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      About the client -

      Lockers Unlimited supports the community in more ways than one. As a small business in Charlotte, NC they understand the importance of supporting local business and enterprise. Lockers Unlimited is committed to providing a frictionless buying experience for its customers. For 30 years they have maintained exceptional service and quality by staying true to their core business. They have gained recognition as experts in their field by guiding their customers through the selection process.

       Lockers ulimited website view

      The difficulties that were encountered -

      Lockers Unlimited used manual syncing of data from QuickBooks to Salesforce like creating and updating customers, products, estimates, payments, and invoices which usually take 5-6 hours of time on a daily basis. It became very challenging for them to maintain track of these updated records on a regular basis.

      They need to spend hours of time analyzing the client information and comparing details with both the systems to decide the next step which leads to improper customer management and lower return on investment.

      Webkul's solution was ideal for them -

      After figuring out the pain points of the client, We configured the generic version of our QuickBook connector at the client’s end i.e eShopSync for QuickBooks

      The connector integrates QuickBooks with Salesforce and provides real-time data synchronization between them. It syncs all the relevant records like- customers, products, estimates, and invoices from QuickBooks to Salesforce on an auto-sync basis.

      Our real-time syncing added new customers to QuickBooks to get created in Salesforce and hence enabling the most updated client database in Salesforce.

      Results that Lockers Unlimited got -

      The client doesn’t need to create or update anything manually and all the relevant records like- customers, products, estimates, payments, and invoices are automatically synchronized in real-time from QuickBooks to Salesforce after the integration of the generic version of the QuickBooks connector.

      Now it will become very easy for them to keep track of huge records on a regular basis which gives them the power to target customers in real-time those having unpaid invoices or the customers having an outstanding balance.

      The eShopSync for QuickBooks integration helps our client in real-time data syncing and also we provide free installation, configuration, and support from our end.

      Finally, Webkul delivered the results they were hoping for. And the Lockers Unlimited became a happy, satisfied customer.

      To know more about the applications and services we offer, do check our eShopSync

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