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    WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM

    WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot is an Open AI-powered model that provides real-time answers to customer’s product queries and displays the answers in the chat window.

    • The plugin also makes it easy for the admin to create content for pages, products, and posts.

    • The admin can access chat history and view a real-time dashboard for the same.

    • Upload WooCommerce product data to the Vector database to train the chatbot.

    • Show ChatGPT chatbot on multiple WooCommerce storefront pages.

    • Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

    • OpenAI's latest GPT-3.5-Turbo, TEXT-DAVINCI-003 & TEXT-CURIE-001,2 LLM provides more contextually relevant responses.

    • Customize WooCommerce ChatGPT chatbot appearance with your brand.

    • Admin can create ChatGPT content for the posts, pages, and products from the backend.

    • Admin can view chat history between Chatbot and the users.

    Additional Info

    This module is compatible with WooCommerce’s new High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature.

    WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM
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    WooCommerce ChatGPT bot allows the admin to configure the chat box settings as required. The admin can allow both voice assistant and animation chat box. Apart from that, the admin can create ChatGPT content for posts, products, and pages by using custom content or voice content.

    The admin can view weekly and monthly user traffic over the chatGPT bot and also see the list of users and most asked product questions to the chatGPT bot. The customers can interact with the WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot using voice commands or animated chat to receive an instant response to their product-related queries. Also, if you want to have a live conversation with your customers, you can check the Social Chat for WooCommerce.

    WooCommerce Chatbot Using OpenAI ( ChatGPT ) LLM

    Highlighted Features of WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot

     Access Chat History

    It allows the admin to improve response over time and maintain consistency.

     Seamless Content Creation

    Admin can easily create and manage content for pages, posts, and products.

     Real-Time Product Queries

    Customers can ask questions about products and get instant answers from the Chatbot.

     Voice Assistance Integration

    Customers can use voice commands to ask questions from the WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot. Also, the admin can use voice commands to create posts, pages, and product content.

    Why Use WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot?

    Real-time response drives growth and improves the overall shopping experience for customers. An eCommerce business can utilize a ChatGPT Bot to respond to its customer queries.The WooCommerce ChatGPT bot enables the customers to interact naturally by asking product-related questions and accessing information via the Chatbot.

    Leveraging OpenAI's powerful natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, the chatbot ensures accurate and instant responses.The PineCone-powered framework allows you to upload your WooCommerce product data into the Vector database and then train your ChatGPT bot.The chatbot becomes an integral part of your store's front end, offering a user-friendly and interactive interface for customers to engage with without any wait time.

    WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot empowers businesses by providing instant answers to customer product queries.Also, if you want real-time direct communication between the admin and the buyers, you can check the Admin Buyer Chat for WordPress WooCommerce.

    WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot Settings

    The store admin will customize the appearance of the Chatbot window. Wherein, the admin will set the color of the chatbot window, and change the avatar icon, background image, and AI logo.

    Also, the admin can set the Chatbot name according to their brand identity.

    • Allow voice search and animation for the same.
    • Set the primary and secondary colors of the Chatbot window.
    • Enter the ChatBot name as per their choice.
    • Upload the ChatBot Avatar, Background image, and AI logo.
    • Allow background images for the admin conversation history.
    • Set the Chatbot position to either the left or right side.
    ChatBot Settings

    WooCoomerce ChatGPT Bot at Storefront

    The customer can ask product queries using voice search or by entering their query like - Do you have a beanie product? In the Chatbot window.

    Here, the AI-powered chatbot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide instant responses to customer's product queries.

    • Ask product-related questions using a Chatbot.
    • Use voice search to ask product-related queries.
    • Ask the price of a particular product.
    • View the product page of the store.
    ChatGPT at Storefront

    Generate Content using WooCommerce ChatGPT

    The admin can generate the page, posts, and product content on a number of topics. Admin can either generate the content using custom or voice option. Here, the admin will -

    • Select the number of topics.
    • Enter the keyword and click on the suggested topic to use the generated title.
    • If the admin chooses a custom topic option, then he will manually enter the title.
    • Select the number of sections and click on the recreate sections to generate the content for each section.
    • Generate the content, excerpt, and meta description.
    • After content creation, the admin will select the option of whether he wants to create content for the post, product, and page.
    Generate Content

    Conversation History of WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot

    The customer’s conversation with the Chatbot can be accessed by the store admin to get more insights about what the customers are searching for after landing on the storefront.

    Apart from that, the admin can access the chat log of the customers and the chatbot in the admin backend panel.

    • Choose a customer to access their chat history with Chatbot.
    • Select the date range to access the chat history.
    • Download the conversion history.
    Chat History

    WooCommerce Plugin Support

    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here You may also check our quality WooCommerce Plugins.


    Product Version2.0.0
    Released11 months ago
    Last UpdatedMay 29, 2024 (12 days ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  6.x.x  WooCommerce  8.x.x  Chat-GPT  3.5  4.0  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     How to set up an Open AI-powered Chatbot for a WooCommerce store?
    You can use the WooCommerce ChatGPT bot to set up an Open AI-powered virtual and voice assistant for the WooCommerce website.
     How can I monitor the WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot performance?
    The WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot comes with a real-time dashboard that provides insights into its performance and customer interactions.
     Which Large Language Model does the WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot use?
    The WooCommerce ChatGPT Bot uses the LLM GPT-3.5-Turbo, TEXT-DAVINCI-003 & TEXT-CURIE-001,2 model.
     How can I customize the ChatGPT Bot appearance for my store?
    The Store Owner can enable voice and virtual assistant. Also, customize the background image, primary color, AI logo, and ChatBot Avatar for their store.

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    Version 2.0.0
    • Update Chatbot UI.
    • Improve setup process pincone and chatbot.
    • Improve Chatbot Error Handling.
    • Added Smooth animations and transitions.
    • Added HPOS and wkwc addon compatibility.
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release