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    Multi Vendor Velocity Theme for Woocommerce

    Multi Vendor Velocity Theme for Woocommerce: Woocommerce Velocity theme is the perfect theme for almost all the top business modules that provide a responsive and customizable view to the store owners. The owners will configure the frontend view according to their requirements. The view includes the mega menu, page footer, promotional ad banners, etc.


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    Multi Vendor Velocity Theme for Woocommerce: Woocommerce Velocity theme helps most of the store owners to make their store grow in the best way possible. It allows the admin to manage the appearances and the velocity theme settings too. The homepage settings will also be managed by the admin.

    The admin will also add the custom scripts in case any extra feature needs to be added. Rango icons make the store more attractive. The theme comes up with multiple promotional ads and the categories section. Multiple product carousels are also available for the customer. All the appearances are easily customizable from the admin end.

    Note – Velocity theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce Multi Vendor Extension.

    Highlighted Features

     Present Desirable Categories

    The admin will select any desired categories to show in the frontend.

     Multiple Product Carousels

    Amazing images and product carousels are available for an interactive view.

     Easily Customizable

    All the pages and categories are easily customizable.

     Manage Appearance

    Manage the menu, widgets, background, etc from the appearance section.

     Multiple Theme Locations

    The menu will be created and added to specific locations.

     Rango Icons Available

    The theme provides multiple rango icons to make the theme appearance better.

    Why Use WooCommerce Velocity theme?

    In the eCommerce industry or any of the other industries, it is found that multiple efforts are being utilized for features and the outcomes of the web stores. One of the most important aspects of receiving better outcomes is the design of the store. The frontend appearance matters a lot for any online eCommerce web store.

    In this theme, the admin will manage the menus, categories, customer reviews, footers, mega footers, etc. The social media icons will be made visible in the frontend just by some simple clicks. The most attractive point is that the appearance and themes will be customized very easily.

    Manage the Menu Structure

    The first and foremost thing in any store is its homepage and the menu structure.

    • The admin can also customize the menu structure in this theme.
    • The admin can create multiple menus and create a king of category tree under that specific menu.
    • Further, the admin will assign the menu to multiple menu locations.
    • There are five menu locations available in the user guide.
    • The created menu structure will be as it is visible in the store frontend.
    Manage the Menu Structure

    Footer Details and Frontend View

    The admin can manage the complete frontend view from the admin backend and customize them as per their desire.

    • From this section, the admin can enable the social platform’s redirection.
    • If the fields are enabled then the social icon will be visible to the customer.
    • The admin can enable the subscribe option for customers.
    • Just by adding the email address, the customer can do the subscription.
    • The admin will also add the shortcode of the subscription form too.
    Footer Details and Frontend View

    Manage Mega Footer Details

    Under the footer section, the admin will find the mega footer section also. The detailed section will help the customer in a better manner.

    • The about us section will be visible to the customer.
    • Text of the about us section will be added by the admin from the backend.
    • The payment method block can be shown or hidden as per the requirement.
    • By enabling multiple Payment methods, the customer can select the desired payment method.
    • The same happens with the shipping methods too, they can be enabled accordingly.
    • Also to make the footer credit content visible to the customer, the admin needs to enable the Credit Content field.
    Manage Mega Footer Details

    Banner Slider

    The admin will also add and customize multiple banner sliders from the admin backend.

    • The modern eCommerce era is more supposed to have a better and interactive theme.
    • The themes must have fluent features with eye-catching designs that make the store more fascinating.
    • By using multiple banner sliders the customer will be amazed and interested in reaching towards your store.
    • Also, the banner sliders are being used as an amazing source to share the information related to the store and its products.
    • The admin will then add multiple images in the store backend that will be easily slidable in the frontend.
    Banner Slider

    Promotional Ad Blocks Presentation

    For increasing the store sales and reaches it is very important to showcase your store products, new arrivals, and the offers.

    • This design theme plugin allows the admin to add the promotional Ad Blocks in the frontend.
    • There are three types of Ad blocks available for customization at the admin end.
    • These types are 4 Ads Block, 3 Ads Block, and 2 Ads Block.
    • Under the 4 Ads section, the admin can add 4 blocks, and accordingly the same will happen to 3 Ads and 2 Ads blocks with their respective blocks.
    • This will show a block of 4 ads, 3 Ads, and 2 Ads respectively under the section in the frontend.
    Promotional Ad Blocks Presentation

    Category and Featured Image

    In the intention of making the theme more interesting and interactive, the theme provides the featured image sections.

    • This section comprises a list of featured categories that must be featured for any specific reason.
    • The admin will add the column title and the cat links to the sections for each column title.
    • Each column title will have its specific images.
    • By this, the customer will shop in a very responsive manner and the theme designs will make them feel active.
    Category and Featured Image

    Feature List and Customer Review

    To show the store enhancements and the sale states the admin will add the features and the customer reviews too.

    • The admin will add the feature list in the frontend by adding the specific text and its respective rango icon class.
    • The rango icons make the store look more relevant and customer friendly.
    • The backend holds a collection of rango icons that are available for multiple purposes.
    • Admin will also make the customer reviews visible in the frontend.
    • These positive reviews will make the customers get attracted to the store.
    • This will increase customer engagement and this will help them to get feedback regarding the store products.
    Feature List and Customer Review

    Responsiveness with Multiple Devices

    • WooCommerce Velocity theme has excellent responsiveness.
    • In today’s world, people are using multiple types of devices.
    • Be it desktop, tablets, or mobile phones.
    • This theme is compatible with almost all of them.
    • The customer will be able to use the theme very fluently without any hassles.
    Responsiveness with Multiple Devices


    • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly features.
    • Show the multi-image banner slider.
    • Product carousels – featured, discount and sale, top-rated, tailored.
    • Customizable header and footer.
    • The module is integrated with the mega menu along with some powerful horizontal and vertical menus.
    • Top categories of layouts for the homepage.
    • The theme comes up with pre-defined category icons or chooses from Rango fonts.
    • Works very well with the multi-vendor marketplace.
    • The module source code is open for customization.
    • The theme provides a dedicated mobile layout and responsive mega menu for mobile devices.
    • Multi-lingual support.


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedJanuary 8, 2024 (4 months ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  5.5.x  WooCommerce  4.4.x  4.5.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    I really appreciated their technical skills and friendly staff.

    Posted On - January 21, 2023

    Webkul's work drove a 75% increase in the client's site visitors, meeting their expectations. The team led a seamless workflow by communicating effectively and remaining attentive to the client's needs. Their personable approach stood out, as did their technical skills and high-quality resources.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Is there any way to manage the store categories?
    The admin will manage the store categories and the menu structure too from the store backend.
     How does the admin manage the homepage of the store site?
    The admin will manage the homepage by navigating to the pages section. There are multiple settings available under that section.
     How do the rango icons work?
    The rango icons have their specific class that is made visible in the frontend in order to make the store more attractive.
     How does the admin manage the frontend appearance?
    A separate appearance section is available in the backend where the admin will manage the menus, widgets, background, etc.
     Can the admin manage the color code of the web store?
    Yes, the admin will manage the color code of the web store.

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