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      Smart Wheel Canada (also known as Smart Wheels) is a forerunner in the self-balancing technology, personal transportation equipment, electric mobility scooters, and hoverboards industries. Smart Wheel is a proudly Canadian company that is widely recognized as the first of its type one-stop solution operation and a leader in the personal transportation market in North America. Two essential components of the company's strength are high-quality items and knowledgeable and experienced personnel.

      Their team is always available to help you assist in the selection of products handling after-sales support as well as handling warranty services. From helmets and accessories to new transportation devices, it’s their goal to get you moving in the way that works best for you.

      Smart Wheel Canada specializes in self-balancing and electric mobility equipment repair services. Their tech crew enjoys tinkering with things. Whether you bought it from them or not, they can fix it and make it run like new, from folding scooters to Segways to electric skateboards.

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      Website developed using BigCommerce:

      BigCommerce is a prominent Open SaaS (hosted platform) that was founded in 2009 in the United States and has since helped many merchants over many countries to start, innovate, and grow their companies online.

      BigCommerce comes with a slew of useful features and sales tools built-in. Furthermore, it continues to develop new features and upgrade current ones in order to improve the client experience. As a result, BigCommerce is well-suited to organizations that are rapidly expanding and seeking to operate at scale.

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      Smart Wheel:

      “ Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together ”, The team at Smart Wheels was already doing good in their segment but having thought of growing more in their mind, they wanted a solution that can easily integrate with their existing store and allow multiple sellers to sell their products from their storefront. Here, The BigCommerce Multivendor Marketplace comes into the picture.

      BigCommerce Multivendor Marketplace by Webkul helped them in allowing sellers from different locations to sell their products. With the help of this application, they can increase their ways of gaining more business i.e By charging a commission on selling of products from the store sellers and also for seller plans.

      After expanding their business, the Smart Wheel needed some customization and reached Webkul for the same, the customization was in the Accounting section they wanted to manage accounting part i.e., commissions and transactions as per their business needs. After having discussions with the Smart Wheel team, the Webkul team provided the customization accordingly and hence converted Smart Wheel into its happy customer.  

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