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      The newly established online marketplace provides people with access to a vast selection of health care products.

      Majorly intended to assist you in achieving your desired lifestyle aspirations at the minimum possible expenses.


      To ensure that you have all you need to stay fit is right at your disposal with Traditional vitamins, herbs, holistic oils, and more.

      It features the products you’re looking for and ones you simply won’t find anywhere else.


      Webkul is once again thrilled to disclose how again its e-commerce solutions proved to be effective in building a cost-effective and technically modern platform but this time for a healthcare startup.

      Read the complete success story to find out more about how Webkul’s OpenCart solution helped to build the marketplace mobile app and other implementations on the web app.

      Inspired By Need, Backed By A Healthtech Revolution

      The world faced a pandemic like never before with so many lives at stake because shortages of medical supplies made it clear how important the availability of medical stocks and supplies is.

      People have faced this before as well when you have to wait in a queue for long and end up not able to buy the medicines you are looking for.

      Here, comes an online marketplace solution like ipharmerci where various merchants can offer their services and healthcare-based products.


      Introducing ipharmerci Android/iOS App - Developed By Webkul

      As we know how people are more comfortable buying products online via a mobile app on the go rather than a web application.

      Ipharmerci utilized this opportunity and connected with our support team looking for ultimate solutions based on the OpenCart platform.

      This is how Webkul began the building of an intuitive yet well-designed application for the ipharmerci marketplace.


      Few standard salient features of the app that well differentiates it from every other such platform are:

      • Seller Dashboard helping merchants to check their order history on the go using the ipharmerci mobile app itself.
      • All the transactions between the admin and the seller with their date of addition, description, and amount.
      • Customers can check the seller profiles on the ipharmerci app and view details such as location, added reviews, products, and about the shop.

      Healthcare Startups To Watchout From Singapore

      A complete government-funded and managed healthcare infrastructure is fragile and unable to meet the demands of the increase in ordinary wellness requirements of people.

      Moreover, this fails an economy as a huge surplus expenditure is a big cost in countries like Singapore where very few doctors are present for the current population.

      Relying on healthcare startups is a good choice as it improves the potential of the healthcare system.


      There are currently multiple online platforms involved aggressively in building a better future for themselves and the quality of services that people can achieve through the medium.

      MiRXES is a biotechnology firm whose goal is to enhance and save lives by providing diseases early detection.

      Zenyum offers its customers complete online dental solutions such as invisible braces, gel, and more at a very low price.

      ObvioHealth is a global digital health platform and organization providing real-world digital clinical trials that deliver better data insights.

      NTUC Health provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of quality and affordable health and eldercare services in Singapore.

      Facebook & Google Login/Signup For Web & Mobile App

      The customers of the ipharmerci marketplace store can now enjoy easy login and sign-up process Webkul’s social login feature integration helped customers to avoid the usage of the manual login process.

      The owner of the ipharmerci store was able to promote customers to register easily on the platform and conveniently log in every time they wish to, on mobile/web app both.


      The Domain of Services iPharmerci Marketplace Offers

      The prime message the startup expresses with its ideology showcased in its name is pharmacy with thanks which is Merci in French language and it becomes ipharmerci.

      As gradually moving forward and growing in terms of more and more trusted users joining the marketplace the tagline goes so apt with the brand “Embrace health and embrace life”.

      There are almost no such startups that are currently providing their products and services in all the fields including medical, beauty, fitness and more.


      Promote Bulk Purchase Using Tier Based Pricing

      At the request of the client, we have added the volume discounts feature on the product and the cart page in the mobile app and the web app as well.

      This is simply a tier-based pricing rule added by ipharmerci admin it helps their customers now it can be added on any selected product.

      Enter the number of products or quantities in the shopping cart manually. This seems to be a very simple feature but adds a lot of ease for users. We have added this custom feature to the ipharmerci mobile app.


      Connect For Updates Using Integrated Telegram Channel

      A rare but interesting feature was added in the ipharmerci web application by our tech teams that enable users to join the ipharmerci Telegram channel.

      Why the client wanted to add is pretty much clear that users can become a part of the community of users where they are also updated about the latest product listings and offers.

