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      About the client:-

      Forrest Solution is the nation’s first and leading onsite outsourcing and staffing firm providing enterprise-wide people solutions on an onsite outsourced, direct-hire, temporary, temp-to-hire, or consulting basis.

      Forrest Solution’s leadership team are industry experts who have introduced transformative solutions to thousands of the world’s best-known brands and created tens of thousands of career opportunities.

      forrest solution

      The challenges came across -

      Using Salesforce and Mailchimp independently for campaigns was difficult to manage and this is the major challenge that Forrest Solutions was facing. The main problem was with the data syncing for their Mailchimp along with segment, Member, Subscriber, and Tags data within Salesforce CRM.

      Due to the limitations in Mailchimp event API, They were not able to synchronize the data in real-time which leads to difficulty in managing and optimizing the campaign.

      They were also looking to sync subscriber activities in the campaign directly from the Salesforce contact record like -

      1- When someone unsubscribes themselves from the campaign

      2- When the subscriber is assigned a tag and segment.

      3- Creating a campaign and assigning a recipient.

      4- When someone clicks/opens an email and it is not possible to sync the data in real-time.

      Results Forrest Solutions got after using MailChimp Salesforce Integration-

      After knowing the pain points of the client, We provided the solution for real-time data integration between Mailchimp and Salesforce i.e ChimpConnect

      ChimpConnect acts as a bridge between Mailchimp and Salesforce and it becomes a savior for them.

      With the help of our application, they can easily sync the segment and subscribers. We provided a way to keep track of subscribers' assigned tags and segments.

      They are now able to assign the subscriber with the export to Mailchimp button on the ChimpConnect campaign.

      They can easily assign the right set of audiences as per the marketing campaign using segmentation in the campaign.

      We also provided the feature of monitoring the campaign report i.e open, clicks, send, count, etc.

      The following are the outcomes that Forrest Solutions obtained:-

      With the help of our application i.e ChimpConnect, They are now able to easily manage the campaigns and optimize as per the needs.

      ChimpConnect served all the major challenges they were facing while using Salesforce and Mailchimp independently.

      The cost-effectiveness keeping in mind the budget constraint of our client makes ChimpConnect a better solution for syncing real-time data between Salesforce and Mailchimp.

      Finally, Webkul was able to help them achieve their marketing objectives.

      What’s ahead for eShopSync:-

      In collaboration with different eCommerce platforms like- Shopify, Magento, etc., eShopSync is the next generation application to extend the limits of eCommerce to the CRM boundaries.

      eShopSync is a splendid application that puts your eCommerce store not only in the reach of CRM but also helps in achieving more revenue and customer satisfaction.

      eShopSync promises to provide business-oriented solutions to the clients with our various product offerings. With a vision of serving customers to make them advance in technologies to help them grow fast, We are developing and delivering more robust solutions to our customers.

      To know more about the applications and services we offer, do check our eShopSync

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      Salesforce MailChimp Integration