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    UVdesk Open Source ToDo List App

    This module allows the ticket handling agents to create a ToDo task list on every ticket and can mark the task once it is done.

    • Create a ToDo task list on tickets.

    • Can create multiple ToDo lists for every ticket of the same client.

    • Can manage all the previous ticket records in one place.

    • The ticket agent can mark the to-do list work once it is done.

    • Reduce the chances of missing up tasks.


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    UVdesk Open Source ToDo List App: When the support staff has enormous tickets, then the support staff may miss an important point for any ticket which may be needed to resolve the issue or the support staff can also make a list of work that needs to be done on that ticket to fix the issue.

    To use this module first, you must have to install UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk.

    UVdesk Open Source ToDo List App

    Highlighted Features

     Add Multiple Task

    The admin can add multiple tasks on a particular ticket as required.

     Reduce Missing Task

    By using this no task will be missed or skipped, manage all the work in a proper way.

     Prioritize Your Tasks

    You can manage all your tasks as per priorities.

     Easy Adding Task

    You can add any task to a particular ticket as per your requirement or work pressure.

    Why ToDo List App?

    This will allow the admin to do the task on a particular ticket on a priority basis. This app allows you to manage all the work in a sequence manner no more missing tasks will there.

    Making Task List

    Admin can manage their task by making a complete list of tasks on which needs to work upon. By using this app you will make a bucket of your work which is very helpful for completing the tasks in a sequence way.

    • Easily manage and properly fixed up all the queries.
    • Makes work easy.
    • Easily manage and perform all the tasks without any failure.
    Making Task List

    Easy and Simple to Use

    Admin can easily manage the working tasks which are recorded in the ToDo list.

    • Easily manage by admin or support agent.
    • Perform all the tasks in a sequence manner.
    • Keep a record of all the pending tasks in a particular place i.e. ToDo list.
    Easy and Simple to Use

    Fixed & Resolved all Tasks

    If the tasks are ticket-related, this prevents the tickets from being closed until all the tasks within the ticket are completed.

    • Helped admin and agents to completely work on that particular task until tasks on that particular task were not resolved.
    • Keep a directory of all the tasks which to do.
    • Helpful for completely resolved and quick fix the issues.

    Smart Working Way

    It will work smarter and in an efficient way. You will be in touch with your tasks on a particular ticket, no more missing tasks will be there.

    • Can manage your work in a smarter way.
    • Helpful in providing the best support to customers without missing any of the queries.
    • Keep your customers happy as they get resolved all their queries.

    UVdesk  Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0
    Released2 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 28, 2022 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsUVDesk  1.0.16  1.1.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can we able to delete the task if required?
    Yes, surely you can delete the task from your ToDo app whenever you want, you are free to add or delete the task in the same list as per your own convenience.
     Is the added task in the ToDo app also visible to the customers?
    No, the added tasks in the ToDo app will only be visible to the admin or support staff end, only that person will be able to see or modify the same who is added to the task in the ToDo list.
     Is it necessary to download UVdesk to use this app?
    Yes, it is mandatory to download UVdesk Open source so that you are able to ToDo app accordingly.
     When the ToDo app is completely installed then what steps should I take for the further process?
    After successful installation of the app, you can find it at the top right corner of each ticket view, here you can added tasks as required.

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