      To connect any user can click the Telegram icon made available on all the pages of the ipharmerci web app.


      Responsive Design Based App Supported For Mobile & Tab

      Considering the normal scenario in Singapore only people do use a multitude of different devices with different screen sizes and ratios.

      Expecting the fact that the ipharmerci app users may also have different devices in use, but as a developer, Webkul is dedicated to bringing a common solution.

      The ipharmerci marketplace is a fully native app designed for use on a particular device and its OS has the capability to use device-specific hardware and software.

      Moreover, the responsive design accommodates itself with device type and gives the users of the ipharmerci app an optimized view supported for mobile and tab.


      Product Quick View Popup With Embedded Product Page Link

      Another, excellent and unique custom added functionality by Webkul on the web app quick view product options on the category page.

      Now, a user on the ipharmerci web app can view the product popup by simply clicking on the quick view button.

      Since the quick view button is visible only when a user hovers on the product image, it also doesn’t hamper the store's layout.


      What if a customer on the ipharmerci app wishes to view the product page we have embedded a view icon a user may simply click to be redirected to the particular product page.

      ipharmerci web app users may also close the popup by clicking the ESC button clicking outside the popup or simply hitting the close icon.


      Use ipharmerci App to Book Beauty & Wellness Services

      These customizations are the prime aspect of the complete ipharmerci app as customers can book offered services like appointments and rental bookings.

      Currently, major online booking services present is beauty, personal coach, baby & children care.

      The Sellers can offer customers a variety of services using this online booking and reservations on the ipharmerci app. It allows convenient booking types such as below:

        • Make Several bookings for the same day.
        • One booking for a number of days.
        • Customer time-based booking.
        • Appointment bookings.
        • Rental & event bookings.

        Moreover, Webkul has developed a user-friendly workflow for advanced booking, so the users can make bookings with ease by simply clicking a book, choosing a slot, and making payments.


        Incorporating Multi-Tenant Advertisement

        You heard it right the sellers at ipharmerci can promote their products on the app giving them an edge and helping more customers find out about their commodities.

        When a customer clicks on an advertised product and buys it, this is referred to as a Sale via Ads.

        With the help of REST API, all the customizations, features, functionalities available on the Opencart marketplace store were replicated on the Mobile App via customization such as for this feature.


        Select Preferred Language/Currency For Browsing & Shopping

        Four languages English, Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese are the enabled languages on the ipharmerci app.

        This is extremely vital considering that among these four English and Chinese are spoken by so many inhabitants of the country.

        The users may simply fetch the app in any of these desired languages just by clicking on them.

        Moreover, we have also provided multi-currency support which can be used to compare prices and complete transactions by selecting a specific currency.


        Import Products From OpenCart Aliexpress Dropship Module

        Like every new marketplace, ipharmerci also faced the challenge of running the online store with an ample amount of inventory.

        That too when you are dealing with healthcare-based products is a little rough initially. The owner solved this problem with the help of the Aliexpress dropship extension.


        The owner hosts a completely separate category called promotions where all the products imported from Aliexpress are being featured.

        This helped customers to search and find products associated with healthcare in one place via ipharmerci.

        Webkul’s developers integrated this plugin in the ipharmerci web application and in the mobile app through customization.


        Inside TranzGO, The Parent Company of ipharmerci

        The most dedicated Entrepreneur Jason Tan CEO & Founder at TRANZGO PTE LTD and the owner of ipharmerci marketplace have been with us from the beginning of this unprecedented health tech project.


        With the Covid-19 epidemic impacting the healthcare industry, the need to leap on the digital transformation trend and adopt technological measures is critical.

        In a nutshell, healthcare startups like ipharmerci are the future of hospitality and medicine. Moreover, the business has got everything on its bucket when it comes to technology.

        It will be a proud and rejoicing moment for Webkul to watch it becoming successful, from being developed from scratch and most importantly solving eminent problems of its users.

        Download The iPharmerci Mobile App

        You can download and check out the ipharmerci mobile app on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablets from Google Play and App Store.

        Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners.

        However, if you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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