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      Horecaworld is the fastest-growing Catering equipment and Home Appliances company in the Netherlands, Europe. They sell catering and kitchen related products for a long time. Now, Horecaworld started the selling of goods online.

      landing page

      Horecaworld provides the free shipping of the products in the Netherlands and Belgium. They delivered the products within 24 to 48 hours with a minimum one year warranty.

      Horecaword started its e-commerce business on the Magento 1 platform. Horecaword deals with a large number of products. Nowadays, it is difficult to manage a large number of products manually. It takes a lot of time and cost to manage a large number of products manually.



      Horecaword is looking for a PIM solution for Magento. Finally, they founded the solution as Akeneo Magento connector. First, They test the Webkul live demo module and founds that it meets their requirements.


      Issues and Customization

      Laurens from Horecaword purchased Akeneo Magento connector. After purchasing this connector, he got some Akeneo configuration issue. He raised the ticket for the issue. Webkul resolves each and every issue efficiently.

      Laurens marked the first issue as:

      “We are facing some problem with importing and exporting. We are stuck with the screen starting.”

      Webkul checked his issue and found that he was getting the issue due to the job-queue daemon. Webkul suggested him to run the daemon command to the Akeneo installation directory.

      php bin/console akeneo:batch:job-queue-consumer-daemon

      Next time, the issue is raised by the Dominique from Horecaworld. He is facing the issue due to incorrect mapping of product attribute.

      “For the testing proposal, we add some custom values like the height, and width of a product the values are filled in Akeneo. For some reason the won’t export to Magento, also the image export to Magento won’t work.”


      Webkul provides custom attribute mappings in Akeneo Magento connector. Webkul suggests him to export the custom attributes with the help of custom attribute mapping. Now, all the issue had been fixed.

      Horecaword had some requirements. They want the customization of the connector to send the product data in admin panel without underscores. They mentioned it on the ticket.

      “For some reason, the admin field contains the underscore how can we set up the import that it will import only values without the underscore.”

      attributes information

      Webkul first understands the customization and then work on it. Webkul provides an option in the connector to export the option label/option code to Magento.

      magento 1 connector

      Magneto PDF Support customization

      Horecaword had even more need. After the success of the first customization, they need another customization to send the product files(pdf) along with the products. They raised the requirement over the ticket.

      “Default Magento does not provide the file type attribute. Create a file type of the attribute in Akeneo and export the file in Magento1. The jvs_fileattribute extension is installed in Magento1.”

      Webkul looked into the requirements. Webkul created an API for Magento1 to export the product files from Akeneo to Magento. The new customization is working fine for Horecaworld.

      Akeneo CRON Scheduler Module

      Horecaworld now wants to automate his export process and they are looking for a solution. Finally, they got the solution as Akeneo CRON Scheduler at Webkul store.


      After purchasing the module, they have the requirements to export the products after every five minutes. They mentioned it over the ticket.

      “Customization for Setup a cron when the product is updated in Akeneo it will export every 5 min to Magento?”

      CRON Customization

      Webkul did the customization to export the product to Magento with the CRON scheduler after every 5 minutes.

      Create Cron

      Webkul responded to their tickets and solve their problems quickly. Now all the issue has been resolved.

      Client Review

      Dominique also posted a positive review on Webkul store and gave 5/5 ratings. You can read the feedback below or visit the link –

      Excellent guys to work with

      “These guys did a amazing job for our company, customisation request are done within 2 days. Also there support is very professional and fast. Many thanks!”

      Dominique Beugelsdijk


      Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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