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      Magento, 2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

      Ajax Contact Form for Magento 2

      Ajax Contact Form for Magento 2: Ajax Contact Form for Magento 2 is an amazing module that allows the customers to contact the store easily. The contact form is Ajax based, which means the page doesn’t need to refresh, the customer stays on the same page. The customer can view the name, email, and store address with Google Maps location inside the contact form.

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      Ajax Contact Form for Magento 2: Ajax contact form allows the customer with an easier way to contact the store admin. Easier in the sense as it uses the AJAX to submit the form data in the background without showing any buffering in the frontend. The customer will be able to check the success message rapidly after submitting the form.

      The admin will configure the details from the backend by providing the map API Keys and Map coordinates. Further, the admin manages the widget configuration by adding the widget type as the Ajax Contact Form. The admin can set the title, email, alignment, address, etc. The admin can completely manage the view of the form.

      Why use this module?

      Magento 2 Ajax Contact Form model allows the customer to contact the admin of the store in no time and very seamlessly. The reason behind using this module is, it uses Ajax to submit form data instead of HTML. Due to Ajax, the data processing will be done in the backend without showing any processing in the frontend. The customer will be able to check the successful form submission message or query staying on the same page.

      So, this will surely increase customer satisfaction and they can easily manage contact with the admin. The admin will receive an email notification every time the customer sends any message.

      Ajax Contact Form Basic Options

      The admin will have to manage some of the basic configurations.

      • The admin must have google map credentials, by following the process mentioned in the user guide.
      • The admin requires to add the address.
      • The admin can also decide whether to display the email ID on the frontend or not.
      • The coordinates will be added by the admin, generated from google map credentials.
      • The email template will be set by the admin.
      Ajax Contact Form Basic Options

      Add Details For Widget Option

      To display the Ajax Contact Form, the admin needs to insert the widget on any page of the store. After selecting the Ajax Contact Form widget, the following options will be available:

      • Select the alignment position either left or right.
      • Enter name, address, email to show in the contact form.
      • Specify the inbox email ID for receiving the messages.
      • Display the complete address in the contact form.
      • Enter any thank you message for the users.
      • Provide Google Maps API Key.
      • Set the map coordinates of the store.
      Add Details For Widget Option

      Customer Fills Up Ajax Contact Form

      After the completion of all the backend configurations, the customer can fill the contact form.

      • The form will be visible on the exact side of the page as selected by the admin.
      • The customer will click on the contact us button.
      • The customer will enter the Name, Email, Subject, and Message.
      • The customer can also see the current pinned location in the same form.
      • The admin details like title, email, and address will be visible to the customer.
      Customer Fills Up Ajax Contact Form

      Email Notification

      The admin rapidly gets the message of the customer, seamlessly.

      • Once the customer submits the form, an email notification will be delivered to the admin.
      • The customer will not see any kind of buffering for this process.
      • The email will include the message and the subject delivered by the customer.
      • The email id of the customer will be visible.
      Email Notification

      Message Sent

      Let’s see what happens after submission of the form.

      • After the completion of the form, the customer will click on the send button.
      • The form will get submitted, without any buffering shown to the customer.
      • The mail notification will be sent to the admin.
      • The customer will get to see the thank you message on the form.
      Message Sent

       Ajax Contact Form for Magento 2 Features -

      • The admin can enter the default address and coordinates of the store.
      • Select where to display the contact us button – top left or top right.
      • Show Google Maps store location within the contact us form.
      • The admin can select yes to Show Email Id on the Frontend.
      • Customers see thank you messages clicking the send button.
      • Display name, email, and full address inside the contact us form.
      • Set the inbox email address for receiving the messages.
      • Mail Templates can be customized.
      • The module source code is open for customization.

       Ajax Contact Form for Magento 2 Support -

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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      Frequently Asked Questions

       Does the admin set the location from the backend?
      The admin will add the address and the coordinates of the location.
       Are there any API credentials required for admin management?
      The admin must generate the Google Map API Keys to use the module.
       Content of the form will be managed from the admin end?
      The admin can set the thank you message and add the title, email, and address that will be visible on the contact form.
       How does the admin receive the customer message?
      The admin will get the email notification whenever the customer submits the form.
       Is there any option to set the position of the Contact button?
      The admin can set the alignment to left or right while creating the widget option.

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      • + Features
      • - Bugs
      Version 3.0.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
      • - Fixed Few more bugs.
      Version 2.0.0
      • + Nice Transition Effect.
      • + Custom Thank You Message.
      • + Inbuilt Google Map (enable/disable).
      • + Module has two positions i.e. top-left and top-right.
      • + User can add any Email ID to get the details from the Ajax Contact Form.