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    WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription

    WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription plugin allows admins and sellers to create and manage subscription products, thereby offering subscriptions to products.

    • Allow product subscriptions for marketplace sellers.

    • For subscription products, select the EMI frequency (daily/weekly/monthly).

    • The admin can manage stripe automatic EMI payments.

    • Sellers can easily track/manage customer subscriptions from their accounts.

    • Auto payment using Stripe on the subscribing product's next subscription EMI.

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    WooCommerce Marketplace Subscription allows admin and sellers to provide subscription products. It helps marketplace sellers offer product subscription features to their customers.

    Sellers can choose the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly) for a subscription product. Customers can subscribe to any product, and the products are automatically reordered before their delivery date.

    Customers can use subscription products and manage their subscriptions, payments, and renewals all in a single place. They can easily renew their subscribed orders in the given frequency of product, which makes shopping quicker.

    To accept automatic payments for subscription products, integrate your store with a secure Multi Vendor Stripe Payment for WooCommerce

    This is an add-on for the Webkul WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace, therefore, you must first install it.

    WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription

    Highlighted Features

     Create and Offer Subscription Products

    Both the admin and the sellers can create and offer different subscription products to the customers.

     Set EMI Frequency

    Both the admin and the sellers can set the frequency (day, month, or year) that fits best with each subscription product.

     Track Your Subscription

    Allow customers to manage their subscriptions directly from their accounts. They can check the status and details of subscriptions.

     Accepted Auto Payments

    It offers automated Stripe Payment on the next EMI payment of the subscribed product.

     Manage your subscription

    The admin can view all subscriptions for different subscription products, as well as a specific customer's payment details, like subscription EMIs.

     Compatible with HPOS

    WooCommerce Marketplace Subscription is compatible with the WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature.

    Why do we need WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription Plugin?

    WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription plugin is really important for online stores that want to sell subscription products from different sellers.

    This plugin helps sellers create and handle their own subscription products in the store. So, there's a wide variety of things for customers to choose from and buy regularly.

    Introducing a subscription option for any product can be highly advantageous for vendors.

    Many customers favor subscriptions over making repeated purchases. Products that are regularly needed are often preferred for subscription rather than buying them repeatedly.

    Add Subscription to Products

    WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription plugin allows admin and sellers to add their subscription product to the WooCommerce Marketplace

    • On the add/update product page, a new tab, "subscription product," is available.
    • An admin/seller can set the product's subscription via this tab.
    • An admin/seller can allow a subscription for the product and choose the frequency of EMI to offer to the product's customers.
    • The admin/seller can specify the EMI frequency in days, weeks, months, and years.
    Add Subscription to Products

    Subscription Management

    WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription plugin allows admin and sellers to view a list of the products to which the customers have subscribed.Also, they can check -

    • The subscription EMI list, number of installments, and payment status for the products you have subscribed to.
    • Check all the lists of subscription product orders placed by customers.
    • In the backend, under Subscribed Orders, you may track upcoming product EMIs.
    • In the backend, you can view a list of customers and subscriptions.
    Subscription Management

    WooCommerce Marketplace Subscription Configuration

    The admin can enable or disable the extension from the backend. After that, the admin can manage the other configurations, like:

    • Add button text for add to card, place orders, and renew orders.
    • Add the subscription ID length and prefix.
    • Add the number of days the installment payment link should have been active prior to the due date.
    • Set the sort order to show the payment method at checkout.
    WooCommerce Marketplace Subscription Configuration

    Checkout Via Stripe Gateway

    WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription plugin allows customers to pay with the Stripe payment method during the checkout process and can be used to place an order.

    To complete the transaction, customers must submit their credit card information.

    • Enter payment card information using the credit card type.
    • Customers can choose between Master, Visa, American, and Express card types.
    • You must input your card's security code or CVV code.
    • Enter the credit card's expiration date.
    Checkout Via Stripe Gateway


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released3 months ago
    Last UpdatedApril 17, 2024 (2 months ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  6.x.x  WooCommerce  8.x.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     What are subscription products in the WooCommerce Marketplace?
    In WooCommerce Marketplace, subscription products let sellers and admins add products that customers can buy regularly through a subscription plan.
      How do vendors manage their subscription products using WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin?
    WooCommerce Marketplace Subscription allows vendors to manage their subscription products through their vendor dashboard . From the dashboard, vendors can create, edit, and delete subscription products, as well as view orders and track their products.
     Can vendors offer different subscription plans for their products?
    Yes, vendors can set up multiple subscription plans for their products with different pricing, billing intervals, and other terms.
     Does the extension support automatic renewal of subscriptions?
    Yes, the extension supports automatic renewal of subscriptions. Using Stripe payment method, customers will be charged automatically according to their chosen billing cycle.
      Can customers manage their subscriptions?
    Yes, customers can manage their subscriptions through their WooCommerce accounts. They can check their upcoming EMI and pay them.
     In which frequencies can a subscription be offered?
    Admin/Sellers can offer the frequency of the subscription EMIs in an interval of days, weeks, months, and years.

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