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      Pixelatoy is a Spain-based online store of collectables for action figures, manga, statues, cinema, pop culture, and toys. Customers who like to collect action figures or merchandise can find their favourite products here. The company ships the products to over 40 countries.


      Why Pixelatoy Needed Prestashop Pre-Order?

      One of the things that are better about online shopping is that customers can visit your eCommerce store anytime, browse their favourite products, and add them to the wishlist for a later purchase.

      Even if the products are not in stock, the merchants can edit photos of their products alongside short descriptions and feature them on their websites.


      An online store dealing in hundreds or thousands of products can run out of inventory for several reasons and it's not always the shop owner's fault. Unexpected surges in consumer demand, poor inventory management, production delays, delivery issues, lack of funds to purchase new inventory, etc can cause stockouts.

      With Pre Order, the merchants can offer the products on their websites that are not yet available for sale but will be at a future date.

      Pixelatoy wanted to offer pre-orders on the items that are yet to be released or are out of stock at the moment.

      With Prestashop Pre Order, they can now sell the out-of-stock and coming soon products. Customers can pay a deposit or pay the full amount to reserve the products. The customers will be assured that the products won't sell out, and they will receive them once available.


      Our Prestashop Pre-Order module supports full, partial, and dynamic payment. In case of partial payment, a customer can pay a fraction of the product amount to reserve a product. Later, the customer has to come to the site (when the pre-order product is available) to complete the payment however, in the case of the Full payment type, a customer pays the full product amount to pre-order the product.

      For Pixelatoy, we customized the module by allowing the customers to buy a full-price pre-order, in a similar way as it is with pre-orders with partial payment items.

      Also, the client wanted to replace the "Add to Cart" button with the "View" button on the pre-order product page once the quantity of a pre-order product is booked. We did customization according to which the "Add to Cart" gets disabled and the "Notify Me" button is shown on the pre-order product page once the quantities of a pre-order product are reserved.

      This way client shared a few more requirements with us that we successfully delivered.

      Client Review

      We asked the client to share his valuable feedback about our Prestashop Pre-Order module and support. He was satisfied with our module and the support provided by the team. Read the complete insight here

      Fantastic module

      The module is fantastic and the developers are the best I've met at PS Addons. They know what they do. 100% recommended. Thank you!

      Jesús Jiménez Benítez

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