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      JoDealz is the unique online shopping website and APP in Jordan, it provides a distinctive purchase experience, as the user finds all his needs from the latest fashion designs, electronics, family, home, sports, books, and car accessories.

      Home page

      Also, they provide a service to display products of companies and individuals who aspire from. Through it to support the societies by creating safe and reliable shopping platforms for the vendors that help them reach thousands of customers and guarantee them additional material revenues for them.

      Social Login Integration in Jodealz

      Jodealz is using Opencart Social Login extension at the time of login/registration to ease the process of sign up for the customers. With the help of this extension now the customers need not to enter the username and password again and again. The customers can sign up on the website by using social networks like - Facebook, Twitter, and Google. 

      Social Login

      OpenCart Marketplace Integration in Jodealz

      Jodealz is using Opencart Marketplace to allow customers to become a vendor and sell their products online.


      Jodealz allows the vendor to add their products and manage sales records of their products. The vendors can also view the graphical representation of the sales records and can even view the total number of buyers for their products.


      How Jodealz is Using OpenCart Marketplace Report System?

      OpenCart Marketplace Report System is the best extension for the proper management of the sale reports, product reports, transactions, and income. Currently, Jodealz is using this extension to keep track of the sales, transaction, products, and income reports.

      Sales Report

      Even this extension also allows the admin/vendors of the Jodealz to view the reports in the form of graphical representation for a better understanding of the information.

      RTL Support

      As the company natively belongs to an Arab nation, so having RTL support is a must feature that helps Jodealz to greatly increase their market and RTL supports helps the Arab customer in a better understanding of the website so that they can easily understand product information and can place the order without getting panic.

      RTL Support

      Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace works fine with all languages including RTL and LTR. That's why Jodealz is using OpenCart Marketplace. 

      Opencart Mobile App

      Jodealz is using OpenCart Mobile App for its Android and Ios mobile app. Opencart Mobile App has lots of features including an attractive homepage showing the banner slider, categories, and some popular products.

      Mobile app

      The Jodealz customers can search for a product, add to wishlist, update account information, read reviews, and also proceed towards an easy to use checkout process by using the Jodelaz mobile app.

      Jodealz Mobile App Customization for Category Carousel

      Jodealz wanted to customize their mobile app in such a way that the categories carousel will appear on the home page of the mobile app and to implement this customization on the mobile app Jodealz approached Webkul.

      category carousel

      Webkul has implemented the customization and now on the Jodealz mobile app multiple carousels will appear on the home page based on the categories means for different categories separate carousels are present on the home page of Jodelaz Mobile App.

      Jodealz Mobile App Customization for Adding Mobile Number

      Another customization Jodealz wanted is to add mobile number when customers register with Facebook. Webkul implemented this customization on Jodealz mobile app.

      add phone number

      Now, whenever the customer registers on the mobile app of Jodealz by using facebook then a pop-up will appear to insert the mobile number. With this customization now the customers need not to insert the mobile number as the mobile number will get added at the time of Facebook registration.

      You can find the Jodelaz Mobile App from the below links - 

        Special Services

        Special Services And great technical support service Nice team greetings to you all

        Khaled J. Ahmad

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