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    Simple PWA for WordPress

    Simple PWA for WordPress: It is time to provide the customer with a solution that is faster, reliable and engaging. This lightweight web app will run on the mobile device easily even if there is low internet connectivity. With the high-performance benefit, these apps will bring in a revolution in the purchase patterns of customers. The customer can even read the blogs on the website using the PWA. It looks and feels just like a native app post addition on the homepage.

    Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress Simple PWA for WordPress
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    Simple PWA for WordPress: This PWA will convert your webstore into an application. These application gets added to the home screen of the device which the webstore user could launch. These applications are the perfect solution in the dynamic growing technology.

    The application allows the app user to work even in low internet connectivity. It allows the customer to enjoy an interface that appears to be like a native app. Apart from the faster purchase of the product the app also allows reading of the blogs on the website in a PWA.

    Thus, if you are looking for an app-based solution and wish to be consistent about the theme. PWA is the answer to your query, wherein we can have a website just like an application.

    Highlighted Features

     Offline/Poor Network Connectivity

    The service worker helps in the working of the application when there is no or poor internet connection.

     No Update Required

    As compared to the native app, PWA has an upper hand as PWA auto-updates itself and syncs data with the website.

     All Themes Compatible

    The PWA application supports all the WordPress themes but the same theme must be responsive to be compatible with mobile.

     All Plugins Supported

    The module supports integration with all the WooCommerce/WordPress Plugin, so you can extend the functionalities of PWA.

    Why should we use PWA?

    This native look-like application will allow the customer to access the webstore using an application. It can be easily added to the home screen of the device with a click. It allows users to access the application even in no internet connection.

    Besides, the PWA doesn’t require a regular update just like the native applications. This dynamic application is the future of the eCommerce growing industry. The application will additionally allow the customer to read through the blog written using PWA. This will attract the customer as now they can easily read the static blogs anywhere and anytime.

    Customizable Progressive Web Application

    The admin can make the application as per the business requirement. The admin can now reward the user in the store with an application. The look can be set by the For this, the admin can set the following PWA details-

    • Specify the name and short name of the application.
    • Select the Theme Color of the application as per requirement.
    • Set the Background color of the application.
    • App con The admin can enter the app icon in various sizes which is part of the application in different areas.
    Customizable Progressive Web Application

    Push Notifications

    The notification feature in the PWA will attract the user who is not active. The admin can create the notification to showcase offers, discounts, new arrival and many more. The introduction of these push notifications will allow the customer to remain updated about the on store activities.

    • For this, the admin will have to enter the Google Firebase details in the configuration.
    • The admin could create the notification which will be shared with the customer.
    • The admin could enter the details in the notification which are related to the Product, Category or custom(like static blogs).
    • The customer can view these notifications in the device to remain updated.

    Note - Push notification is not supported in iOS devices.

    Push Notification

    Add To Homescreen

    The customer could add the application to the home screen. It will allow the customer to use the application as a normal native app.

    • The user can add the application to the home screen from the web browser.
    • The app launches in the device along with the splash screen.
    • The PWA allows faster access where users can read the blogs or shop for products quickly.
    • The app name could be altered while adding to the home screen.
    Add To Homescreen

    Offline/Poor Network Support

    The PWA is a solution that works well in low internet connectivity and no internet. The pre-loaded details could be accessed by the customer when the internet connection is not available. The service worker is a script that runs on the background. It helps the PWA to work in the offline mode.

    • The pages of the stores, which are already cached, don't need to load every time.
    • The users can easily navigate through the pages or read the blog, which they already visited in the offline mode.
    • These functionalities are helpful in case of travel or in areas where internet connectivity is missing.
    Offline Solution

    Lightning Fast Speed

    Any website or application tends to lose the customer base due to slow speed. With the introduction of the PWA, advance caching system, the website will now load much faster. Thus, it provides-

    • Intelligent Caching.
    • Works even in a bad network.
    • Better User experience.
    Lightning Fast Speed

    Supports Multiple Devices & Browsers

    The PWA is efficient enough to support all operating systems and browsers. It works well on Android, iOS, Windows, and others. It gives a good performance on any sort of browser like Chrome, Firefox and more.

    • The user can use PWA to smart-devices (Phone/tablet).
    • PWAs are responsive and provide great user experience to the customers.
    • It can be added to the device home screen.
    Supports Multiple Devices & Browsers

    Low Storage Space Required

    PWA is a lightweight application that works faster. The service workers play a great role in this. It gives a much better experience than a normal native mobile application.

    • Lesser Storage space required.
    • It doesn’t require a separate installation or update.
    • No requirement of frequent forced stop due to high battery drainage.
    Low Storage Space Required

    Turn WordPress Site into Blog App

    The Wordpress based blogging website can now be converted to a blogging application. This application could be accessed like any other app. Thus allowing the user to- 
    • Read the blogs easily and faster.
    • It allows more user interaction while blog reading.
    • The user can read the blog anywhere and anytime
    Turn WordPress Site into Mobile App

    Build WooCommerce Shopping App Easily

    The application now allows the user to shop anywhere and anytime. The faster working application will lead to more conversion on an eCommerce website.

    • Encourage more sales.
    • Works faster for quick purchases.
    • Regular notification of any on store update.
    Build WooCommerce Mobile App Easily

    Complete Features List

    • Works on low internet connectivity.
    • It just looks and feels like a native app.
    • The theme of the application can be set from the backend by the admin.
    • The application name and icon can be changed from the admin end.
    •  Supports Multi-store, multi-currency and multi-lingual.
    • Compatible with all the WooCommerce theme but the theme needs to be responsive.
    • The module provides notification features for admin to share information with the customer.
    • All the WordPress Themes are compatible with the module.

    Lenore Jewellery - Qatar Diamond Gift Delivery App

    Al-Salem Group introduced a new concept of the Lenore brand store. It was announced in 2021 to cater for the needs of all ages on surprising occasions in our daily life. Such as birthdays, surprise invitations, and festive events.

    Lenore Jewellery has set up its first point of sale outlet in multiple shopping malls. And continues to expand its presence by adding more retail shops in other popular malls in Qatar.

    Apart from selling via. POS outlets in malls and WordPress-based online shops, the client wanted to implement build modern web apps and hybrid mobile apps for Lenore.

    Lenore Jewellery - Qatar Diamond Gift Delivery App


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here You may also check our top-quality WooCommerce Plugins.


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 6, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  5.3.x  WooCommerce  4.0.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     How PWA is used to enhance customer engagement?
    With features like offline mode, notifications, quick access, and many more PWA is the perfect answer to user engagement.
     Can we customize PWA?
    Yes, the code is completely Open Source which can be easily edited and transformed as per-requirement.
     Why is PWA useful for store owners?
    The PWA application with its easy accessibility to the user is most popular nowadays with major plays like Starbucks, Pinterest, Forbes using the same. These applications can add-in great advantage of higher performance, more usability, customer loyalty, better conversion and many more.
     How is PWA different from native apps?
    PWA is said to be a complete solution to access the website on the mobile end. This will give a consistent theme at both the ends. Along with this, the PWA doesn't require separate installation rather than could be added to the homepage.
     How to configure the theme of the PWA?
    The theme of PWA could be altered by the admin from the backend under the Primary section of the Progressive web app.

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