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      About Company

      Henry Collier along with his two sons founded matchless motorcycles in 1899. The historic motorcycle race championship; The tourist trophy won by Charles Collier in 1907 still runs today on the Isle Of Man.

      The oldest British brand of motorcycles launched its first men and women outwear collection in 2013. The brand specialises in getting the clothing accessories ready which fulfills and style and combination of motorcycling and design.


      Headquartered at Treviso, Veneto, the company also own a webshop selling clothing accessories and spreading information on the legacy. The webshop is built on the Shopify platform which maintains the product catalog of more than 700 products and beautiful UI.

      Due to a wide variety of collection and descriptive information for each product the company finds it difficult to manage their product data from the Shopify platform. This led them to use PIM solution like Akeneo which allows easy product data management and enrichment.


      Alessandro, the co-founder of a digital company working on their website were looking for the connector to connect Akeneo with the Shopify store which bumped them into Shopify Akeneo Connector.

      The connector is fully integrated with Import and Export functionality along with the creation of various export job according to the requirement and filtering the data needed to be exported based on certain conditions


      In the initial stages of connector installation, Alessandro faced an issue in exporting products from Akeneo to Shopify. Webkul after initial guidance solved the issue as soon as it was raised. Webkul also helped with exporting images and product model from Akeneo to the store.

      After being fully satisfied with the issue resolution, Alessandro appreciated the quick response of Webkul team and provided the feedback.

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      Excellent base connector

      This is an excellent connector with standard configuration, they help us to configure and check issue with our particular configuration and resolve some of this.

      Alessandro Scavella
      Alessandro Scavella
      Fermo Area, Italy

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