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      The MessinaShop project was ideated and developed entirely in Messina with the desire to involve and enhance the shops of the metropolitan area.

      The brand's main aim is to offer the widest range of products sold by traders in the area, guaranteeing customers comfort and convenience.

      And, to achieve its dream to include all local traders of the area, The shop with the help of multiple sellers offers a wide range of products to the customers.

      Setting Up a Marketplace

      The brand’s vision was to provide such a facility that local traders of the Messina area could easily onboard the marketplace & start selling their products.

      They also wanted to provide all those features to a seller that provides autonomy in the management of products/orders & at the same time an ability to manage everything to the marketplace owner too.

      Messina Shop

      With the Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace module, it was easily achieved. The brand's vision of providing a place where all the local traders could list their products was realising slowly.

      Messina Shop

      Hyperlocal Marketplace

      The main objective of the brand before opening such a marketplace was only to onboard all the sellers of the Messina area & offer all the products by them in a single place.

      The Hyperlocal marketplace also works quite like this only. They enlist all the shops of their surrounding area on the eCommerce store & let them sell their products on the store.

      Our Marketplace Hyperlocal System module helped the brand in providing functionality that is not only user-friendly but the feature that they exactly wanted for their marketplace.

      The customers were easily able to check the sellers & the products offered by them for a particular zip code. This made the buying process even easier & convenient.

      Messina Shop

      Product Availability Check Helped Customers A Lot

      It is usually seen that on an eCommerce platform, many customers order products that are not deliverable to their place of residence because of multiple reasons.

      In such scenarios, sellers fulfilling the order face many difficulties as they can not even commit to delivering the order & can also not cancel the order abruptly.

      As canceling the order may infuriate the customer & he/she may not come back again to the shop.

      So, to avoid such cases, the brand offered their customers to check for the deliverability of the product using zip code at the initial level only. Our PrestaShop Marketplace Zipcode Validator module helped the brand in achieving exactly the same functionality.

      Messina Shop

      Separate Orders For Each Seller

      This is very unique functionality & was very much desirable for the brand. As this brand was facilitating sales through its sellers of the local Messina area, it was quite necessary to assign each product order to its respective sellers only.

      Our Marketplace Cart and Order Split module was able to provide exactly the functionality that the brand needed. Using this module, the customers of the marketplace were able to view the seller-wise products in the cart as well as two separate orders were created for easy management.

      Sellers were also able to manage their own products order easily and effectively. So, this is how our efforts made it possible for the brand to integrate multiple functionalities to increase efficiency & scale their business.

      Also, the advancement in the field of eCommerce has made it very accessible & at the same time very competitive.

      Thus, to keep up with the ongoing trend & be in the competition, one must make his/her webshop featureful & attractive.

      To know more about the extensions & services we offer, do check our PrestaShop development services & vast range of featureful PrestaShop Addons.

      Disclaimer: Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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