digital marketing and then took the plunge. It’s taken a few years to get it stable but it’s about sticking with it and just keeping on trying.

      What do you do for Business Promotion ( Online and Offline)?

      Most of my business is word of mouth. Email marketing, Facebook ads and Adwords.

      What is the team size and how you manage your team?

      I have a range of contractors and freelancers and VA’s who I work with and my team can be anywhere from 2 to 10.

      How is Webkul helping you in setting up your online store/marketplace/app?

      I had Webkul do the setup for Cloudkul, Multi-Vendor Marketplace and turning the site into a mobile app. Webkul has also helped me set up my email and have been excellent in support.

      What do you think is it a good time to go online?

      Now is a great time to go online for business. There has never been such a great time to be an entrepreneur.

      What market segment you are trying to capture?

      Small to medium-sized businesses.

      Also if you want to share something specific about your business please don’t hesitate to provide.

      My business offers a range of options including a responsive website and e-commerce website builds, SEO, digital marketing and lead generation. We project manage and run many clients with digital marketing strategies.

      Magento Adobe Commerce
      Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2
      Magento 2 AWS Speed and Security Optimization
      Magento 2 Marketplace Australia Post Shipping
      Magento 2 Business Directory