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      Okini Land is a Japanese online shop owned by Voyage GK created in 2019. They offer a wide range of action figures, video games, trading cards, goods, and retro. Customers can find trading cards and merchandise representing anime, video games, or cartoon characters on the website.

      Okini Land

      Company's Mission

      The demand for action figures and toys is growing at a rapid pace. Because of the incessant demand for these merchandise, several unreliable operators deal in duplicate and substandard toys and games. Okini Land aims to provide authentic action figures and merchandise to customers worldwide.

      Why Okini Land Needed Prestashop Pre Order?

      Despite the best efforts from merchants, the products in an eCommerce store can go out of stock. Product unavailability in eCommerce can be due to several reasons. There can be logistics problems, inventory management, major supplier delays, lack of funds to purchase new inventory, or some other factors that are out of retailers' control.

      Stockouts can be common for businesses that deal in thousands of products. Okini Lands wanted to offer the pre-order option on their products so their customers can have the opportunity to purchase the products that are temporarily out of stock or yet to arrive in the market.

      With our Prestashop Pre-Order module, Okini Land can now sell the items that are not yet released or out of stock at the moment. Customers can now reserve the products in advance before they are officially available by paying the full or partial amount.

      Okini Land

      A countdown timer is displayed on the product page showing the number of days and time after which the product will be available for purchase. Customers can pre-order their favorite products and once available the products are shipped to the customer.

      To pre-order an item on Okini Land, customers just need to click on the PREORDER NOW button and follow the regular order procedure.

      Okini Land

      Okini Land wanted to manage pre-order quantities (sold or remaining) separately. For this, two new tabs: stocks and movements were added. With these tabs, the admin can view data related to the quantities available for pre-order, quantities that have been reserved, and the total quantity for preorder.

      While creating a pre-order, the client wanted a rule-based pricing feature to manage the price of a pre-order product. Now, the admin can set discounts in terms of percentage and specify the quantity for which the discount will be applicable. The pre-order price will be calculated as per the set discount percentage.

      Also, they were facing a few issues on their website due to a third-party shipping module. Our team of experienced developers did bug diagnosis and fixed the issues.

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