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      ZOOM optics - measurement of diopters and intraocular pressure - production of dioptric glasses - grinding into new and own frames - glasses service.


      Objectives of the Association

      We have gone through something, we are still walking and the goals of the ZOOM optika Bratislava association are given:

      • Raise awareness of good vision in Slovakia.
      • Avoid unintentional eye damage by using unsuitable glasses.
      • Actively prevent visual impairment by screening for diopters and intraocular pressure.
      • Inform people about the news in the world of optics and how they can help them.
      • Save residents time on travel and waiting.

      Contribute to the general well-being and satisfaction of Slovaks.

      Association for Help

      Of course, joining the crowd is just crying and doing nothing for change - that's pub politics. We engaged the unit and slowly moved away. We set our ears and eyes in the direction from which these painful confessions of people came, and we began to act.

      The idea of combining what we are good at with what would benefit people has resulted in a hopeful attempt. We founded an association, we equipped the car with devices and we went to the people in the most remote Slovak parts.

      What are we actually doing?

      We visit Slovak municipalities at regular intervals and measure diopters and intraocular pressure-free of charge on the spot. Without traveling and waiting, people can immediately find out how they are doing with their eyes and let them know what they should do with the problem.

      Do I have good glasses? Is my eye pressure OK? What are cylinders? Why should I wear optics glasses? Why do glasses cost so much? Do I have to go to the doctor if I want new glasses? We answer, direct, explain and inform about everything that today allows and brings. What can be helped easily and simply? What doesn't have to be repaid by sacrificing nerves or life energy?

      Advertising for ZOOM Optics

      Of course, for people who want to really improve their bad vision, we will contact our opticians in Bratislava and give a procedure on how to get to precise glasses.

      ZOOM optics will equip them, supply the association with diesel and we can go further, the circle is closed… People learn about good vision and optics and we learn the life stories and problems of ordinary people from different parts of Slovakia.

      How Webkul’s Virtual Try-On module helped ZOOM optics?

      As Zoom Optics is a running online spectacle shop thus, Virtual Try-On functionality is something that can add charm to the website.

      Every one or the other person wants to try the frame on his/her face before making the actual purchase. Hence, this module i.e. PrestaShop Virtual Try-On do exactly the same. It will help you to provide the feature of virtual try-on of products to your customers.

      Filip wanted to add this same functionality to his website in order to provide a better interface to the customers, thus he proceeded with the purchase of this module.


      How Webkul helped ZOOM optics in achieving its Business Needs?

      After purchasing the PrestaShop Virtual Try-On module from Webkul, Filip later realized that he needs to add some more functionality to the module in order to make it more useful for the customers.

      He reached out to us with his customized requirements and we like always helped him with his requirements and provided him with his desired functionalities. Let’s talk about one of the additional features that he wanted to add.

      Currently in the module, when the customer opens the product page then in order to try that product on his face, he needs to upload the photo or capture it from the camera. On every product, he has to do the same i.e. upload the photo or capture from the camera.

      Filip wanted to ease this process by reusing the same image on every product such that the customer does not have to every time capture the image or upload it. Webkul implemented the same and delivered it to the client in a very short span of time.

      Client Review

      You guys would be glad to know that Filip also rated us on our Store for the amazing work that was delivered to him from the WEBKUL team. Here is the review he posted.

      “The Virtual Try-On

      The Virtual Try-On is a very useful simple add-on allowing our customers to see themselves in new glasses. The Webkul support team was very helpful and made fine adjustments quickly to adapt to our needs. Very good communication! Recommend.”

      Filip Malenka
      Filip Malenka

      Disclaimer: Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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