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      About Company

      With more than 40 years of experience, POL is a family business unit in Netherland started in 1968 and comprising about 60 employees. The company is the leader in supplying equipment in the area of traffic and safety ranging from street assigns to LED notice boards.

      From giving advise to customised solutions to providing quality assurance on their products and safety, POL has maintained their excellent reputation in the market for many years.


      The company also maintains their own webshop with properly arranged in their defines category which makes it easier to search. The availability of large stock on webshop allows easy ordering and faster shipping with the help of your own transport.

      The company maintains their webshop on Magento 2 platform with over 1000 products. The platform seems to be helpful in inventory management, creating newsletters etc but the work of maintaining product information became a tedious job for the company.


      The company finally find their way in using Akeneo PIM solution to easily manage and enrich their product information. But they also need a connector which can connect their PIM platform with Magento so they can easily export product to their platform.

      Jeroen Egbertzen and his company were working on their website and using Pimgento connector which did not work out for them. At last, they got their hands on Webkul Magento 2 Akeneo Connector. The connector allows them to easily import products from Magento to Akeneo. They can harmonise the products with attributes and categories and again export them back to their store.


      They also got some issues while installing the connector. Webkul responded to their ticket in no time and got the issue resolved quickly. After that Webkul also helped Jeroen in fixing another issue like importing products and with some customisation. He finally shared with us his experience.

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      Great module, easy to get started

      We used Pimgento first but that did not work properly. Now using Magento 2 Akeneo Connector and it runs great. Had some issues but Webkul helped instantly. Great service.

      Jeroen Egbertzen
      Jeroen Egbertzen

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